[Official Q&A Thread] May 16th, 2018 - World Generation

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World Generation

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5/8/2018 7:59:43 PM #1

To what extent does the world generation insert "random" elements into the world, and how interactable will they be? Or will they be placed later by the Soulbound engine to generate quests?

Examples of this would be caves, perhaps with some (bandit) population. Old ruins (potentially with a hidden room). Or perhaps even randomly buried chests on islands.

5/8/2018 8:04:27 PM #2

When generating a world, will there be balance between the biomes? Or could it be that we get worlds with 40% jungle and 5% alpine forests, while another world could have mostly cold biomes?

5/8/2018 8:04:42 PM #3

How do you determine the climate of a region? And how heavily does it rely on real science?


5/8/2018 8:04:49 PM #4

Some times ago, there was a thread with the idea to put the World Generation Component into a Map Generation tool which could be selled to the community (e.g. for making maps for Pen&Papers) to generate additional funds. Is this still a idea under discussing or got the idea scrapped?

5/8/2018 8:04:53 PM #5

Are there going to be ravines? And could we use them somehow? (living, mining, etc)


5/8/2018 8:05:04 PM #6

How is the team going about world generation in regards to story-related settlements that must exist? For example, is there a possibility that New Haven will look different on every server?

5/8/2018 8:05:08 PM #7

How many percent of the world are planned to be useable for farming?


5/8/2018 8:07:27 PM #8

One of the designs experiences for some higher tier packages is naming a star or constellation . Will these unique starts be viewable from every server map or do you have to choose which one?

5/8/2018 8:07:33 PM #9

Will different starting continents have different average settlement sustainability?

In other words, will some world options have different immigration/emmigration pressures or greater/lesser need for trade?

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5/8/2018 8:11:15 PM #10

Will there be locations in the world that are actually below sea level like parts of death valley or much of Belgium?

5/8/2018 8:11:33 PM #11

Seeing as architecture will be critical to the world of Elyria, what should architects expect from the blueprint tool in terms of flexibility, openess, and control? Will Elyrians be able to build breathtaking things with the time, labour, and resources?


5/8/2018 8:13:02 PM #12

If a map has multiple continents is it possible that two are close enough together there isn’t “deep” ocean between them, or will we always need to research advanced sailing to get to a different continent?

5/8/2018 8:14:35 PM #13

In regards to animals, will all animals regardless of whether they can be tamed or not be captured? Was curious if they can be used when player dungeons or arenas are created and utilized. If we can capture them, are we able to trans port them in paddy wagons?

5/8/2018 8:15:14 PM #14

Will the biomes have everything the flora and fauna populations that grow in them need to survive without mann's influence or could species die out before we even discover them?

5/8/2018 8:15:34 PM #15

What is the highest possible elevation of a mountain top in Elyria?

I imagine there is some kind of limit so we don't end up mountains twice the size of Everest or something.