7 May

Welcome Aboard the Kickstarterversary

By Vye

Hail and well met, my friends!

We are kicking off our Kicktstarterversary promotions with some packages we're sure you'll love! In addition to bringing back the coveted EP 3000 pack (and its new friend, EP 2250), as well as a modified, Courtier Limited package for a limited time, you can also get the following kits to enhance your existing package and share Elyria with a friend or loved one:

  • Carriage For Two - An extra Elyrian package and in-game carriage to share
  • Cottage For Two - Start off right with a cottage built for two and a Bloodline package to gift
  • Buy The Farm - Invite a pair of friends with two Elyrian gift packages so they can help you cultivate your parcel of land
  • The Love Boat - Wait, what!?!?

Exciting and New

It wouldn't be a good Kickstarterversary if there weren't a few surprises. That's why these new items are now available in the store through the end of May!

Sailing Rowboat

A rowboat won't take you across the wide ocean, but whether you're crossing a lake or traveling a river, the rowboat is the perfect – and affordable – solution. Sometimes known as the Angler's Friend, rowboats are the perfect platform for the lone fishermann and, despite not being truly seaworthy, they can be used to fish just off the coast.

The Love Boat

What's better than being on a boat alone? Bringing a friend, of course! Experience the romance and magic of a picnic for two, alone together on the calm waters of a picturesque lake. The Love Boat package provides everything you need for the perfect moment: The rowboat, the picnic basket loaded with sweets and affection, and an instrument to play beautiful music so you can woo your fondest friend and sweep them off of their feet, Elyria style.

We'll be celebrating all through May with additional promotions, so check back to see what's in store next week!

Wishing you an open smile on a friendly shore,