28 November

Longest Night Approaches!

By Caspian

As the tribes of Elyria count down the months to the Longest Night, each prepares for the coming winter in their own unique way. The Brudvir spend their Winterswatch fortifying their holdings against winter and the threat of raids, while the Kypiq ward off the Sunsleep with raucous displays of light and festivity. The Hrothi observe the coming of the Longest Night by recognizing the virtue of charity; providing gifts, packaged together in a bundle to be opened one at a time. Sometimes simple, but often quite elaborate, these packages contain all the seasons’ small gifts, cunningly stored together.

We hearken to this tradition with the Elyrian Longest Night Calendar. Inside each calendar-shaped gift-box is a collection of 18 different items, one for each month of the three-year long, Longest Night. Items in the box are composed of a random assortment of past promotional items, including some higher ticket items. In addition, each gift-box contains three unique items, only available in the Longest Night Calendar![1]

The Longest Night Calendar goes on sale Friday, November 29th and will be available for a reduced price of $60 USD (20% off) from Friday through Monday before returning to its normal price of $75 USD on Tuesday. The Longest Night Premium Calendar (Ltd. Supply) will go on sale for $75 USD on Friday through Monday, before returning to its regular price of $95 USD on Tuesday! What’s the difference? The Longest Night Calendar has a minimum value of $175 (with a max. of over $200), while the Premium Calendar has a minimum value of $275 in promo items (with a max. over $300)!

Longest Night Calendar Mechanics

Beginning Wednesday, December 11th and going until Tuesday, December 31st, each Longest Night Calendar held in the inventory of an account with an Elyrian Package or higher will deposit an item into the user’s inventory every Elyrian month (every 28 hours) with a value ranging from $6 USD to $30 USD, while each Premium Calendar will deposit an item ranging from $10 USD to $40 USD. If a calendar is purchased after the start of the event, all unclaimed items from the gift-box will be deposited into the holder’s account during the last opening on the eve of December 31st.

As a final note, there’s no limit to the number of gift-boxes that can be held in your inventory, and both the items found inside the box, as well as the gift-boxes themselves are all giftable!

Note: Each box contains a limited number of items. Transferring the box to another does not replenish any previously “opened” items.

The Season of Gifting

'Tis the season of gifting! We’re pleased to announce that Gift Cards will once again be making their way to the store on Friday, November 29th and will remain in the store until December 31st before returning to hibernate in the vault.

[1] Promotional items may appear in future Kickstarterversaries.