The Order of Aureus Lar

Imagine ... the game goes live ... you start with a character and do not know what to do. Nothing really motivates you. So far you have always fought in games. But there is only one problem: fighting does not fill the stomach! And in this game you have to eat ...

So, what to do ... Actually, there are two possibilities: take the farmer’s food, become a bandit, always on the run ... bad equipment, a hand-to-mouth existence…


you get payed for fighting! But who can pay you? Not the farmers! Maybe those who have to protect the peasants ... The nobles! Just ask yourself which ones...

Here is our offer to you: Join the city guard of Thalasia!

Help defend the affluent Neran metropolis on the ocean!

Receive excellent training with different weapons, free accommodation and equipment, regular pay and promotion opportunities!

You don’t want to be a small cog in the military machine? You want to be unique and not one of a hundred extras? Then become part of our elite!

Extraordinary people are recruited by the Order ... and serve as elite troops. You will receive specific tailor-made training program and best possible promotion. Their tasks are versatile, they contain among other things securing sea routes, trade routes, combating bandits and other threats and their area of ​​operations encompasses the entire grand county of Kernothia.

Find your own fighting style and complete the team!

The personal support of the count family Goldenfeld is a core pillar of the Order. The family relations of the Goldenfelds to King Darhk Kilmaar of Tryggr as well as the prosperity of the count guarantee the Order optimum growth conditions.

So, if you're interested in fighting on land or sea and improving your skills in weaponry, warfare, exploration or navigation, join us.

Contact Commander Kreos Goldenfeld either here in the forum or in our Discord. Discord