City of Terrock

The City of Terrock

Flag of Terrock

"Through courage and cunning we strive for greatness."

Settlement Overview

Greetings, and welcome to Terrock!

Terrock is a city-tier settlement in the Twin Counties of Keplr and Aberon, in the Duchy of Aravier, in the Kingdom of Alésia, on the North America-East server of Luna. We're located on a major river within the Neran-majority mixed-leaf forest biome, near the Alésian border with Vornair.

With our ample forests, fertile land, and navigable waterways come opportunities for loggers, agriculturalists, hunters, fishermen, merchants, carpenters, rangers, sailors, and more. Our position near the kingdom border with Vornair also provides opportunities for those of a more martial bent, and for those in combat support industries like arms production and siege engineering. Those interested in international commerce, diplomacy, and espionage may also find our location to be a boon. Depending on the geopolitical situation as the game gets closer to launch, Terrock may aim to become a Barony under the Duke of Aravier.

As the premier settlement in the northwestern region of Keplr-Aberon, Terrock will have a crucial role in the defence of our County and will be the regional hub for trade and industry. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to read on or join us in the Keplr Discord server.

D&SS Location Note: The temporary name of Terrock on the D&SS map is Redpike, in the County of Aberon, the Duchy of Aravier, the Kingdom of Alésia, on the Luna (NA-E) server.

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Recruiting Information

The City of Terrock is currently recruiting! The following opportunities are currently available:

  • Infantrymen, cavalrymen, officers, constables, special agents, and other military and security personnel;
  • Artillerists and siege engineers to design, manufacture, and operate siege engines and artillery pieces;
  • Priests, including senior prelates and pontiffs, as priesthood is one of the top professions in Terrock;
  • Loggers, carpenters, woodworkers, foresters, and others to harvest and utilize our vast forests;
  • Sailers, shipwrights, dockhands, and marines for riverine trade and patrolling;
  • Fishermen, foragers, hunters, farmers, animal husbandrists, chefs, bakers, and others to produce tasty food;
  • Judges, lawyers, bailiffs, investigators, and bounty hunters for our courthouse;
  • Architects, engineers, dungeoneers, and tradesmen of various specialties to design and construct houses, fortifications, catacombs, ports, and other structures;
  • Entrepreneurs, businessmen, merchants, and other people of trade and commerce;
  • Court officials, scribes, diplomats, land managers, tax collectors, inspectors, urban planners, policy advisors, and other civil servants to help run the city government;
  • And many more!

People interested in senior roles, such as judges, military officers, prelates, government officials, city councillors, and similar positions, are encouraged to reach out to me sooner rather than later so we can start arranging things.

Settlement Vision

Terrock aims to be a prosperous and powerful settlement, with interests in heavy industry, engineering, defence, religion, and trade. Our foundries and siegeworks will churn out the arms, armour, and siege engines of the finest quality, our stalwart soldiers and cunning agents will defend our Kingdom against the forces of Vornair, our grand cathedrals and temples will be the envy of the world, and our port and warehouses will flow will money, goods, and travellers from throughout Aravier, Vornair, and beyond.

Settlement Governance

As Mayor of Terrock, it is ultimately my responsibility to see that the city is safe, prosperous, and influential. I plan to govern jointly with my City Council, which I will seek to fill with those citizens who have contributed most to the city's success, whether through resources, expertise, time, or otherwise.

In addition to the City Council, which I see as a primarily legislative and consultative body, I will have an Executive Council or Cabinet. This Cabinet will be comprised of the appointed officials responsible for managing aspects of the city's affairs and providing specialized advice to me.

Depending on the restrictiveness of adding people to the in-game City Council and the needs of the city and its citizenry, I may create a General Assembly of all citizens of Terrock. This Assembly would serve a similar consultative role as the City Council, and could be conceptualized as the lower house of legislature to the City Council's upper house

Defence and Security

I see defending the city and its citizens as one of my most crucial responsibilities. My current plan is to have a two-tier military system: a professional standing military and security force, and a part-time militia of all citizens for emergency service. In the interests of simplicity, my plan is to combine military, law enforcement, and public safety functions into one unified organization. This professional security and defence force will be trained, equipped, organized, and commanded by me and my appointed officers. It will work together with county and duchy forces to defend Terrock, and, when necessary, project power wherever needed.

All citizens will be required to perform basic militia training, and will be issued basic arms and armour for that purpose. The militia will not be deployed for expeditionary warfare and will not be responsible for the day-to-day bandit-hunting, patrolling, and other duties that the professional force handles. Instead they will be an emergency reserve force, called to service only when the city is under siege or otherwise in imminent grave danger. In times such as those, it is in the common interest of all citizens to protect their lives, homes, and possessions, and we will stand a better chance of successfully doing so if all citizens are ready and able to contribute as a coordinated body.

Crime and Justice

I don't plan on running a crime-ridden hive of scum and villainy. People living in and traveling through Terrock should be safe from random theft, assault, fraud, and other such crimes. My security force will handle such internal threats to public order and safety with the same vigilance that they defend the city against external threats. That being said, people interested in using traditionally criminal skills, but in the service of the common good instead of against it, are invited to talk to me.

As Terrock possesses a courthouse, we will have our own local judge. Our citizens will not have to travel to another settlement to seek redress for harms, and I will be able to customize our local laws and regulations to fit the needs of the city. Bounty hunters will find work tracking bounties issued by our courthouse, as well.

Industry and Commerce

Terrock's starting primary industry is logging. I plan to leverage the city's starting expertise and infrastructure in that field to expand to various forms of carpentry and woodworking, potentially including the construction of riverine vessels, siege engines, pulp and paper, and other such products.

Our County does possess stone and mineral reserves, but they are not currently within any existing settlement. If any reserves are located close enough to Terrock, I plan to expand the city's boundaries to encompass them. If they aren't, I will seek to set up regular shipments of those resources to our settlement so that we can make use of them.

Terrock is on a navigable major river network that connects throughout our County, through neighbouring Aravian counties, and into several counties in Vornair. This should enable us to export our goods throughout the entire region, and to likewise import goods from throughout the region.


Priest is one of the top professions in Terrock. As a majority-Neran settlement, with our largest minority tribe being Hrothi, I expect these to be mostly Virtori priests. Although it is not the primary priority of mine, I do have an interest in exploring some of the more esoteric religious gameplay elements, and in supporting others who seek to do so.

Plans and Projects

I have a number of plans and projects I'm interested in pursuing for Terrock, including:

  • The construction of a full, proper port to support larger vessels, and a district of warehouses, shipyards, markets, and other infrastructure to support riverine transport and trade;
  • The construction of an underground catacombs or undercity, for defensive purposes and because underground structures are cool;
  • The construction of a cathedral or grand temple for the faithful of the city;
  • The diversification of our food sources from fishing, hunting, and foraging to include farming;
  • The establishment of a college or academy for carpentry and engineering, with a focus on the siege engineering;
  • The signing of a baronial contract with the Duke of Aravier, to turn Terrock into a Barony;
  • The expansion of Terrock to become a capital-tier settlement, and to include land in the mountain ranges and riverbed east of us;
  • And more to come!

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