[NA-E County] Vanaheim

Welcome to the land of fertility the land between Asgard and Midgard. This is the place where the Gods come to relax and is heaven for man. I am R3B3L the Jarl of Vanaheim we are part of the duchy of Seraphim in the Solaris Confederation

While any individual is o encouraged to research whatever he or she wants, the county will specifically focus on research into certain areas listed below:

Naval- Effective hull designs and sail patterns to better open-water navigation techniques for in and out of combat.

Alchemy-Not much has truly been shared about alchemy as of yet but it is something I personally am interested in. Making things like Greek fire are definitely goals here.

Another goal I have is to create a strong naval force so that Vanaheim can live peaceful knowing they are safe from the sea. Feel free to join my discord if you have any questions or just wish to hang out. I look forward to seeing and working with you.