18 January

Elyria on Earth Contest Winners

By Vye

Hail, Elyrians!

The Elyria on Earth contest has come to an end and we had a wonderful time seeing your entries. Choosing a winner was tough but, in the end, someone must win! We primarily centered our judging around how well it fit the theme. In order to avoid bias (they wouldn't let Souzou and me vote for our own entry even though it was solid!), the team did secret ballots in several rounds before we ultimately decided on the winners.

But first, I want to go through some of the honorable mentions!

Honorable Mentions

Bryce submitted an unprecedented 35 entries full of jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes! Though he didn't win the contest, the team has been inspired by what he's shared and some of it may show up in the game. Not a direct win, but influencing the dev team is a win in its own way.

The simplicity of this comic-style entry by Omni-Gamers had us all nodding in approval.

Lucius BlackHeart captured what would definitely happen if pteroguins were on Earth, even though they are a little small. Juveniles, probably.

Imbued Green braved winter like a true pioneer for these shots. Please help yourself to some cocoa with extra marshmallows!

The team loves sweets, so it was tough to pass this one over. We can confirm that we do love candy. In fact, had in included more sugar, it might have just won!

Literally everyone loves a good literal interpretation...literally!

The production value looks awesome and we want to know when we can watch it!

We can neither confirm nor deny the sheer awesomenocity of this unofficial merchandise...

Painting Elyria onto Earth...kinda want to frame it and put it in game.

No contest would be complete without Melonist entries...

We don't think this photoshoot happened because of this contest but it is, nevertheless, a great picture! We had to explain to some of the team that it wasn't a just a still from the Vikings TV show.

We were also surprised how many things on Earth were unintentionally Elyrian things!

Contest Winners

And now the moment you've all been waiting for...

Runners Up

These 3 entries win 250 EP each which will be able to be used on items during the Exposition phase prior to launch.


We love us some arts and crafts! Clearly Sabbicat had to go outside to find a pinecone, obtain glow-in-the-dark paint, and maybe even to set it outside to dry to avoid the fumes. Going outside that much to ultimately have a bizarre pinecone that can be a physical reminder of CoE and a source of questioning looks from visitors is why this is a runner up.


The Adventures of Olaf were a compelling read. He will now have some extra EP to get a horse or something for his next journey!


It would have been easy to just change the text to say "Dryas Elk" but the attention to detail on those antlers is the reason Hellmoon is a runner up!

Second Place


The photoshop is strong with this one. The lighting, shadow, and scale are all accounted for to create a seamless depiction of Elyria on Earth. It's simple but effective and well-made. Justin Esparza is the lucky winner of $75 in store credit!

Grand Prize Winner


Nearly all of LorenzRainBird's entries made it past the first couple rounds of judging, but this one is our favorite. It's his own picture, not an image found online, and he does a nice job placing Earth and Elyria together in a single shot. LorenzRainBird wins two 3-Day passes to PAX East and $150 store credit!

We'll be reaching out to all the winners to get them their prizes. Thanks for all the awesome entries and for your support!

Pledged to Your Continued Adventures in Life, Both Actual and Fantasy,