7 May

Live Twitch Q&A - May 16th, 2018

By Serpentius

Greetings Elyrians!

Please join us on our Twitch.tv channel on Wednesday, May 16th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 8pm UTC/GMT for another Live Q&A session.

For those who miss it, the recording will be watchable on Twitch.tv for a limited time afterward and on our YouTube channel forever. So even if you can’t make the live session, your question here may still be answered.

This topic of this Q&A is World Generation, which means your question should be related to this subject or it may not be included.

Please follow these rules when posting questions for the Q&A.


  • Please limit questions to 1 question per post, so it can be easily up-voted/down-voted
  • Please limit yourself to 3 posts for a maximum of three questions per community member
  • Keep your question brief. That makes it easier to read, and quicker to answer
  • Make sure to upvote the posts of others you're most interested in hearing the answers to

Please read:

Post your questions to this Q&A thread, not in this announcement post!

In addition, many of the most common questions about CoE can be answered by reading over our Game Guides. If you're new to CoE, there is a wealth of information to begin with there.

See you on Wednesday, May 16th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 8pm UTC/GMT

Edit: Please see the YouTube replay here.


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jasonthebold49 - 8 months ago

Really disappointed that I missed it, well maybe next time!

Varhukan - 8 months ago

Link to YouTube please. Duh I see it, thanks

Syixx - 8 months ago

Awesome! Can't wait!

Varhukan - 9 months ago

Hope I can watch without a twitch account

Ikkerens - 9 months ago

Posted By Varhukan at 04:02 AM - Fri May 11 2018

Hope I can watch without a twitch account

Yes, all you will need is the url (which is also linked in the original post): https://twitch.tv/chroniclesofelyria
It will be shared again when the announcement is made in our discord server.

zimmah - 9 months ago

Posted By Matriarch at 01:24 AM - Wed May 09 2018

When generating maps, will a symmetrical balance or asymmetrical be the target? Not only regarding size but resource distribution.

Especially considering OCE, since some kingdoms may be on a larger island than others?

I hope the balance would be asymmetric as it would lead to conflict, and conflict is good for the story.

zimmah - 9 months ago

Posted By SoulSpark at 12:31 AM - Wed May 09 2018

We know tectonic plates are used to simulate volcanic, mountainous and subduction areas/zones. Will these tectonic plates be active and if yes does that mean some counties and duchies along faultlines are prone to quakes which can damage buildings?


ZavidYolkiin - 9 months ago


Ranulf - 9 months ago

Posted By Malais at 3:13 PM - Tue May 08 2018

If a map has multiple continents is it possible that two are close enough together there isn’t “deep” ocean between them, or will we always need to research advanced sailing to get to a different continent?

The maps we are voting on will only show the starting continent/archipelago. There won't be multiple starting continents, but for Oceanus, they will have several islands that are close enough to reach with boats available at launch. These islands form the archipelago and are not separate continents.

Serpentius - 9 months ago

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