Seeds and Beans bonanza!

Hail everyone,

A heavy box arrived at the studio last week, and inside was a most generous gift from the gracious and generous Fieran and the other members of the Duchy of Fioralba.

First off, the seeds portion, something gamers love universally!

In response to a hoarding gift sent to Souzou recently, the entirety of the studio was bleesed with bags and bags of Sunflower Seeds in this parcel.

Next, the beans part. Welcome to FIFTY flavors of Jelly Bellies!

And I thought I already had a variety!

The other kind of beans we received were our favorite non-candy variety: COFFEE!

Check out this gigantic 5 POUND bag of Odinforce roast from Valhalla Java!

A huge


to Fieran and his Duchy members for these very nice gifts!!

-Soulbound Studios team

(P.S. I have no idea why the forums keeps rotating my images)

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8/24/2019 7:59:17 PM #1

Oh man, love me some jelly belly's. I hate when Amazon recommends the 5 pound bag cause I have to actively resist buying it XD

8/24/2019 8:05:51 PM #2

Oh! tasty!

8/24/2019 8:33:40 PM #3

Thank you very much for the this!

Didn't even see the odinforce!

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8/24/2019 9:22:44 PM #4

I love the Odinforce. I figured I would spread some of that love to you guys. Enjoy!

8/26/2019 5:08:51 PM #5

That coffee is awesome. Thank you for the treats.


8/26/2019 5:14:34 PM #6

Awesome, seeds!

Thank you for the goodies!

8/26/2019 6:33:53 PM #7


8/27/2019 7:55:40 AM #8

Aww this makes me happy

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8/27/2019 3:46:11 PM #9

guys, this gift looks seedy