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That's right folks, Shaq Daddy made it into Chronicles of Elyria. Baller, actor, rapper, writer, dj, producer, law enforcement officer, brick layer, and...prophet!? Yes, Shaq is the savior of Mann-kind.




-Founding of Shaqqa

-Cult of Shaq

-Warriors of Shaq


-Followers of Shaq


-Rules and Regulations

-Enemies of Shaq




Holding Info

Settlement: Shaqqa

Kingdom: Fortuna

Duchy: Charmed Sands

County: Stormwatch

Settlement Picture


Shaqqa is a cult based, war focused settlement, determined to train fighters and provide equipment for combat as we rid the world of heresy. Mercenary work and combat related crafts will be our economic focus. We look out for our own and maintain a close community. Every member has a role to play in the wars to come.

Founding of Shaqqa

A small village, its name long forgotten, rested along the banks of a well traversed river. The land was fertile, the animals plentiful, and soon the village prospered in peace and wealth. But, as often happens, fate guided cruel hands to the village. A bandit lord, Ceann Sealgair, met with the village elders and informed them of his nefarious intent. They were to henceforth pay him homage, or he would put the village people to the sword.

The majority cried and bleated for submission, but a few wanted to fight for their land and property they'd worked so hard for. In the end, however, Sealgair won, and the villagers Memsoneus, Balin, and Vicven abandoned their homes and livelihoods to fade into the surrounding forest. They would not serve the bandit lord, nor would they live with a people so docile.

Over the next several months Sealgair's men began to disappear under mysterious circumstances, all but unnoticed until Sealgair's own son was lost only to be found murdered several days later. Sealgair, in a black rage, ordered his men to hunt his son's killer and bring back his head. The small group of fled villagers, stylizing themselves Battle Born, heard of Sealgair's manhunt and decided to risk everything while Sealgair remained poorly defended. The night before their planned attack, as the three men lay asleep, each received a dream. “Look South and survive,” a tall, dark man said. “Your vengeance can wait. Luna has grander designs.” The next morning the three men awoke and with a look at each other’s face, knew. As one, the men of Battle Born packed their gear and melded into the shadow, cool steel having long replaced their farming tools, and departed from the lands around that river and forgotten village.

They served as hired swords for a time, but always remained separate from common soldiers. Daring, expertise, and cunning set them apart, and they served many a valiant lord, so different from Sealgair and his ilk. Beginning their own mercenary band, Memsonius, Balin, and Vicven continued to fight for causes they felt worthy of their talents and continued to look South, not knowing what their dreams had meant, but knowing in their hearts that they must follow their instructions.

A decade had passed, but the tall, dark man had not appeared in their dreams again. They were older now, gray more prominent in their hair, and were tired of fighting only for coin. It was in Fortuna that they stopped to rest and asked, "What is our purpose? Sealgair has long been dead, poisoned by his own men. We have forever lost the fulfillment in revenge. We have gone South, fought and killed, yet still you are silent." And throughout the remainder of that day, he remained silent. It wasn't until later that night, when all were asleep around their fire, that they each shared a dream once again. "I have heard your calls. You are ready, you are chosen. When you wake, follow the rabbit to his brethren. Within that sand is where I rest. Make this place your home, in the name of Luna and her prophet, Shaq."

When the men awoke, a canis rabbit was standing in their camp. Without a word, each man packed his belongings and followed. After years of wandering and contracts, the Battle Born had finally found a home. Walls were raised, homes were built, and watches were established. The leaders would never again let their home be contested by an outside force.

Years later, with whiter hair and a more pronounced gait, the three founders met together in the town hall for what would be the final preparation of their legacy. On a table sat a book, within it they placed the dogma of Shaq and the story of his life and death in service to Luna.

After the Book of Shaq was written, the founders having completed their purpose, began to die. Before the last brother fell, a new generation of Chosen were named. These men and women continued the traditions set down by the founders, and the settlement grew in strength. Their strength slowly grew louder each passing year, the sounds of hammers striking anvils, architects shouting out orders, and the cacophony of farm animals bleating over the din of Warriors of Shaq drilling for battle. All of this to warn the world: here sits Shaqqa, home of Chosen, spear of crusade.

Cult of Shaq

The Cult of Shaq is a branch of the Qindred faith with a simple tenet: Luna is our god, Shaq her prophet.

Long ago Luna, our benevolent creator and protector, sent her will to a Mann named Shaq. A master of martial arts and an aspiring disc jockey, Shaq could soar through the skies and identify fools. One night, after thrashing King Divac, Shaq heard a whisper on the wind and received instructions from Luna. He began spreading her word, but as Luna’s and his popularity began to rise, so too did the jealousy of his rivals. Namely, King Naipsac “The Late.” Naipsac, a king in just name, was a petty chief of lands once referred to as Qupldeys. A king who promised much but delivered little, he feared any words spoken against him could threaten his position, and, possibly worst of all, hurt his feelings.

