23 March

Signposts Along the Road

By Vye

Hail and well met, Elyrians!

The team is all back from PAX East and GDC. It was a whirlwind of energy and chaos at PAX, but now we are taking stock of where we are. We always learn a lot when we put our work out there, and PAX East was a concentrated firehose of data for us. In addition to re-addressing tools, processes, and priorities, we've been discussing what we've learned and how we want to move forward. Every sprint, every Live Q&A, every expo, and so on, is another signpost along the overall journey telling us whether we are still on the right path and how to improve.

PAX Mortem

There are 3 main areas where we learned something at PAX this year: the booth, the demo, and the meta game. I'd like to share it with all of you, since we like to be transparent. Is this interesting to you? Would you like to see this kind of thing again in the future? Let us know in the comments!

The Booth

Last year, we had just a small, 10x10 booth with 2 demo computers and some stand-up signs. It was very cramped and the 4 members of the team manning the booth never got any breaks. We had an awesome Enforcer though, and had a ton of fun. We decided to improve upon our methods this year and get a 10x30 booth and bring more people to cover so folks could take some breaks and maybe look around the show floor. The booth had 3 areas: the demo area, the stage area, and the reception area. You can see the setup as posted on our Twitter feed:

In the demo area we had 4 demo computers (with a spare PC in case one died) and we decided chairs would be nice so that folks could sit down while playing. We arranged them so that 2 were facing the aisle and 2 were not, with one of the hidden ones being hooked up to an overhead TV so it'd be easy to see walking down the aisle.

The good: People appreciated being able to sit down and we had a steady clump of onlookers while folks were playing. Many players were hyper-focused and the mood and challenge we wanted to portray came through pretty well.
The bad: The arrangement made it sometimes difficult to squeeze into the 2 back stations and they were occasionally empty when folks were waiting to play. The how-to-play keyboard overlay was also not compelling for folks walking by, but it came up automatically every time the demo reset.
The ugly: We had some awesome music and SFX in the demo that really set the mood, but the speakers from the PAX Arena were aimed right at our booth and blared techno nearly every second of every day, so most people took the headphones off because of the competing audio. This also led to accelerated vocal-strain on the team manning the booth because it was pretty much akin to having a conversation at a concert for 8 hours a day.

In the stage area we had a big TV playing our best videos, a microphone and speaker so we could give presentations at the booth, and several ottomans that folks could come in and sit to watch where Enforcers wouldn't yell at them to move along.

The good: Every time Caspian picked up the mic and started talking about the game, we'd get a nice crowd and the mic saved his voice a lot of effort (especially over the 24/7 techno rave coming from the Arena)
The bad: The area was underutilized and we didn't always hit the mark on giving the booth talks we'd meant to. On Sunday we hardly used the area at all so, in retrospect, it might have been better to have more demo machines.
The ugly: Seating at an Expo cannot be overrated and our benches were a bastion for squatters who had no interest in the game, but were greatly interested in taking a load off. Frequently they were parents of kids playing a nearby demo so they weren't interested in learning about CoE either. It was a distraction for our team and may have dissuaded actual fans from being able to congregate at the booth.

The original plan called for the reception area to be on the left-hand side of the booth, but we ended up moving it into the middle because the stage area felt too constricted.

The good: The stage and benches were much more accessible than we'd planned for and this meant it was easy for folks to gather there. Plus people at the reception table weren't fighting with whomever was on stage with the mic.
The bad: The original plan was to have the queue for the demo go from the reception station, through the registration stations in the middle, so folks had plenty of time to get signed up while waiting to play after hearing about the game from the reception station. Because things got moved around, the registration stations were on either end of the reception area and caused a bottleneck getting to the demo stations, as well as there being nowhere to queue.
The ugly: We didn't bring physical swag this year, such as T-Shirts. We had buttons, but they were for our Expo Meta Game, Conquest of Elyria, and the bins with those buttons were sitting on the table. Many people were turned away or had their hand swatted away from just grabbing a button, disappointed it wasn't free swag or part of the PAX button stuff.

The Demo

We had a pretty sweet playable demo that showed off combat and parkour inside the Silver Run Mines. This is a subset of the Prologue experience and it doesn't yet have all the planned features (such as swimming or ailments). You can watch our speed-run of this experience here. We're also putting the finishing touches on a detailed walkthrough video, so look for that soon.

