February 15th Q&A Stream - Ask Questions Here

Hey Folks!

Monday, February 15th is our weekly Live Chat. I'll be on DM21 Gaming's YouTube channel where BicycleWalrus will be asking the questions and Aurora and I will be answering them! Live!

Please use this forum topic to post your questions for the Live Chat. We may not answer all of them, but we'll do the best we can.


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  4. If you have more than one question, please number them and provide paragraphs in between so we can clearly identify them.
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If you want to, you can Watch it Live by clicking on this YouTube link on February 15th beginning about 30 minutes before the broadcast time.

See you all at 4pm PST / 7pm EST / Midnight GMT on Monday, February 15th!

2/15/2016 6:03:37 PM #1

Will there be mounted combat like in mount and blade?

Will there be chat bubbles?

2/15/2016 6:05:33 PM #2

Q1: Are there class divisions beyond noble and commoner? Slavery, serfdom, or a caste system?

Q2: If my name is Thom Baker, and I gain fame, say through becoming a Village Elder, can my son John change his surname to something like Thompson?

Q3: Will it be possible to run OPC scripts while logged in? For example, if I want to do busy work but there's a conflict in the area I want to keep an eye on, can I Alt-Tab and run a script?

2/15/2016 6:06:01 PM #3

What are your plans for rivers in game? Will rivers actually act as obstacles in game, needing concentrated effort to find the fords that allow for crossing, or will they just be minor trivialities that hardly slow people down at all?

Do you intend to keep to reasonably realistic weights for industrial goods? Will lumber weigh so much that it will actually be viable to run a river trade hauling it up and down current?

Do you have plans for seasonal effects acting on water? Will the rivers of the north freeze over during winter months, potentially starving the south of rare resources until they thaw?

2/15/2016 6:06:18 PM #4

1: Will we have an oxygen meter when we are diving and is it linked to a specific attribute or stat?

2: Will we be able to use any weapon/item as a throwing weapon? Example - Someone is running and I cant catch them, I pull out my short sword and "Lightsaber" throw it at them.

3: When diving can we use buckets or other air tight containers to hold a couple breathes of air so that we can dive further and last longer underwater?

2/15/2016 6:07:57 PM #5

How does it work with the punishing of killing NPC's? They don't have souls, so could the punishment for coup de grace'ing an NPC perhaps be more than for killing a player? I feel like the killing of certain NPC's will cause great problems for a city. It's much easier to assassinate some NPC's than important players. Also, will their NPC friends/family ask people to investigate the murder? #SavetheNPCs

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2/15/2016 6:08:00 PM #6

1) in your previous QA you said you opposed ragdoll physics, what about realistic ragdoll physics? It will make the world more fluid, roll a tree trunk downhill at some hostile army charging your position I want to see it smack people onto there backsides if it hits people.

2) In your previous QA you also mentioned that you as a King can redraw borders at a meeting with other kings, does this automatically give you a Casus Beli to declare war if it overlaps someone elses borders?

3) As discussed in this thread can different armours and weaponry come and go fluidly or is it mostly set at game launch, for example I am a weaponsmith and I develop a new type of spearhead that pierces chainmail easily would the gameworld adjust to that?

2/15/2016 6:08:14 PM #7

Q1. Will the new website have regional based divisions where needed, eg Guild Recruitment

Q2. Can you bail people out of prison?

Q3. Can you spend your spirit time left on other things, shortening your life but getting something in return. eg, bailing people out of prison, buffs for training skills, etc

2/15/2016 6:08:39 PM #8

Q1. When or if the game comes to consoles, will the servers be cross platform with PC or not?


2/15/2016 6:11:02 PM #9
  1. Could sleepwalking be a thing? Either something like your OPC takes over and does basic things like walk around or if dreaming is a thing and we can walk around the astral planes, maybe our bodies have a random chance of making those same movements?

  2. How customization will cooking be? When I make a cake (assuming there are cakes), how much will I be able control what it looks like? Will I be able to decorate it, just choose colors of cake and frosting, etc?

  3. Are pearls in the game? If so, what would they be used for? Clothing maybe (please)???

2/15/2016 6:11:27 PM #10
  1. If I want to have mutations on a character, If i'm part of a family, that is random, but if I'm a ward of the state, will I have the choice of making those decisions for my character? This was talked about in the DJ, but not enough for me to get a complete grasp on it.

  2. Will shipbuilding be more free on design of how you build the ship, similar to using blueprints for buildings? or will ships have basic designs to follow and then be able to be 'added onto' later?

  3. meh

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2/15/2016 6:12:42 PM #11
  1. Will nature (and im not talking about creature) be ostile? Exemple: giant carnivorous plant that want to kill you.

  2. Does wind will affect the game like it does in real life. Ex: Transport sound and smell or/and less accurate with a bow and arrow.

  3. Can we activate the OPC in-game.

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2/15/2016 6:14:22 PM #12
  1. If your in the area of somebody that is trying to pickpockets of another individual (i.e. your just a potential witness) do you have a chance to see that take place? Is there an animation for the action itself or maybe an animation if they fail? Can you talk a little about that?

  2. Follow up to question 1. If you do in fact witness the above scenario, do you have any options to stop them? You can yell out that this person is stealing, but can you mark them somehow so that NPCs or PCs can go after them immediately? How do you see this playing out?

  3. Can resources spawn on my land and what is the legality of someone harvesting trees (for example) that are on my land? If I catch him cutting that tree down what can I do about it?

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2/15/2016 6:16:12 PM #13


The most important community question that needs to be answered!

Will the first server(s) be US and EU or just US? Most current groups want to join the first server. If there are two for two different regions than a lot of groups will split...we need to know this information asap so players can invest their time in guilds that they will be a part of long term.

And now the others...

Will we be seeing mounted combat in COE, like sword swiping, and will that include horse collision damage from charging?

How will architects discover new ways to build new arch types and designs? Research in books, studying old ruins, will it be something more active on our part, or will they just appear as we skill up and make blueprints over and over?

2/15/2016 6:17:29 PM #14
  1. How are you going to handle collision with other NPCs? (will I magically walk through them or will they get in the way, and could I push them without going to jail?)

  2. Underwater combat, can I drown a man?

  3. At max, how many players are you expecting to be loaded on a players screen?

2/15/2016 6:19:07 PM #15
  1. How it will be the punish for PK? (I would really enjoy not punish at all)

  2. Will have a Max Lvl?

  3. How it will be Payment? P2P? F2P?