The county of Houghton

County of Houghton

General Information

Discord: Link

Kingdom: Bordweall

Duke: Dleatherus

Countess: MMOJunkie AKA Countess Evelyn Houghton

About the countess

I'm Eve, also known as Countess Evelyn Houghton. In CoE I will try to bring back the classic days of mmo gaming where friends and allies can be found around every corner to help one another. Bubbly, sweet, and inspired by growth and teamwork I'm seeeking like minded individuals who desire;

  1. A safe place to enjoy the game regardless of their past experiences.
  2. Free to develop their characters whether they are pvp or pve focused.
  3. A strong willingness to work together for the greater good of the county.

Why Houghton?

Derived from the Old English hoh 'ridge', 'spur' (literally 'heel') + tun 'enclosure', 'settlement'. I'm personally drawn to this name as I come from the real ancestors of the Hoghton line in England. For me it's a personal reason.

In chronicles of Elyria however; the name Houghton is a symbol for an enclosure that no one sees coming. With vast tracts of flat, fertile farmland the county posses no shortage of good food and wine.

There is also access to a large mouthed river that has thick, deep access throughout to the ocean. This makes the possibility for trade is unhindered. As well as little risk of being attacked by raiders due to being within the epicenter of the kingdom itself. For toughs bold enough to venture within the mouth will be greeted by neighboring counties that have a strong focus in the defense of the realm.

With this combination of things as well as an "X" factor the name Houghton, and the county's placement was perfect for me.

County Information

Town of Greenvale

Mayor: Countess Evelyn Houghton


Known as "Greenvale" for its rolling fields of green and lush fertile lands. This settlement will focus on only a few things as that is all it will need to prosper. Keeping true to the top professions Greenvale will focus on breeding horses and livestock while utilizing large farms to bolster our economy.

With the presence of artillerist and soldiers; Greenvale will also focus on woodsmen and engineers crafting large siege machines for use in the kings army while capitalizing on the flat lands to muster up a large cavalry.

The Village of Auchclay

Mayor: Vacant

Description: Vacant

The Hamlet of The Boar

Mayor: Vacant

Description: Vacant

10/9/2019 8:06:23 AM #1

Welcome to the Duchy! I look forward to visiting your county and the city of Greenvale!

10/10/2019 2:41:18 AM #2

Thank you for the warm welcome. We got our first citizen today as well so I am very excited to see we are getting some positive growth already!

10/13/2019 5:54:23 AM #3

Congratulations countess. Count me as your 2nd citizen! I look forward to seeing the partnership grow and I'm happy to aid you in any capacity!

Friend code: 2D42A1

10/16/2019 5:10:36 AM #4

Another joining the ranks yay slowly but surly we will become the best county thank you everyone! ^.^

11/12/2019 3:54:36 AM #5

Thank you everyone for your support and help! We are growing slowly and have gotten our names approved yay! Houghton still has two settlements available so if you are interested in becoming a mayor of Houghton either through package now or the Dutch auction coming up please find me in discord or pm me here! I would love to meet and talk about your plans and goals!