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Hey, everyone! With all the Q&A threads that are in the stickied section, we figured we'd compile them into one post to clear the stickies up a little.


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If you'd like to link the Reddit AMA Q&As to a reader-friendly consolidated list, I compiled all the answered questions HERE

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Thanks guys! Added to the list :)

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Might I suggest not trying to keep literal transcripts (other than as archives)?

With a little bit of IA, this could easily be massaged into a heck of a set of wiki entries or even topical Q&A (with archival reference/links throughout to satisfy the... lawyers cough... in the community).

The standard "big buckets" of topics, then grouped by "layer" of detail within each, eh? :)

My $0.02 worth - subject to fluctuations in the community stock exchange.

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Couple questions: First how to I change my forum silhouette to female?

When is the game release date, approximately?

Will it be a digital download?

Will the game be subscription and if so, how much?

Will there be a "Collectors Edition" of the game to start out?

I'm a "Vanilla" WoW refuge and after viewing tons of youtube videos about MMMORPG out there, Chronicles of Elyia looks beautiful and sounds uniquely wonderful.

Please don't repeat Blizzards mistakes by programing that makes the game easier. Challenges = Fun and deeper satisfaction.

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I can answer a couple of these questions.. :)

Tentative release date is Dec 2017.

If you want to change your picture to the female you just need to go into your account and mark yourself as female.

There isn't a subscription instead you pay for sparks of life. If you play your PC without any death penalties, you would be able to play for 10-14 months on one spark. I believe the cost of a spark is $30-$40 US.

I am also under the assumption that once the game launches it will be a digital download, but I could be wrong.

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hey i have been fallowing DM21's youtube channel on Chronicles of Elyria. I have a question for there next Q&A with the Devs. dose anyone know where i should post this?

question: will someone be able to commit a coup de gras on themselves. example: an assassin fails to kill his target. instead of being taken alive he/she ends there own lives as a way to avoid identification?

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What will you do to combat botters? The contract system seems very exploitable, among other things.

Will they make an account bound to that one computer and not be able to transfer unless deleting old account? In simple words, will there be 1 account per computer or will you allow multiple account creation?

Will there be a cooldown on character creation/deletion? Having this is essential to the interest of actual players and not invite botters, I for one would support a good game that's anti bot.

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I have a question relating to the professions. I know there will be bardic skills. I was wondering though if you had any other information on those or on where I could find it. I am curious about the skills that could relate to a scholarly character. Possibly one that focuses on the intellectual development of society in mathematics or philosophy and the like. I just haven't been able to find much detail on the bardic skills

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@ Zifobluben There isn't a lot of detailed information available just yet. But I once again found the Wiki to be helpful when I was new.. :)

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Hi there, I was wondering how i might bet into the beta to the game iv read and been following this game for some time.

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To get access to the beta, you would need to buy the Patron tier. To do this head on over to the store here:

And buy the patron tier. This also gives you everything from the tiers above patron too.

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I would like to know if there is any specific requirements to be able to participate in the Kingdoms of Elyria and the ElyriaMUD.

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Posted By Wildscarr at 03:21 AM - Fri Oct 14 2016

I would like to know if there is any specific requirements to be able to participate in the Kingdoms of Elyria and the ElyriaMUD.

Everyone with the the base game will eventually be able to participate in ElyriaMUD.
Kingdoms of Elyria is restricted to Barons and above.

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