[EU - Tryggr] The Lux Watch

The Lux Watch

Key Facts

Server: Selene(EU)
Kingdom: Tryggr
Duchy: Skyslope
County: Sunward

Races: Nerran, Waerd
Professions: Combat focused

Time Zone: Western/Central Europe (English speaking)
Hours per week: Less important as long as you contribute/get involved!
Ages/Outlook: 18+, mature, helpful, friendly and outgoing


The primary objective of the Lux Watch will be to protect our home County of Sunward and the City of Agora. But we will also take part in a wide range of other activities:

  • Provide a security service for the Lux Arcana Trade Guild
  • Offer a rapid response force for other counties in Skyslope
  • Assist our Kingdom and other Duchies in times of war
  • Offer mercenary services to other organisations
  • Explore and map dangerous places

Our goal for the Lux Watch is to build a PvP unit with a real sense of purpose. A group of players that will take pride in their responsibilities and be well respected for them.

Initially, the unit will be based in the County of Sunward in Skylope, Tryggr. But as our numbers increase we hope to have garrisons in other parts of the Duchy.

Our forces will be split into two divisions. The Nerran division will provide a more traditional attack force with ground and mounted units, and the Waerd division will operate covertly behind enemy lines or engaged in other special operations.

Players joining this organization will hopefully get to experience the full range of PvP that the game has to offer, from small scale skirmishes to big castle sieges. Protecting Lux Arcana trade caravans will also be opportunity for long distance travel and exploration.

What we offer

Players joining the Lux Watch can expect the following:

  • Membership of a well organised group of PvP players
  • Involvement in a wide variety of player driven content in the game
  • Combat specialisation opportunities and organised training
  • A payment structure or payment in kind for their services

If you have what it takes then we need you!


We need players with good PvP and communication skills that can play well in a team.

Currently we are only recruiting in the County of Sunward and nearby counties.

Lux Arcana

The County of Sunward is being set up the Lux Arcana gaming community. Founded in 2004, we have a core leadership with over 15 years experience running MMO guilds.

Our primary goal in Lux is always to provide a well organised and drama free community for members to enjoy playing a game. We aim to be in the top 30% of guilds in terms of in-game achievements and success but always keeping it fun. We understand that most of our members have real lives, families and other interests as well, and those take priority.

We are also not a guild that dies suddenly in-game because the leadership goes inactive. Leaders and officers are free to leave whenever they wish, but as a community we always plan ahead for this and ensure our in-game activities can continue without disruption.

What Next?

If you like the sound of what we are planning then please join our Discord server!

Thanks for reading!