County of Monozukuri


The County Vision

I envision my County to be one that advances technology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This should also make the area a significant trade hub with the two ports allowing accessible import/export.

I hope for the County to be well known across the continent as the place to go for the highest quality items money can buy in order to attract people from all over the continent. It is also located close by the Kingdom's Capital stronghold of Aurelion with a road connecting the two Capitals (will be upgraded to a highway).

With the two dedicated mining settlements, a stone quarry, access to wood and plenty of game around for hides, this is a prime position for resources based around the crafting professions of: smithing, woodworking, leather-working and builders.

With my EP, I plan to have free to use crafting tables in my Capital and where requested by player mayors, I can also help in other settlements. With crafting, it has been spoken about a slider that goes between mass production and research. I want crafters that are happy to lean well towards the research side of things. I want us to together, discover new materials to use and techniques to craft.

I have purchased the Arena and will use it as a means of showing off our crafted wares in action. This will be a prime advertisement opportunity.

If being at the forefront of technology sounds exciting to you, then don't hesitate to have a chat with me.

The County Requirements

  • A mayor to maintain the second mining settlement and trade port of Burlyfarm
  • A mayor to maintain the stone quarry of Traversville
  • An individual to help coordinate food for sustainability. (Farms, Game & Fish)
  • An individual to help coordinate the logistics of the import/export and warehousing
  • Gatherers of all types, especially those interested in mining
  • Dedicated crafters from all professions that wish to aim to become Grand-Masters one day
  • An individual to help organise combat events at the arena
  • A scribe to help with writing ironclad contracts
  • A dedicated Bounty Hunter/Law Enforcement team

Personal Focus

As one of the Co-Founders of The Wyrmberg Artisans Guild that has members in each Kingdom, I will be working with my members to import the materials we are lacking and export those which are plentiful. Both for the benefit of my County, and for the Kingdom.

I will primarily be focusing on the smithing of weapons and armour as well as metallurgy in order to discover new, superior alloys for use in crafting. However, this doesn't mean that I won't craft anything else upon request.

Behind the Name

The County's name, "Monozukuri" is a Japanese state of mind.

It means to have the spirit to produce not only excellent quality products but to also have the ability and drive to constantly improve the production system and it's processes. It is the "art, science and craft of making things"

Shared Ambitions and Cohesion

Monozukuri, The Forge and The Wyrmberg have shared ambitions, all striving to be known for technological advances and doing their part in helping to bring Elyria a bright future.

Monozukuri will have a strong focus on R&D to develop new technologies, materials and crafting methods as well as improvements upon existing items.

The County will be based around cohesion, everyone working together for the betterment of all. The producers supplying equipment in return for raw materials and food. The farmers supplying food in return for protection and tools. The gatherers supplying raw materials in return for tools, food and protection. The warriors supplying protection in return for gear and food.

All players are welcome to join me, no matter the profession you wish to take up. I believe all professions will benefit from player involvement.

Side Notes

Monozukuri is a non-RolePlaying County. Citizens are free to RP if they wish, though the County itself will not sponsor or participate in RP events.

It is also a non-PvP zone unless in the arena, accepted as a friendly duel or as punishment to those committing crimes. The County has a strong law enforcement policy and all criminals will be punished to the full extent of the law or pushed to perma-death if they do not give up or move on.

If Monozukuri interests you, feel free to join the Discord and speak with Count Valegor Karyu or ask any questions here.

Here are a few images of the domain to save the trouble of looking.

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Well done mate! Nice recruitment post indeed! Glad to have you in my duchy! :)

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Well done Val! Great to see a county post for Monozukuri :D