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Hail Elyrians!

It’s shiny time again! We recently changed our internal playtest days to Tuesdays/Thursdays, so today was actually a playtest day for the team. Knowing it was also a shiny day, I asked them to keep an eye out for anything cool they wanted to share, be it interesting screen shots, or what-have-you. I also explicitly asked them to take pictures of the wildlife they encountered as they played, since it had been requested by a community member earlier in the day.

Let’s start with the image JazzHands sent me:

She was struck by the look of the To’resk Inn she discovered in the village of Greenwater. There’s no wildlife there, but I have to agree that I like the way the To’resk architecture is turning out in the Prelyria low-fidelity testing client.

Frontenious took my desire for wildlife shots to extremes:

Reasoning, I suppose, that Mann is the most dangerous game, he set out through the mixed-leaf forest on a hunt. I… uh… think I’ll leave it at that.

Raevantiel took my request for wildlife to extremes, too. Busting out his best National Geographic gear he went full blown wildlife documentarian and brought us a survey of the wildlife he found in the tropical wetlands:

Starting small…

He worked his way up…

To larger and larger creatures…

Wherever they may be….

Whatever they were doing…

Even when they were hiding…

…and even if they were dangerous:

I gotta say, the work he did was excellent. The guy has a career outside of games if ever wants it… just don’t tell him I said that until after the project is launched. ;)

The playtest was an interesting one, overall; NPCs were a lot more active than they had been lately, though there were a few related bugs. For some reason, for example, an old guard and one of the folks who works for the village headmann kept meeting around the corner from the inn’s main door. I dunno what they were talking about, but every time I got close, they’d split up and walk away.

They probably weren’t talking about me, right?


Stay shiny my friends!

  • Snipehunter
8/30/2019 2:11:32 AM #1


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8/30/2019 2:11:56 AM #2

Looks great

8/30/2019 2:12:09 AM #3

I love the mice, best wild life!

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8/30/2019 2:12:38 AM #4

Are all of these fellows running off dynamic systems, now?

8/30/2019 2:13:06 AM #5

Not bad not bad...

Count Jason von Stanflia of Pommern

8/30/2019 2:13:11 AM #6

Shiny indeed

A forested billabong, with nary a jumbuck

8/30/2019 2:15:42 AM #7

Wow that looks so awesome

8/30/2019 2:16:49 AM #8

Love it! Frontenious needs to use a bow next time, on rats. For testing ;p

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8/30/2019 2:17:43 AM #9

Great shiny! <3

8/30/2019 2:23:47 AM #10

Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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8/30/2019 2:28:28 AM #11

Cant wait till we can get our hands on this world!

8/30/2019 2:32:42 AM #12

Looking good!

-Count Sombris Toxilayn

8/30/2019 2:38:58 AM #13

That was actually one of the coolest shinies so far.

8/30/2019 2:48:12 AM #14

Beautiful! Now we need one for farming :p

8/30/2019 2:49:40 AM #15

These are wonderful. Thank you.