18 October

"Building Elyria" Concept Art

By Kaizen

"The best part of caravan duty are the sites you'll see. The worst is all the damned walking."

Check out this new piece of Chronicles of Elyria concept art by Character Artist Vanimus Prime! Here's a brief description of the piece in his own words:

When creating this image, my goal was to illustrate a scene that showed some of the many possible moving parts that are involved in building a settlement or community. I wanted to show that a seemingly simple mechanic like trade between tribes may involve several different roles such as a merchant to negotiate the transaction, a hired warrior or guard to protect the valuable merchandise, and a way to get that heavy cargo across long distances like a freight carrier.

I also wanted to show contrast between where they were coming from that was open and well-lit to entering a deeper developing forest settlement surrounded and protected by trees. I go hiking and backpacking a lot, so a good amount of my inspiration for this came from thinking back on the times of leaving the open fields and sun to enter into a cool shaded forest and looking back and seeing the entrance shrink further and further into the distance as I go deeper in. It sometimes feels like two different worlds.

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Varhukan - 1 year ago

So nice!

HolyAvengerOne - 1 year ago

Btw Kaizen, love the art but why only 1600 x 837? Can we get a full res one?

Also, it's not yet in the website's Concept Art section ;)

Odsbodikins - 1 year ago

Can't wait to play with an architechture tool and create my Treemansion

Curse - 1 year ago

That's a pretty damn good drawing! Can't wait to actually see these houses in-game and this helps get a good visual on it.

Sabbicat - 1 year ago

Tree Houses! Nice way to wet our appetites for more.

Ibenholt - 1 year ago

hmm, the kypiq cloth needs a re-design, but we can fix that with all our silk.

On the first impression note, FREAKING LOVE IT!!!.

Beautiful piece of art.

Xango - 1 year ago

Wow, definitely not humans. First off, boobs on a little girl. Second, children carrying supplies up a tower but Not using the ladder that is 4 feet away. They may Look like children...

Sharielane - 1 year ago

Awesome picture. Such a wonderful snapshot of not only the lives of the Kypiq but also the trader too.

Lofi - 1 year ago


Notice the lack of doors. Kypiq is the new Waerd.

Scheneighnay - 1 year ago

Posted By Lofi at 04:59 AM - Thu Oct 19 2017


Notice the lack of doors. Kypiq is the new Waerd.

The doors all got stolen by other Kypiqs

Azeron - 1 year ago

This totally reminds me of Darnassus. :D Dunno why. First thing that came to me when I seen this picture. Its probably because of a tree with houses on it :D

Daemon_Redwyne - 1 year ago

Makes my soul hurt...my most favorite houses mixed with my least favorite tribe...GAH!

MusaKn - 1 year ago

Now i just need some concept art of a to'resk city and I can fully commit to to'resk

Dleatherus - 1 year ago

is that one growing amongst the leaves of the tree in the bottom right? :P

HolyAvengerOne - 1 year ago

Posted By Dleatherus at 10:58 PM - Wed Oct 18 2017

is that one growing amongst the leaves of the tree in the bottom right? :P


Rofus - 1 year ago

Aye, the Kypiq settlement looks really nice!

Dleatherus - 1 year ago

awesome looking

am loving how the Kypiq settlement is looking - way beyond my expectations!

great job and very exciting to see

Chroniclesofalias - 1 year ago

This is some really good artwork !

Scheneighnay - 1 year ago

Here we see boxes of Kypiqs being loaded onto a cart.

HolyAvengerOne - 1 year ago

I think you meant "sights" and not "sites".

Rhaegys - 1 year ago

Sites is also valid, isn't it? ;)

Serpentius - 1 year ago

Posted By HolyAvengerOne at 4:25 PM - Wed Oct 18 2017

I think you meant "sights" and not "sites".

HolyAvengerOne - 1 year ago


Is there an easter egg somewhere in that?! scratches head


HammerStrike - 1 year ago

Very impressive, with a capital M!

Medussa - 1 year ago

love it