29 April

Domain & Settlement Selection has started

By Vye

Hail and well met, Elyrians!

Today we begin one of the most important pre-launch events of our game. Today is when those who have pledged to be responsible for the lands of Elyria can, at last, begin to claim their corner of the map. These hopeful Elyrians have spent countless hours planning. To what liege do they swear fealty? To whom do they invite into their borders as vassals? What tribe do they wish, and their citizens, wish to play? What industry do they hope to develop? And, maybe most importantly, what the heck are they going to name everything?!

As you have already likely seen, Caspian made an update yesterday that detailed some of the technical hurdles we've had in preparing for this event. But even though the D&SS webpage is not yet ready to launch, the event is not being delayed. This first week of the event, when the Kings and Queens of Elyria are choosing their sovereign lands, we will be providing the necessary map information they need to make their decision as a kind of dossier or infographic instead. We've already discussed the process with our 20 monarchs, and they are on board to choose this way.

Our aim is to get the map ready in time for the Dukes and Duchesses to take advantage of it during week 2 of the event. While one less week to browse and plan using the interactive map is universally less preferred than having it, we still want to provide as much information as we can for our royals, courtiers, and mayors. That is why we will be sharing the monarch's selections in the following posts, along with the information sheets they used to make their choices. The first dramatic reveal of the event is the pick order of the monarchs on each server, which will be a surprise to many!

Angelica (NA-W) Kingdom Selection Post

  1. Aranor
  2. Ashland
  3. Valyria
  4. Riftwood
  5. Blackheart
  6. Tyria

Luna (NA-E) Kingdom Selection Post

  1. Vornair
  2. Boardweall
  3. Kairos
  4. Al├ęsia
  5. Fortuna

Selene (EU) Kingdom Selection Post

  1. Demalion
  2. Al'Khezam
  3. Arkadia
  4. Tryggr
  5. Nirath

Oceanus (OCE) Kingdom Selection Post

  1. Lor Voskara
  2. Tylsia
  3. Aequitas
  4. Caprakan

By the end of week 1, all the monarchs will have selected their kingdoms and duchies, so the Dukes and Duchesses coming into week 2 will be primed and ready to go. We expect those posts to see some action during the course of week 1, as well as spin-off discussions in the respective server forums and in Discord. If you had intended to grab some popcorn and watch the map during week 1, you'll want to watch these posts instead!

You will be receiving a PM on your CoE account with your admission time later today, so keep your eyes peeled so you can set your alarm appropriately!

Expect another announcement post when the Domain & Settlement Selection webpage is launched for Week 2, which will include the link. If you need a refresher on the rest of the event, read the initial announcement post or head to our official Discord server and enter the #domain-and-settlement-selection channel.

Pledged to Your Continued Adventures in Life, Both Actual and Fantasy,