[Shiny] Wetlands Soundscape

Greetings Elyrians!

Today we've got something a little different for you. Audio design in games is crucially important as both a mood-enhancer and mechanism for feedback. You may have heard us talk in the past about Chronicles of Elyria being a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get kind of world, so if something looks dangerous, it probably is! What we also want is for Chronicles of Elyria to be a What-You-Hear-Is-What-You-Get world.

To that end, each area of the game will have different flora, fauna, and environmental factors that will go into that region's soundscape: all the environmental sounds you hear. If you hear a bird, that is because birds are there! If you hear thunder, a storm is coming! If you're walking on grass, your footsteps are softer and make a rustling noise!

Music also plays a role in setting the right mood for the ambient activity. If you're in combat, the music should help you feel the excitement of the moment. If you're exploring a dark ruin, the music should enhance the ominous feel. If you're walking through a particular biome, the music helps to characterize it.

So put on your headphones and relax to the soothing sounds of the Tropical Wetlands.

Stay shiny!


10/11/2019 1:52:05 AM #1

Thank you!

10/11/2019 1:52:06 AM #2


10/11/2019 1:52:59 AM #3

Very nice work devs. Thanks for the shiny!

10/11/2019 1:53:18 AM #4

Shiny with sounds!

Being normal is vastly overrated!

10/11/2019 1:53:58 AM #5

I hear frogs.

I wonder if they taste any good?

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10/11/2019 1:54:10 AM #7

Squishy and moist!

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10/11/2019 1:54:16 AM #8

Sounds truly lovely, look forward to seeing more.

10/11/2019 1:54:32 AM #9

wow... i'm speechless. that was awesome!

10/11/2019 1:54:47 AM #10

Love the sound fidelity.

10/11/2019 1:54:53 AM #11

That's awesome

Mayor of Greycarver

10/11/2019 1:55:04 AM #12

very nice, now I want to know what the mountains will sound like, hopefully either wind whistling or a dead silence where every step forward is a clear and audible crunch through the snow

10/11/2019 1:57:20 AM #13

Wetlands biome looks interesting

Greybattle County

10/11/2019 1:57:21 AM #14

Nice water and Lily pads


10/11/2019 2:02:52 AM #15

Very nice, also some great views of the tropics. Thanks Vye!