Grand County of Areli (x6 County)

The Grand County of Areli (x6 County)

Quick Overview

  • Server: NA-W
  • Kingdom: Tyria, K4
  • Duchy: Grand Duchy of Aquitania (x2 Duchy)
  • County Size: Grand County (x6 County)
  • Biome: Grasslands, Neran
  • County Focus: Primarily focusing on PvP and other things in support of that endeavor. As a whole, the county will focus on military and all things involved in the equipping, training, and logistical support of fielding a professional army not only for the defense of the County and its citizens but to be able to answer the Duke and Kingdom's call to arms with a formidable standing army. We strive to be the Duchy's first and last line of defense by being the first responders in any armed conflict and the last ones out. It takes many other moving parts to keep the war machine moving and thus, as a result, Areli county is just as much home to merchants, crafters, farmers, and traders as it is home to the knights, soldiers, and even mercenaries who seek to earn fame and coin for themselves
  • Playstyles: PvP focus, PvE, and RP (RP encouraged and supported though not mandatory or forced); however, griefing, random murders, banditry, and acts of terror are not welcome and will be dealt with very severely according to Duchal and County laws. The County will also be hosting many events as well for those who enjoy tournaments, festivals, feasts, etc.
  • Accepting Applicants: Seeking soldiers, crafters, physicians, county event coordinator, and other positions. Come make the grand county your home! PM me here or on Discord: Samson#7960

General Information:

The Grand County of Areli lies within the Grand Duchy of Aquitania of the KIngdom of Tyria. The County is located in the fertile grasslands of Tyria and will primarily be inhabited by Nerans, though there will be a small subset of other tribes who have come to call this region home.
The County seat of power is the stronghold of Black Lion Keep.
House Areli is historically and currently the presiding ruler of the Grand County which was named after the noble House. Historically, House Areli started off as one of many warring tribes through the bloody history of these lands. Through the ebb and flow of time, wars, and politics, it grew into a minor noble house until the great conflicts which gave way to form the borders of the kingdoms to this day which saw House Areli rising in prominence through valor and faithful military service to House Ortherion through many generations.
The Grand County is saturated in rich military history and tradition and chief among its values are the same ones which shaped this land - Loyalty, Valor, and Strength. Many generations of Knights and Soldiers reside in the Grand County as House Areli had also bestowed land and wealth to those who had loyally fought alongside them in the years of the bloodiest and uncertain conflicts. Coming out on the winning side of these historical battles has granted the County and its citizens with a manner of prosperity as well; however, a new age has dawned upon us and is now summoning a new generation of heroes of this age as the distant beat of the drums of war approaches closer and closer.

County Map Overview

The Grand County of Areli is one of the most sprawling and largest counties on the continent, if not the largest by parcel count.
Perhaps due to the constant threat of raids and wars during the age of tribal warlords, these lands have also bred generations upon generations of some of the bravest men and women. As a land steeped with such warrior tradition, it is not uncommon to find even the "lowliest" of Areli farmers to display courage and proficiency with a weapon. Many opportunities await those who would call this county home. The Lions of Areli stand proud to defend the realm with courage and strength of arms.
The vast, fertile lands also produce a tremendous amount of grains, vegetables, and livestock that humbly finds its way to the dining tables of commoners, nobles, and kings alike in the surrounding domains.
Some of the finest of Aquitanian Red wines are also produced in this region, thanks to the hills cradling the morning fog and rolling sea mist to regulate the temperature and sun exposure of the delicate grape varieties that this region is known for.
Unique among these wines are the Areli Bloodwines. The wines do not actually contain blood but are named such as they are produced from vines planted long ago upon the battlefields of one of the bloodiest of conflicts in the history of this region. It was hence known as the Field of Blood or the Field of Tears as tens of thousands of lives were claimed in that battle, and losses were heavy on all sides of the conflict. However, the people of Aquitania and Areli emerged as victors and the vines were planted as a memorial to the lives of those given to safeguard the new era of peace in the lands. The vines are among some of the oldest in the region.
The superstitious attribute the superb quality of the wines to the blessings of the spirits of old warriors. Scholars attribute it to the soil composition, organic and mineral matter deposited into the ground from the battle that claimed tens of thousands of lives. Old Areli vitners and farmers say great wines are made from struggling grapes, and that it is because the vines in this particular vineyard have to struggle harder than is typical, due to less accessibility to water than when compared to other vineyards in the region. Regardless of what the claims may be, it is undeniable that the wines produced here, though not abundant in quantity, are made up for in remarkable quality.


Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum


Loyalty, Courage, Strength



Due to the County's historical significance and tradition in warfare, the County will focus primarily on military, and secondary and tertiary objectives will be to provide support for military through trade, crafting, logistics, etc. Areli County is also home to a grand tourney grounds as well as a military academy.

Code of Conduct:

The Grand County has a zero tolerance policy for things such as, but not limited to, griefing, acts of banditry, terrorism, stealing, and murder. Such things will be severely punished as according to the strictest of County and Duchal Laws. Also, citizens are expected to uphold a code of Honor, even to our enemies (That means no tea-bagging, defiling corpses, corpse camping, etc.). All citizens are first warriors at heart, from nobles to commoners alike. We are not common bandits or thugs.


The Grand County is currently looking loyal and passionate men and women who desire to live for something greater than themselves. To live and die in the service of the County, Duchy, and Kingdom. For people of Tyria and for the future of our children and their children's children. We seek men and women who have a passion for the military or support of the men and women who have answered the call to arms. Those who seek to make a bit of coin whilst supplying our fighting men and women with arms and provisions may also find a home here.
PM for Details or to Apply. Can also DM on Discord: Samson#7960.

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Military: The Grand County of Areli

Mission Statement:

To provide military forces necessary for the defense, stability, and security of the County, Duchy, and Kingdom from any threat, be it foreign or domestic.

Vision Statement:

To become an elite division of the Duchy and Kingdom's military and to be the first responders entrusted to handle any armed conflict that threatens the integrity and safety of the Duchy and Kingdom. The first ones in and the last ones out.

The Credo of the Lions of Areli:

"When it comes our time die, we are not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death that, when their time comes, they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. We will proudly bellow out our death songs to our last breath, and die like heroes returning home."

Loyalty, Strength, Courage, and Honor

Code of Conduct:

Soldiers are to be held to an even higher standard than the civilian populace, as the Grand County of Areli is a military-focused county. The founding and history of the county is saturated in warrior culture and, as such, soldiers are to represent the ideal of citizens.
Thus, the committing of unlawful acts, such as murder, stealing, banditry, acts of terror, and harassment of civilian populace will result in disciplinary action or court martial and subject to severe punishment. Going AWOL during battle will also result in a court martial. Unsanctioned offensive actions taken against a foreign nation or friendly duchy/county will result in escalation to a court martial in the Duke's court.

Expectations and Requirements:

An Oath of Fealty to the Count and to Serve the County, Duchy, and Kingdom in accordance with the mission statement and the codes. Betrayal and treason is punishable by imprisonment, loss(es) of title, possessions, and/or life. Combat Proficiency and/or Leadership Competency Testing is required for some roles.
The Lions of Areli are to be deadly and efficient wherever they are deployed and to be trusted to secure their objectives, no matter the odds. As such, passion and dedication to the pursuit of excellence in unit and personal combat is expected. Required to participate in county-sponsored personal, squad, company, and/or division combat drills to maintain battlefield tactical proficiency. Any absence must be authorized by ones commanding officer. Unexcused absences will be noted and continued absence can result in either degradation of pay grade, demotion, or discharge from military service. Also required to pursue and maintain baseline personal combat proficiency appropriate to ones role when military-sponsored training is not available.

Benefits and Compensation:

The County is only as great as the brave men and women who pledge their lives in service. As such, loyal service is to be rewarded in kind. All can enjoy the benefits of standard issued equipment, rations, living quarters, and rank-based pay. Additionally, bonuses, rewards, and promotions in rank are available based on performance, loyalty, tenure, and rank.






Elite Units


Heavy Infantry


Ranged Specialist


Amphibious Assault




How To Apply:

As the game has not officially launched, recruiting and applications will be handled through the COE forum or via discord.

Send me a PM here or message Samson#7960 on Discord with desired roles, goals, expectations and/or to inquire for more information.

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Special Positions Open:

Lord's Advisors (Limited)
Count's Personal Guard (Combat testing may be requested)
The Court Master Healer/Apothecarian/Physician/Alchemist
Master Ranger (Stewardship of Sustainability of County Flora and Fauna)
Inquire for more information or to apply

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Would ask that any mayors who are planning to place in the county please PM me. Thank you

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