30 November

November 2018 Promo Comes to an End

By Serpentius

Hail Elyrians!

2018 has been an exciting year, and this month brought us ever-closer to Domain and Settlement Selection as we wrapped up Map Voting and began Server Selection. While all good things must eventually come to an end, not everything must come to an end today! And trust us, a lot is headed your way, we hope you are ready for it!

Nobility Packages

While we bring our November promotion to a close, we've heard many requests from all over our community to retain the Nobility packages a while longer. As we often do, we've listened to your requests and have taken steps to offer the packages a short while longer.

Today, at 12pm PST, the promo items left the store and returned to the vault. But the Ltd. Courtier and Ltd. Royal packages will remain in their current form until early next week! Then, thanks to the new features we've added to store to support server-specific items, the packages will be transforming next week to into something better!

  • Nobility packages will now be limited by a specific available quantity per server
  • Nobility packages will require you to be locked to a server
  • Since these packages will be server-specific, you'll need to be locked to the server the package is from to purchase for yourself
  • If you are purchasing as a gift for a friend, they will need to be locked to the server the package is from prior to claiming it

Initially we removed these packages to be certain we didn't have an overpopulation of Nobles in the world come selection. After Server Selection launched, we had a better idea of the breakdown of where nobles planned to settle, and that gave us the insight required to bring them back. It is important to us that every player who purchases one of these packages has a place to call home come selection time. These new features allow us to more tightly control the inventory on a per-server basis which prevents that from being an issue.

So while we'll still need to take the packages down before Domain & Settlement selection, these packages will remain in the store until the end of the year - rejoice!!**

End of Aristocracy Tiers

The Aristocracy are the final tier that chooses a settlement with their Mayor title. Since Domain and Settlement Selection is imminent, it is important we lock down the availability of this group and secure the player base at this level of play, as well.

Thus, at the end of the year, the Mayor, Magistrate, and Governor pledge packages will be removed from the store indefinitely. This will be your last opportunity to purchase these packages in their current form, complete with the huge discounts they offer on Sparks of Life, Exposition Points (EP), the Villa/Manor, Alpha 1 access, and more! So make your decision before they are gone, gone, gone.

Things are moving quickly now and these packages coming down signal the coming of Domain & Settlement Selection early next year. If you have any questions about the above topics, this is the place to ask them.

Fare well friends, until we chat again!