24 October

Thank you for an awe-inspiring 2019 Kickstarter-versary!

By Serpentius

Greetings and Salutations Elyrians!

This year’s Kickstarter-versary was a momentous and inspiring occasion for all of us in the studio. With returning vault items, new promo items, milestone rewards, the “Show Us Your Domain” contest, and the rare ingredients and recipes from far away, we hope you found the experience exciting and rewarding as well.

Since we felt the event went so well, the studio felt it made sense to immortalize the success and celebration that occurred with this wrap up blog.

First, a quick reminder of the event for anyone who missed it.


The purpose of the Kickstarter-versary is a way to say thank you to our original backers once more, and to extend that thank you to each and every one of you who has helped us push this dream forward. Every player who had a Chronicles of Elyria pledge package by the end of the promotion will receive a suite of gifts from the studio, ranging from unique recipes for treats and adult beverages up to a steadfast and loyal companion for you to take on your adventures! Each gift is a small but heartfelt expression of our gratitude for your continued support!

The rewards that players earned include all of the original milestones created, and all of the extended “stretch” milestones, plus all four “Thank you” gifts. There wasn’t a single milestone or reward the community didn’t earn. Huzzah!

Milestones were achieved by players purchasing items from the online store during the event.

The milestone rewards players earned at each level are:

  • 40k - Clock
  • 80k - Rock Lantern
  • 120k - Travel Stone
  • 160k - EP Store Voucher (Bloodline + only)
  • 200k - Marked Account (Bloodline + only)
  • 240k - Ao’s Coin (Bloodline + only)
  • 280k - Gliders (were achieved and in the store during the event)
  • 320k - Cannibalism
  • 360k - Astral Dreaming
  • 380k - Hunter’s Cloak
  • 420k - Double Rare
  • 480k - Hot House
  • 560k - Seed Your Destiny (Bloodline + only)
  • 660k - Subterranean Volcanic Ecotope
  • 780k - Adventure Islands

See this original post for more details on these items you’ve earned!

Additionally, players earned all four Thank you gifts. They are:

Versary Monkey

Infinity Oracle

A Round on Us

Drasean Tea Set

All of these player rewards (thank you gifts + individual milestone rewards) will be deposited into player inventories very soon(tm).

But wait: there was more!

For each week of the promotion where players bought at least one promotional item, they received two rare crafting ingredients they won't be able to find easily on the starting continent. These ingredients are used in special recipes, and players that purchased an item in each week of the promotion also received one of these recipes at the end of the event!

Lastly, we hosted the “Show us your Domains” contest, which received an astounding amount of entries (over 200!). We are still in the process of judging them, and will announce the results and winners as soon as we’re done!

Some stats

Tons of players participated in many aspects of this event, and we thought you’d find it interesting to see some of the statistics we were tracking during the event:

All stats below are collected from this event that lasted from September 16th at 4pm pacific through midnight pacific on October 14th, 2019.

Total ingredients earned:


Total recipes earned:


Average amount of Tournament tokens per player:


How many players only had 1 token:


How many total players collected tokens:


What were the top 10 promo items sold:

  1. Forest Farming Kit
  2. Battlecat!
  3. Domesticated Wolf
  4. Steppe Farming Kit
  5. Cardinal Beekeeper Kit
  6. Temperate Orchard Kit
  7. Ancient Tapestry
  8. Rebel Sedecim Gear
  9. Catapult
  10. Livestock Starter

Least popular item:

Pilgrimage Supplies

So tell us fair Elyrians, if we were to ever do this type of event again, what would you like to see return from the vault?


Here’s what everyone had to say about this event:

”The Basilisk Lizard is adorable! Definitely would love to see some armor clad To'resk on them.” - Super Moderator Xeyska

"As I promised Caspian goes in my wallet in between Jesus and Rihanna. Thanks for my favorite weapon of destruction, The Ballista" - Duke Augustus Aquila of Selene

”To see the overwhelming support for the game. It makes me proud to be a part of our amazing community.” - Moderator Focii

”I’m a really big fan of the travel stone. Nice addition!” - SME Huntsmaster

”Well, that reward meter escalated quickly” - Developer Irreverent (in his best Ron Burgundy voice)

”lol all I can think of when I look at the Battlecats! in the store is Thundercats and its glorious haha well played SBS ;)” - Mel Bluebelle of Luna

”There were so many things the studio did right with this Kickstarterversary; I think it promises some really great promotions in the future! Not only were members of various tribes and biomes considered, but also a variety of play styles, too. All I can say is... I couldn't keep my wallet away from those outfits!” - Super Moderator Kitlandria

”Thanks SBS <3 Eyes bulged out of my head when I saw the Villager Token Contest Winners. Awesome news!” - Alleykat from OCE

”It was a lot of fun to read and see what people came up for the Show Us Your Domain contest and with those prizes it was no wonder people put in a lot of effort!” - Ambassador Rofus

"We're giving them cannibalism?! Well there goes the neighborhood." - Developer Jazzhands

”Love the goats and Sedecim wear!” - Moderator Dreamar

”I’m definitely more hyped after this event. Imagine all the trebuchet airline potential if you combine the glider with trebuchets!” - Super Moderator Ikkerens

Thank you

Soon all of the prizes will be awarded to everyone, and we have been deluged with amazing entrants for the Show Us Your Domain contest! There were so many of you participating that this is going to take a little bit to judge!

Thanks to you, this was a record breaking Kickstarter-versary! You worked so hard to meet our challenge that we had to make new challenges for you!

We’re going to have to work hard next year to top this Kickstarter-versary.

Heartfelt and ever-humble, we remain in awe and with great gratitude for all you’ve helped us achieve, and for what’s to come.

Until next time,

More to come...