16 May

Website release version 2.11.0

By Vye

Fair tidings to you all, friends,

We made a small release today with a couple things to improve your online experience:

Bounties Collected

  • HTML tags were accidentally showing up in Featured Posts headings
  • Access to Early and Exclusive Access forums was not being properly awarded at the sale prices. Now anyone with 3,500 Influence OR a package that lists access to that forum will get you into Early Access. Likewise, 10,000 Influence OR a package (AKA Courtier) that lists access to that forum as a reward will get you into Exclusive Access. All information inside Early Access and Exclusive Access are subject to NDA.

Quests Completed

  • Token Contribution functionality was added in concert with the Token Contest we are kicking off this week. Stay tuned for the announcement of the contest!
  • Profile Picture and Signature moderation functionality has been upgraded. If a Moderator or Admin has to remove something inappropriate, there's 3 strikes and you're out. After the 3rd violation, an account will lose the privilege of having a Profile Picture or Signature, so keep it classy, friends! If you find something that you think may violate the polity, report the post and add a note that the image or signature is the problem.

For the glory of Elyria,