8 April

Domain & Settlement Selection begins April 29th

By Vye

Hail and fair weather, Elyrians!

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated, often-speculated Domain & Settlement Selection is coming very, very soon! We're talking April 29th soon.

What It Is

Many MMO players have long wanted to take a plot of land, a town, or entire region and cultivate it as their own. To build something, to create a legacy, to leave a mark on the world! In Chronicles of Elyria, we are giving players the opportunity to have in-game lands afforded by the titles purchased as part of a pledge package, or earned, traded for, or won as part of an event or contest. There are kings and queens, dukes and duchesses, counts and countesses, and mayors who have bled or survived plague for the opportunity to build their legacy in Elyria.

Each server has its own unique map, each broken down into Kingdoms, Duchies, Counties, and containing individual Settlements of various sizes. On the starting continent, each one of these regions is up for grabs to the set of players with land titles. Starting on April 29th, these title-holders are going to be able to browse the map of their server and claim, at last, the lands they wish to call their own! Between the kings and queens of each server, the entire landmass of the starting continent will be included as part of one of their kingdoms. Below them, dukes and duchesses will become their vassals and claim titles to the many duchies that comprise each kingdom. Each duke or duchess will oversee a plethora of counties and the vassal counts or countesses who claim them. They, in turn, will play the liege lord to numerous, individual Settlements run by Mayors or Barons.

Domain & Settlement Selection is when the titles in people's hearts, minds, and inventories become a real place on the Elyrian map!

With this hierarchy comes great responsibility. Individual players in Elyria, those without land or titles to hold them down, will want to go where living is good. This might mean favorable weather, bountiful food, job opportunities, a strong economy, or a fitting system of law and government. Having land will be a burden if there is no one to work it, so each titled land-owner will be vying for a healthy population and bustling economy for their lands. This is a key element of the pillars of Chronicles of Elyria's design: having a dynamic, evolving, open world where nations rise and fall, even as opportunities abound, due almost entirely to the efforts of the players running the world!

How To Participate

Domain & Settlement Selection is a great, big step toward the immersive world we are bringing to you, our community. For 4 weeks, starting on April 29, accounts that have a land title and have selected their primary server will be allowed to claim their lands, separated by title tier and in order of influence. Those who haven't selected a server by April 22 will be allowed to claim after the end of the 4th week (May 27). You will be given a timer, based off your title tier and influence, to inform you of when you will be able to claim. This timer is when you can issue a claim on a property, but is not the first time you can see the map.

Maps will be available to browse for all, not just title holders, in a web app on our website. Due to the image size, both in megabytes to download and visual scale, we strongly advise only browsing on a computer, not a phone or tablet.

Week 1: Kingdoms - April 29-May 5

All server-selected Kingdom title holders will be allowed to claim domains and a settlement, in influence order, for all claimed titles on their account (kingdoms, duchies, counties, settlement)

Week 2: Duchies - May 6-May 12

All server-selected Duchy title holders will be allowed to claim domains and a settlement, in influence order, for all claimed titles on their account (duchies, counties, settlement)

Week 3: Counties - May 13-May 19

All server-selected County title holders will be allowed to claim domains and a settlement, in influence order, for all claimed titles on their account (counties, settlement)

Week 4: Settlements - May 20-May 26

All server-selected Settlement title holders will be allowed to claim, in influence order, their settlement

Week 5+: Open - May 27-TBD

All remaining title holders of all tiers will be allowed to claim their domains or settlement on a first-come, first-served basis.

For additional details on what kind of information you'll be able to see on the map, the naming requirements, and other details, head over to the Domain & Settlement Selection Details post.

Take Me to the Details

What's Next

Once the main phase for Domain & Settlement Selection concludes on May 27, Elyria is so vast that there will definitely be properties still left unclaimed. As Caspian mentioned in the State of Elyria, there will be an opportunity for the untitled to snatch up unclaimed settlements or domains directly from the map! While the other benefits that came with the Nobility and Aristocracy Pledge Packages won't be included, such as Exposition Points or Design Experiences, the price will be discounted as a result. We expect this second phase of Domain & Settlement Selection will be every bit as exciting as the main phase promises to be! Look for details on phase two in the coming weeks.

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