The good: The demo is super beautiful and the parkouring is a totally unexpected feature for an MMORPG. The framerate was good, it only crashed a handful of times over the entire weekend, and only one computer had an issue with overheating which was quickly solved by swapping it with the backup computer.
The bad: Because some of the features haven't been developed yet, such as swimming, we made some places in the level untraversable through invisible walls or kill-volumes. While those things won't be in the game later on, and were designed to keep people within the developed, playable area, it also caused frustration when a player died doing something they thought would be allowed.
The ugly: Without any signage saying "Hey, this is an actual Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game!" (an oversight on our part), the single-player mine adventure looked a lot like a console adventure game, like Uncharted, up on the monitors. People who would have been interested in what we are doing may have not stopped to play because of that.

The Meta Game

I briefly mentioned in the last update that we created a meta game for the Expo called Conquest of Elyria - a resource-trading and kingdom-battling webapp we threw together in order to hand out virtual prizes for participants. People at PAX could join a virtual-kingdom (named after the real NA-E Kingdoms) and trade resources with other players to build weapons used to fight the other virtual-kingdoms. The virtual-citizens of the virtual-kingdom that won the battles for the day would win exclusive in-game items. The individual who gathered the most resources would win a sweet, real-life prize. If we got enough new registrations, we were also going to give everyone an in-game item. This was all instead of giving out things like T-shirts, buttons, or other swag.

The good: People who played the meta game seemed to really enjoy it and folks went and recruited others into the game, helping drive interest to the game and the booth. While I wouldn't say it was viral, it was at least contagious.
The bad: We had some technical issues on the first day and had to have our team release some bug fixes several times throughout the day since people were having trouble with the location-services and camera permissions that we were using for scanning the resource codes. We ended up missing an additional bug with the battle calculation on Friday that caused us to announce that Virtual-Vornair won, when it was actually Virtual-Bordweall.
The ugly: When we removed the location-lock on the webapp, and non-virtual citizens of NA-E Kingdoms learned about the game, we had some non-PAX-goers join the game and see if they could participate. This led to a rumor that actual-kingdoms were cheating and the integrity of the real game at launch was called into question. While non-PAX-goers did get into the game, only PAX-goers were actually counted in the battle tabulations and only PAX-goers will receive the prizes.

We are still debating internally what we want to do with Conquest in the future. While we could develop it into a super-sweet app, that might take too many resources away from creating the actual game and we aren't sure that will be worth it in the long run. This app was an experiment we threw together in a short time that was primarily developed by our web team, whom were not burdened with other tasks on the playable demo. Also, simply handing out t-shirts or item codes probably would have caused less turmoil in the community from the rumors!

The Creator Spoke!

Also at PAX, Caspian gave a talk about the game called A Living Legacy: Designing Chronicles of Elyria. This ended up being a great meet-up for people to trade resources in Conquest of Elyria, which was cool. We recorded it, too, for everyone who wasn't there! You can watch this here on YouTube. The slides are a little washed out, so maybe just close your eyes and let the smooth sound of Caspian's voice wash over you. We ran out of time to go over everything in depth (there's so much!) but we're going to make sure that all the information gets covered in future Design Journals, into the Game Guide, or is otherwise documented on the website over the coming months. Enjoy!

Kingdoms...Kingdoms Everywhere!

There has been much discussion, as of late, about the servers and their kingdom availability. We've designed Chronciles of Elyria as a game of finites; finite resources and finite rulers per server. Thanks to our amazing community, we now have tens of Kingdoms bought-and-paid-for, while others wait in layaway. Whether you backed us from Kickstarter or the Monarch tier from our own store, we want to give our royalty a fair shot at their desired server. When Domain & Settlement Selection happens, the server, lands, and names (for family surname, region, and settlements) will become locked in, but we're not there yet.

In the meantime, I wanted to make clear the way this selection will occur so there is no confusion. Players will first be given server selection and then domain selection when the time comes. Priority for server is given to those players who took the bigger risk and backed us earlier. But, within each server, the land will be selected in order of influence.

