16 November

New Free Kingdom of Elyria Lore video

By Kaizen

Chronicles of Elyria is a deep MMORPG made up of player run countries where the developers involve the community to define the unique lore for their server. Each of the monarchies in this cinematic are present on the Luna (NA-East) server and are created and run by players!

Join the campaign for the chance to influence or become the last monarch on the NA-E server at launch! Learn more here: https://chroniclesofelyria.com/promo/free-kingdom-of-elyria

Free Kingdom of Elyria Lore


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FadyGalaband - 1 year ago

Like others, the idea that SBS is using the player-created Lore for their official lore in an official video is exactly the thing that makes this game more exciting to me than the other MMORPGs that I have played.

Since watching this video, I have chosen to pledge myself to the Kingdom of Vornair, but I do wish the Free Kingdom Campaign runners good luck!

Prof_Griz - 1 year ago

I hope we can get some more animation like this. Great video SBS!

Rojinn - 1 year ago

I really enjoyed the video. Actually, it has re-pepped me up for the game. I admit, I have not been as active in community building as I would like to be, with my RL taking so much time and priority. I am impressed with what the others here have done. As I see it, this game will be player controlled on the level, and probably to exceed EVE On Line (which I love). Excellent work. Loved the editorials by the community members at the end. Looking forward to our world, Rojinn

Vladius_Glacius - 1 year ago

Can't wait to see what the new Kingdom will become. Will they last? Will they fall to another Kingdom? Ohhh the possibilities that await.

Dante_Rhyne - 1 year ago

Very intriguing

Fhloston - 1 year ago

it's good to see a developer this in tune with it's player base.

Nkrumah - 1 year ago

Nice to see something like this. I will say though, id be suprised to see whoever wins this stay in power for long. My guess is this will prob end up being one of the more chaotic kingdoms. Good luck EAST FREE KINGDOM WINNER!

Leonardo_Loriano - 1 year ago

Although this is not for my server, I will follow these from the side-stands. Very good Video indeed.

Vaku - 1 year ago

Said it before, I'll say it again:

It's a pleasure to see the SBS vision coalesce in this way, where player activities so deeply inform the fabric of the world.

I'm further blown away. understanding that how the Free Kingdoms of Elyria is presented with this cinematic is how we can expect to view the unraveling of other major plot points.

Just a month ago, I could not have imagined the Free Kingdoms of Elyria event. From years of gaming, I'd accrued so many jaded thoughts—but to see this now shows me SBS is breaking the mold. My imagination is running wild as a result.

Just a sincere thank you to all of you at SBS for reinvigorating my love for shared narratives, and thank you for bringing what'll become player stories to the forefront of CoE's attending community.

Curse - 1 year ago

Very intriguing video, interested in seeing who comes out on top in the end!

Ironside - 1 year ago

Absolutely love this video!! Hands down, best and most community centric Dev team I have ever followed.

VioletWinterlynn - 1 year ago

Yesss! I love it ^.^

LukeSpyro - 1 year ago

I like how all the different kingdoms were included in the lore as it makes it more personalized and shows the community influence on the game development.

Also, first xp