[BH] Kalevasuo Pioneers

“Follow the Sapper” - Bloodsword battle manual.

Fist Ohjetsiä points out over the training area of the Bloodsword Pioneers. The distant, muffled twaanng of the new ashwood ballistas punctuated his words as he explained the scene to the tall Neran man beside him on the observation tower. “The earthworks, where we first break in new sappers by pick and shovel. The stoneyard, for learning to construct hasty forts. We reuse those alderwood poles for both corduroy roads and spike obstacles. ” A muffled cruuump split the air, and dust rose on the breeze from behind a line of low dry hills. Turning in the morning light, the Fist’s Dras heritage was evident despite his bronze skin and scraggly beard. The sun glittered off golden embroidered crossed axes on his sleeve as he raised his lanky arm once more. “Over there’s the testing tunnels. We’re learning the right mixture of air to swamp gas.” The guest nodded. “And the pioneer course? Back at the fort?” “Yes, Warden. Each cohort builds an obstacle for the course, and we remove the easiest of the existing.” Drakeolm’s Warden nods again. “The Blood Wall do the same, but never with quite the enthusiasm of your sappers. Don’t let on, of course.” Ohjetsiä snorted, and the Warden’s jet black locks bobbed in what could be amusement. Rivalries between combat specialties were nothing new, but all of that seemed to end up lost in the mud when a war got on.


The Pioneers are the premier combat support force in the Bloodswords, the Drakeolm Duchy military. From designing siegeworks and equipment or defending sieges, to building temporary forts, roads, and river crossings, to researching new means and methods of warfare, the Pioneers lead the way into the teeth of the enemy.

Currently Recruiting

  • Officers, Soldiers, Artillerists, and Archers
  • Alchemists, Tinkers, and Engineers
  • Dungeoneers, Masons, Woodworkers, and Boatmen

Member Benefits

Membership in the Pioneers is commensurate with membership in The Bloodswords. You will be well trained and compensated for your efforts, given the opportunity to teach and to lead in accordance with your ability. You will be part of a team regardless of station or title, and we will do great things together!

Vital Details

Joining the Kalevasuo Pioneers

Only citizens of Drakeolm Duchy, sworn to Queen Rowena, will be accepted into the Pioneers. Your membership is contingent on membership in The Bloodswords. You can get in touch via post or PM here or on the Blackheart Discord, Drakeolm discord, or Kalevasuo discord.

Drakeolm Is Recruiting!

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This is a really nice post, covers the organization well, and I love the visual absolutely wonderful choice there.

Awesome post Hunts.

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With huntsmaster leading our engineering efforts our siege works will be the best in elyria. For drakeolm!

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The amount of detail you have researched regarding this is inspiring; the Sappers and everything under your influence is sure to be an amazing benefit to Drakeholm!!

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