We will open server selection ordered by date-of-purchase and tier level. Once the servers are chosen, Kingdom-holders will pick their Kingdom ordered by total influence. If the server you wanted is full, you can choose another server, but we will also be creating a new package as an alternative. If a player so chooses, he or she can convert to a Double Duchy instead of a Kingdom. Anyone at the Kingdom tier can convert to the Double Duchy and be among the first to pick their Duchy(s) on their chosen server. This mirrors the opening placement of Risk. Note that other package rewards such as the Design Experience or Weekend of Gaming would still be granted if a player converts to the Double Duchy package.

Example of Ordering

Consider 3 pretend players who have purchased a King/Queen or Monarch package:


  • Purchase Date: Jan 1, 1970
  • Influence: 100,000


  • Purchase Date: Jan 1, 1990
  • Influence: 9,000,000


  • Purchase Date: Jan 1, 2000
  • Influence: 10,000

The order for server selection would be: Epoch > Millenium > Slowpoke.
The order for domain selection on the server would be: Millenium > Epoch > Slowpoke.

A Note About Layaway

We will use the final purchase date and NOT the layaway date for determining server selection order. If you currently have either the King/Queen or Monarch package on layaway, be aware that others could complete their purchase first and secure their order during server selection. I've previously mentioned that you don't get the rewards of a package on layaway until it's paid off, the same way a store won't let you walk out with one leg of a pair of pants you put on layaway. You can only wear those pants once you've paid for the entire thing!

Order of the Court

Started by Emery and discussed in this post, the community has been doing a great job of keeping track of the current landscape of titled landholders in this spreadsheet. Even the order of purchase is in the Influence tab.

Survival Q&A Reminder

In the last update, I announced the date and topic for the next Live Q&A. We will be holding our next Q&A on Survivial on Wednesday, March 29th at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT / 8PM GMT!

The most pertinent Design Journals to read up on beforehand can be found here, here, and here. We will be taking questions from this reddit thread. Head on over and post your questions or vote up the ones you want to hear answered in the Q&A.

For those who miss it, the recording will be watchable on Twitch.tv for a limited time afterward and on our [YouTube channel]( http://www.youtube.com/c/Chroniclesofelyria) forever. So even if you can’t make the live session, your question from reddit may still be answered.

Please follow these rules when posting questions for the Q&A.


  1. Please limit questions to 1 question per post, so it can be easily up-voted/down-voted
  2. Please limit yourself to 3 posts for a maximum of three questions per community member
  3. Keep your question brief. That makes it easier to read, and quicker to answer
  4. Make sure to upvote the posts of others you're most interested in hearing the answers to

Don't forget, many of the most common questions about CoE can be answered by reading over our design journals. If you're new to CoE, there is a wealth of information to begin with there.

We hope you'll join us Wednesday, March 29th at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT / 8PM GMT!

Pledged to Your Continued Adventures in Life, Both Actual and Fantasy,



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Kkaram979 - 2 months ago

hi everyone anyone can tell me how to dawnload the game pls ?

DoctorFaust - 2 months ago

Posted By Kkaram979 at 01:41 AM - Thu May 11 2017

hi everyone anyone can tell me how to dawnload the game pls ?

Karam, the game is in pre-alpha. There is no game to download since the game isn't complete yet.

HouseOfAmberly - 3 months ago

This was an amazingly beefy read, but one question remains unanswered. What happens to backers that pledge after domain selection? Are they able to claim an area run by NPCs after KoE begins? This is a major question, since many in our communities may be holding off until they get a better impression of what the gameplay is in this "pre-game". It'd be a shame to lose potential dukes, counts or mayors/barons who may be a bit late in joining the game.

Oracle - 3 months ago

One very relevant question (based on the thread title anyway)...

Counts are responsible for roads between settlements. Will they also be able to place signposts?

cbkillafish - 3 months ago

Will you guys be attending any more conventions before the release of Alpha I?

phenopsyche - 4 months ago

Will the pax demo be available to play for the backers who weren't able to go to pax? I'd love to be able to download it and get a feel for the game.

Terrantal - 4 months ago

Keep in mind there won't be a global chat though, so most trolls will soon perish due to a lack of nutrients ;).

Stefania - 4 months ago

quando vai sair a Alpha nos do brasil estamos ansiosos parar jogar!!

