7 May

Kickstarterversary Community Award Tracker

By Serpentius

Our 2nd Kickstarterversary is now officially underway!

Exciting items and deals await you in our online store, read the full details of our 2nd Kickstarterversary here.

Milestone Tracker

To help track the stretch goals mentioned below, we've created a special store tracker just for this event! View the tracker here.


here are the 2018 Kickstarterversary Community Reward Milestones:

If total sales reach the indicated amount next to each reward between May 1st and May 31st, those items will either be unlocked in the store, or added as a freebie to your inventory. Rewards are only given to those with completed packages by the end of May, 2018.

  • $10k: Kypiq Party Pack - Get ready to participate in the Kypiq's Sunsight Festival
  • $25k: Purebread Horse - Join us in jest with a horse that you can eat...freshly baked bread
  • $50k: Pack Bonuses - All previously purchased backpacks (Adventurer's Pack, Founder's Pack, & Merchant Pack) will each have additional goodies added to them for any that were sold (a la carte or as part of a package) before June 1st, 2018
  • $75k: Special Title - Receive an in-game title (it's a surprise) to show you're a Pre-Alpha backer
  • $100k: Otter Bear Baby - Unlock an Otter Bear baby as a pet in the store
  • $150k: Otter Bear Mount - Unlock Otter Bear mount in the store
  • $200k: Mystery Gift - A gift shows up in your inventory with a note that says "Warning: Do not open until launch," written in pyqsi
  • $250k: Upgraded Housing - Houses in the Aristocracy and Nobility Packages are getting an upgrade! (ex: All Mayors get a villa, all accounts with a villa get a manor, and all accounts with a manor get a grand-villa)
  • $300k: Soul Pack - Get an extra set of 3 random souls to choose from for your starting character
  • $350k: Old Soul - Get a soul that’s one lifetime older than one of the 3 souls from the previous "Soul Pack" reward
  • $400k: EP Kit Limit Increase - You will be able to purchase 2 of each of the Profession, Store Front, and Land Use Exposition Kits from the EP Store (currently limited to 1 per category, per title).
  • $500k: Mydarri At Launch - Some Mydarri will have found their way to the starting continent, will be scattered throughout all temperate and warmer biomes, and will be playable at launch! (Not a dominant tribe. Cannot be chosen by Nobility)

NOTE: All of these reward milestones will end at 12PM (noon) PDT on June 1st, 2018.


So far the community has already achieved the first two stretch goals!

Kypiq Party Pack: Everything you need to join the Kypiq as they entice the sun back into the sky during the Sunsight festival: three packets of glowing Kypiq Star Powder, a slingshot to launch them into the sky, and a Kypiq noisemaker to really bring the party home. Achieved - 5/7

Purebread Horse: No one really knows when the first Purebread horse came prancing out of an Elyrian oven, but ever since the purebread horse has been a delicacy across all of the known world. Adorably tasty and great for sandwiches! (includes recipe) Achieved - 5/7

Pack Bonuses: Whether purchased a la carte or as part of a pledge package, the Adventurer's Pack, Founder's Pack, and Merchant's Packs you own are all getting bonuses! Your Adventurer's Pack will now benefit from a Basic Camping Kit, which includes a bedroll, mess kit, flint, tarp, and rope. You'll find a portable astrolabe, star map, and Pathfinding & Wayfinding Handbook in your Founder's Packs. Finally, any Merchant's Packs get an Uncommon writing set, market report for your home location, and The Savvy Merchant's Guide to Appraisal to get you going. Achieved - 5/8

Special Title: "The Venerable" - There's just something about you that seems to go way back. Maybe you've got wisdom beyond your years or your lineage goes way back but, either way, you're unmistakable!
Effect: All your fame gained is increased by 10% for the character this title is used on. Achieved - 5/9

Keep going towards that Mydarri stretch goal, you can do it!

More surprises are are in store in the coming weeks, so good luck to everyone and thank you for your continued support!

More to come...