Community Resources

I posted this on Reddit but I assume that not everyone goes on Reddit and so far I haven't seen a detailed list of resources for those interested in Chronicles of Elyria so I decided to get one started.

Please feel free to add more to the list or suggest any changes to the current list: my inbox gets flooded PLEASE message me on IRC or Discord, Discord is preferable ~ Youtube content : if you have a channel and want it added, please include a brief 1-2 sentence description.

  • Please no group/guild/etc related resources, guild related content can be found here

Official Sources

Official Website - Media, Forums, News, and more! If you are interested AT ALL in this game, REGISTER HERE!

Official Instagram

Influence Point System Information: PLEASE READ IT!

Active QuakeNet COE Chat

COE Community discord servers:

COE Community Discords List

Chronicles of Elyria, active admin: Maygus

DM21 Gaming, active admin: Howl, TylerGesselman, Rambrose, BicycleWalrus Chronicles of Elyria page - News, Developer Journal posts, and other community resources

Official COE Wiki

Official Reddit Page

Q&A Transcripts

Developer Journal Master List

Search Friendly Q&A Transcripts

Unofficial Tumblr

COE Fanart DeviantArt Group

COE-Related Gaming Communities

Elyrian Directory - Find your COE community OR make your own!

DM21 Gaming Community Discord - DM21 Gaming Supports a large Discord Community where you can meet like minded gamers, CoE Fans, and even chat with the Channel Staff. Game developers occassionally drop by for a chat once in a while as well. Join up, and be part of the DM21 Community!

COE Community Steam Page

Youtube Content

DM21 Gaming

Frithgar - Providing perspective on the game, developers journals as they're released, as well as devs comments in the forums, and following the Q&A sessions when possible! Plus providing first looks once there is a playable demo/alpha.

Morbis MIA - Regular Chronicles of Elyria content ranging from community spotlight interviews to videos focusing on particular aspects of the game. As more information is released, we hope to ramp up production, going into the potential that the game might fulfil while still keeping our feet on the ground. Once we get a more hands on version of the game we will be streaming as much gameplay as possible.

GHzGaming- Podcast on all of the Design Journals from now until release with personal thoughts and impressions. Videos structure includes: journal key points and then 10 minutes of paneled discussion.

CoE FR - French youtube channel dedicated to explaining COE mechanics from Developer Journals.

Electric Bears - CoE coverage

Fan-made websites

Elryia Echo - News, thoughts, and discussion about game mechanics and more. Includes details shared through developer discussion and summaries of the various Developer Journals.

The Elyrian Chronicle - The Elyrian Chronicle will cover news about the game until launch. Once the game is live it will act as a newspaper covering current events and happenings in the game.

Heraldo de Elyria - Spanish-based fansite dedicated to sharing the Spanish translated Design Journals, news, pics and everything that could be interesting.

Chronicles Of Elyria Italia - Italian fansite for CoE. - A German fansite that features community roleplaying activities, translations of Design Journals, Interviews, Dev Postings, etc. - Russian fansite with news translations for people speaking in Russian.

Elyrian Journal by Flashman - Random scribblings from community member Flashman about CoE.

Elyrian - "News , Guides, Market Trends , References"

COE Blog by Barmank - Blog with translations of game information and design journals into Russian.

The Elyrian Dream - Blog by lunawisp on COE!

10/21/2015 2:26:27 PM #1

I like it, that's an awesome start dude, good job :)

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel Frithgar

10/21/2015 2:29:39 PM #2

Thanks, luckily I could just copy/paste most of the info from my post on Reddit (Ashenmoon=Hellmoon lol)

10/21/2015 4:04:49 PM #3

I have started a blog as well called The Elyrian Chronicle.

The Elyrian Chronicle

10/21/2015 4:27:56 PM #4

Oh, thank you. I have missed some of the information going around, and only read the journals, so I know I've been missing some things. :P

10/21/2015 5:01:51 PM #5

The unofficial wiki has been out on hold waiting for the official wiki in CoE website.

10/21/2015 6:19:31 PM #6

I added your blog to the list, if you don't mind I would love a brief 1-2 sentence description of what your goals are with the blog!

10/21/2015 7:31:34 PM #7

The Elyrian Chronicle will cover news about the game until launch. Once the game is live it will act as a newspaper covering current events and happenings in the game.

10/24/2015 1:21:44 AM #8

Added Wiki page :)

10/24/2015 4:21:29 AM #9

Very good, and informative thread, I hope you can keep update on all the community sources over the year. Nice sticky ;) +1

11/7/2015 5:00:36 PM #10


11/7/2015 5:12:25 PM #11

And new Wiki!

11/8/2015 6:08:55 AM #12

Thanks for making this! I'll be adding this to the OSD site. /high five

11/24/2015 10:29:43 AM #13

Another fansite!

Heraldo de Elyria is a Spanish fansite in wich we'll translate all the important game information into spanish, post news and more.

Heraldos de Elyria es un Fansite en español en el que traduciremos toda la información importante del juego, noticias y mucho más.

12/3/2015 5:24:28 AM #14

My blog with translations game information and design journals into russian.

PS: It is a pity that the official website does not support Russian language.

12/7/2015 2:14:14 PM #15

Thank you Barmank! Updated :)