[Sticky] Character Face & Body Explorations: Unfit or Unattractive

Greetings friends,

This week I want to show you some additional work we've been doing on characters. It is our goal to have a wide variety of bodies and faces in game for both players and NPCs. To that end, we've begun further explorations into how we can get more unusual faces, more varied body types, have better fat distribution, and provide different types of leanness.

First, I've got some new body type exploration, hot off the presses. Our existing character art was great and making different shapes and sizes of characters...provided they were fit! These 3D concepts are helping us set targets and constraints for characters that live a less intense lifestyle, so we can provide Elyria with better variety.

It's also extremely important - perhaps even more so - to support more faces! Fat faces, thin faces, androgynous faces, hooded eyes, big noses...we want 'em all! In particular, since characters can fluctuate in weight, further exploring what can change when moving between skinny and fat is helpful for us, hence the 3D concepts you see here. While our existing character model can move between gaunt to hefty, we're spending some additional time to see if there is more we can do to provide even greater variation!

Stay shiny!


Bonus/Belated Shiny:

We also like to play with new stuff when we can. Unreal 4.24 released some new, built-in hair sim and we figured it couldn't hurt to try it out. We're not sure if it'll replace our existing hair yet, but you don't know if you don't try! How do you think this compares to our existing hair?

1/31/2020 4:31:22 AM #1

Looks awesome!

1/31/2020 4:31:44 AM #2

Ooooo~! Its nice to see the variety and progress with this! Thank you~!

1/31/2020 4:33:17 AM #3

The hair looks pretty cool. As long as I can have my long goatee.

1/31/2020 4:33:29 AM #4

looking good not sure about all that chest hair though

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1/31/2020 4:33:31 AM #5

I like that new hair. It looks pretty natural to me! The other hair you guys showed was pretty good too, but maybe now it would be possible to have hair grow and need to be cut?

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1/31/2020 4:35:44 AM #6

Nice! Good to see these kinds of variations.

The head hear looks great, but the body hair looks like some sorta flechette shotgun impaled him with hair needles. Can we see something thicker than recently shaved torso stubble?

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Posted By Medussa at 11:33 PM - Thu Jan 30 2020

looking good not sure about all that chest hair though

This tbh

1/31/2020 4:41:52 AM #8


1/31/2020 4:44:17 AM #9

Fantastic! Loving the variety, can't wait!


1/31/2020 4:46:54 AM #10

Oooh Shiny

1/31/2020 4:49:36 AM #11

Good stuff. Glad to see the potential for variety.


1/31/2020 4:50:22 AM #12

Mmmmmmm Shiny...

That new UE4 hair looks nice, but the chest hair looks a bit coarse?

1/31/2020 4:50:23 AM #13

Awesome. Love to see how the genetics works with all the variety.

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1/31/2020 4:54:41 AM #14

I like the new hair better. It looks more natural to me.

And speaking as a woman who has been married and has had a boyfriend after the divorce, there is nothing wrong with a man having chest hair.

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1/31/2020 4:54:46 AM #15

Nice! I like the hair rendering. It looks a little more lifelike. If it moved when the character walked or when the wind blew, that would be top notch!