Expanded domains map FAQ items:

Q42: With bridges no longer on the map, how do I know if my land is accessible via roads over waterways?
A42: The "roads' aren't actually roads. They are visual representations of the connections between settlements. While there will be roads in the approximate area, adding bridge icons over non-roads visuals isn't consistent. If a road crosses water, it'll have to include a ford or bridge. Lower traffic connections may just have fords, while larger traffic areas will have to have bridges. We don't plan to render them at this time.

Q43: I miss the tree and mountain icons, why did you change the map style away from that?
A43: In general, the map is still a stylized map as it was before but uses a different art style. It now does a much better job of showing the topography and shape of the terrain, while abstracted and blurred, at all levels. We are likely to iterate more on the tiles at a future point but won't be doing so in the near future unless we find issues that warrant us to do so.

Q44: Why is my property line not aligned with the coastline. Do I still own the property to the coastline?
A44: The coastlines have expanded. They are larger than they were to incorporate terrain that was less than a parcel along the edges so there were fewer hard edges along the coastlines. You should assume your property extends all the way to the water. As there are frequently lands that are less than a parcel, we didn't feel the need to re-draw the lines.

Q45: My sustainability appears to have changed?
A45: Prior to the final release of Settlers of Elyria, settlements had a bug that caused their sustainability to be higher than it should have been. This bug was fixed to set the sustainability to the correct level. That being said, we have not intentionally changed anything, so if you have any evidence that something has changed to affect your sustainability or that there is a bug, please provide us that evidence and email us the detail to [email protected] and we will do what we can to investigate and/or address it.