The will of Luna continued to spread through Qupldeys, and the enlightened people became critical of Naipsac. Although the criticisms were accurate and relatively mild, Naipsac declared Shaq and his followers, the sowers of dissent, enemies. Since many of the Followers of Shaq were peaceful, they were quickly silenced. Eventually Shaq turned himself in hoping Naipsac would spare his remaining faithful. On the day Shaq was to be executed, Naipsac marched out 100 of the Followers of Shaq for beheading. As the last head fell, Shaq made his final declarations: One day Shaq’s Chosen will return to the location of his body and found a new settlement. From that settlement war will be raged on the enemies of Shaq, and the Chosen will sacrifice the vessel of Naipsac’s enduring soul every 7 days, else the world face the wrath of Luna. When the sacrifices finally balance the scales of justice, Shaq will be brought forth by Luna to conquer the three worlds of the Qin.

As Shaq’s voice began to fade, eight spears were plunged into his back. Shaq slowly began to fall to his knees and was covered by darkness. When light began to shine again, he was gone. It is believed Luna took his soul to reside with her until he could be reborn, and his body left to be buried…

Warriors of Shaq

The Warriors of Shaq are fighters dedicated to defending the will of Luna and her prophet, Shaq. Led by the Grand Marshall of Shaq, these fighters specialize in bow, spear, or light cavalry. Primarily a defensive force protecting the sacred ground of Shaqqa, the Warriors may occasionally be asked to reinforce allied forces elsewhere. The Warriors of Shaq may also be initiated into Battle Born should they choose to brave the Trial of Shaq.

Battle Born

The Battle Born are Warriors of Shaq who have been reborn through the blood and sacrifice of Naipsac. Having passed the Trial of Shaq, Battle Born members become the offensive force of the Cult of Shaq. These fighters will specialize in small unit tactics with a range, melee, or hybrid/flex role in combat. Each member is expected to be adequate in both melee or range combat, as well as have a talent for horsemanship. Battle Born will more often than not function behind enemy lines where ideal tactical advantages may be scarce.

Followers of Shaq

The Followers of Shaq are the non-combat faithful. Craftsmen, scholars, laborers, and other non-combat specialties make up a large number of the faithful. Learning from the lessons of the 100 Martyrs, Followers of Shaq will have a minimum combat ability in order to answer the call when necessary.

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Structure Outline Link to structure outline

Council: - Important positions within the settlement.

Grand Master- Two Grand Masters share the duties of supporting the settlement and leading the Cult of Shaq. GM's should be the most active members and take the initiative to maintain active communications with the council. One GM will hold the title of mayor.

Grand Marshall of Shaq - Heads the Warriors of Shaq. Ensures enough guards are posted, defenses are sufficient, enough equipment is acquired, and every settlement member can at least wield a bow. In times of mobilization, will lead the forces alongside the GM's.

Grand Commandant of Shaq - Senior commander within Battle Born. Works directly with the GM's and is primarily responsible in maintaining pressure on the enemies of Shaq. Will also work closely with the intel, recon, and comms officers.

Grand Commodore of Shaq - Heads the Corsairs of Shaq. Charged with the overall responsibility of the ships and boats owned by Shaqqa. Will technically fall under the Grand Marshall of Shaq in order to fulfill objectives, but will maintain an element of autonomy.

Master Craftsmen - Senior craftsman in their field. Expectations will be general counsel, coordination of sub-craftsmen for specialization diversity, and a general awareness of all crafter activity. Senior craftsmen can be assigned master craftsmen through a combination of willingness and activity.

Quartermaster - Assists with civil matters such as zoning and resource procurement. While not having to micromanage, the quartermaster will be expected to maintain awareness of gathering activities and the tracking of settlement resources in order to identify resource shortfalls.

Diplomat - Will help maintain political relations and seek out mercenary contracts. Must understand tact.

Warriors of Shaq: Defensive arm of Shaqqa. Arms and mounts will be provided. Bowmen, spearmen, and light cavalry focus.

Master of Bow - Senior Bowman amongst the Warriors. Has to have a range-focused combat character. Responsible for training Bowmen and communicating with the Quartermaster about supplies. Will ensure sufficient garrison wherever necessary. Should have a strong situational awareness and coherent communication during battle since this member will likely have the ideal vantage point.

