[Bordweall] Greybattle County

Greybattle County

Kingdom: Bordweall

Duchy: Blackrock (Bloodoak Protectorate)

Ruling House: Lachesis

House Motto: A Swift Death to Our Foes

House Sigil: Gladiator helm embedded on a dark background

Greybattle county has historically been a militaristic region with a significant proportion of the population pursuing careers as soldiers in the Bordweall army or combatants in the gladiatorial arena of Lawwatch. With the outlawing of slavery and the passing of the searing plague, the county has suffered from famine and poverty.

In recent years, Count Lachesis has attempted to reverse the region's misfortunes by promoting trade and improving local infrastructure. Our plans for the future:


Promote trade by encouraging and recruiting merchants, building, improving and securing roadways.


Promote local production of crafts such as armorsmithing and weaponsmithing.

Gladiatorial Arenas

Revitalize the local arena by recruiting willing participants


Re-establish Greybattle as the preeminent region for the finest soldier recruits by establishing a military academy


  • Merchants and Traders
  • Crafters
  • Researchers
  • Mayors for Ledgeral village
  • Mayor for New Ackergrove hamlet
  • Guards
  • Arena Gladiators
  • Constables

Military Positions:

  • Commander
  • Sergeant
  • Infantry Soldiers

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Greybattle County