Master of Horse - Senior Light Cavalryman amongst the Warriors. Has to have a high ability with the designated mount. Will help determine the weapon policies for Light Cavalrymen. Responsible for training Light Cavalrymen and communicating with the Quartermaster and Mount Breeder about supplies. Will be leading the primary mobile force of Shaqqa so this member will need to be a strong pvper and tactical decision maker.

Master of Spear - Senior Spearman amongst the Warriors. Needs to have a spear/shield focus. Member should be defensively inclined and risk averse. Will not only have to ensure Spearmen are trained with the proper skill-tree focus, but also are capable of combat through organized formation. Patience will be an understatement because this is the Warrior branch that cannot be defeated.

Captain – A corsair team lead. Will be charged with a ship and work with the Grand Commodore for mission assignments. Missions may include raiding, defending coastal territory, naval combat, or transportation.

Bowmen - Any range specialty. Pretty straight forward, these are backline units in the field and the primary defense on the walls. You know if you're the Bowman type...

Light Cavalrymen - Players will focus on speed for skirmishing and patrol. These Warriors will end up being the most combat diverse since their mobility will allow them to participate more. There will be a lot more risk associated here, but we do not need any Leeroy Jenkins.

Spearmen - Defensive and counter-shock troops. Patience and discipline will supersede skill here. Will be the frontline of battles, and will be expected to fight in cohesion and retreat with order.

Corsair – Sailors/Marines of Shaq. Duties will be assigned by their Captain, but will be expected to be able to fight on both land and sea, and filling roles required to run a ship.

Battle Born:

Communications Officer - Will facilitate communication between separate elements during combat operations. System of communication is currently a work in progress, and the Comms Officer will likely not be a direct combatant. This role is best suited for someone who wants to be a crucial part of the fight, without actually having to fight.

Intelligence Officer - The purpose will be to track non-Shaqqa entities within CoE-Luna. The Intel Officer will ensure the Council and military officers have as much information as possible prior to any military decision. This is a tedious position with documentation and record keeping. Not necessarily a non-combat role, but the position may be filled by a less combat inclined member.

Reconnaissance Officer - This member will play multiple important roles as a direct combatant. The duties will include being the lead scout during operations and will work in tandem with the Intel Officer to verify information. There will be times when high-risk solo work is needed, so the Recon Officer should be comfortable surviving on their own.

Administrative vs. Combat Squad Roles: Listed are what will be considered as administrative roles. They are the responsibilities of the assigned member and in combat will be the ideal role. However, since it is unreasonable to assume entire squads will be on at the same time and all have complimentary skillsets, combat roles will be determined when mustered for a mission. For example, if four range-focused members will be fighting as a squad, one member will have to lead, and another will have to be more prepared to engage in melee. Battle Born members must be prepared to fight in any situation depending on tactical alignment, and must be able to survive.

Squad Leader - Will make sure their squad is geared out, trained, and organized. Works with the Grand Commandant to determine attack objectives. Should be knowledgeable of the settlement military strategy and capable of leading their squad.

Melee Focus - Melee specialist. Fairly self-explanatory. Weapon choice goes to the member, but must keep in mind there will be situations in which a spear, dagger, or sword/shield is advantageous. Needs to also have a minimum skill level in one range weapon.

Range Focus - Range Specialist. Should also be self-explanatory. Weapon choice goes to the member, but needs to keep distance and target piercing in mind. Will have a minimum skill level in one melee weapon.

Flex - These members are a blend of the melee and range focuses. They go into battle with any role in mind, and are capable of doing so. The drawback is they will likely not have a specialty in any particular weapon. A flex member needs to be able to think independently in order to determine where their constantly changing role in combat is.

Civic Roles: Blacksmith, Fletcher, Leather Worker, Animal Breeder/Trainer, Wood Worker, Mason, Farmer, Doctor, Architect.

Rules and Regulations

Methods and severity of adjudication are unofficial since we do not yet know how the legal system will function. Below is what we have in mind if we are able to implement them:

  1. Heresy will not be tolerated.

  2. No unsanctioned attacks within the settlement. Only the Grand Master may authorize intra-settlement hostilities.

  3. No theft within the settlement, or of settlement members in any location.

  4. Every member must be prepared to defend the settlement.

  5. Settlement has right to first purchase. If you have loot, crafts, or resources you are hoping to sell, you should give the respective leadership right to purchase before you sell elsewhere.

  6. Taxes will be determined at a later date when the mechanic has been fleshed out.

    • The principle will be for each member to have an effect on the growth of the settlement. So time spent on settlement projects or services rendered will ideally be accepted in place of currency or goods.

Enemies of Shaq -Naipsac

-JaVale McGee


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This looks great. Oriented to PvP, but not so serious like a lot of other people are about this game. Sounds like a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to serving the prophet Shaq. May he rise again.