Terrantal - 4 months ago

It is on Steam Greenlight, but they haven't decided whether they will put it on Steam when released.

CrazyRandomShit - 4 months ago

Just curious since I completely forgot about this game until recently.

Will it be on Steam because with such a well made and innovative game it will easily hit the top charts and would also be a great way to market it.

Ageron - 4 months ago

what is PAX ??

Reikan - 4 months ago

Conquest of elyria was designed for the new people at PAX to get them introduced to the game.

It wasnt designed as a reward for those that came to PAX. It wasnt designed for real guilds to compete with each other. It doesn't make sense to argue to have involvement, it is very weird if your trying to tease players to look at your game with a mini game and then suddenly some guy on the other side of the world wins. Can some people that were at PAX reinforce this

Themata - 4 months ago

I actually made a thread about some of the ways it could be used in the future, as I didn't want to make my post here even longer.

Themata - 4 months ago

I watched Caspian's talk from the OP, and even though it largely just reiterates what is in the DJ's it was still nice to hear it explained verbally. Caspian is also a good speaker.

Scylurus makes a good point though. It would have been cool if you guys could have done a stream from PAX, or even somehow incorporated people who weren't there into Conquests of Elyria. There is no realistic way that a lot of us will ever get a chance to participate in these events, because the community comes from all corners of the globe. So while the summary post is awesome and interesting, it doesn't mean a lot to many of us because we just spent the whole time you were there wishing we could be involved somehow.

Which isn't to say fingers should be pointed, the fact that you guys did the PAX demo sneak peak is evidence enough that you really do care for the entirety of the community. We are all very supportive of you guys, we just missed you :) Some people are like dogs and wag their tails when you return, others are like cats and will pout and ignore you and sneak up for pats later.

LorenzW - 4 months ago

While I agree in theory with including non-PAX goers into the Conquest of Elyria game, I'm going to step in for the devs and say, not really a good idea.

Conquest was a Meta game aimed specifically at PAX goers, which meant the majority of those playing the game (hypothetically, at least) were meant to be newcomers to the game who signed up at PAX. Thus the game's rewards were given only to PAX goers who participated in the meta game.

As it was, there were already glitches (as Vye has stated). Inviting the wider CoE community would have not only destroyed the purpose of being able to find others at PAX by their game buttons, but also, just by luck of the draw, make it much less likely for PAX goers to win the IG prizes because the established community would skew all the results.

Though, I will agree that there is probably a way to involved the CoE community, I don't think the game played this year would be conducive to that, though I will again iterate that a community ambassors group to aid the devs over the weekend (from the people already attending) would probably be awesome.

LorenzW - 4 months ago

As one who was bound to the PAX Conquest cause, and is Soulbound to this world of Elyria, I hope and feel my words will ring true.

On the Sunday at PAX, while the grand seating halls of Elyria were indeed used by those seeking shelter while waiting for their wards, I found it also a convenient trap to engage some in conversation. While I am certain that my fellow ambassadors from the community were likely more successful in this, I hope a few people (who were originally only there for a seat) took my enthused words to heart and took a good look at the game, for themselves or their wards.

Finally, I think - if possible - that the community should coordinate those going to PAX, sign up as volunteer ambassadors for the game. I had a blast, particularly on Sunday when I spent most of my day at the CoE booth, I even had my own spiel down by the end of the day! Great fun, great folk and hopefully a quieter spot next time!

Jazz - 4 months ago

I agree with Scylurus and the visuals of the varity he/she mentioned would speak volumes.

Scylurus - 4 months ago

Personally I like the report of how PAX went, the good, the bad and the ugly. It shows growth as a studio, the capability to learn and to adapt. It humanizes you guys and helps the community empathize, though it sadly also opens you up to to more criticism.

Still events like these are important. Not only for our chance to interact with SBS in person, but also for you to meet some of the community and to help grow the playerbase and spread the word.

One thing would have been nice, if we'd have a few more pictures of community interaction in future blog posts like these (with permission from the people depicted of course). That would give people a sense of personal achievement and investment and make for a nice souvenir.

In the vein of: 'Look kids! Daddy met the Creator of Mann!'

Now of course I'd have liked to see more game content in this update, but then again I want more content in all the updates. :D

So don't take it as too critical. It's understandable to most of us that with PAX and everything you guys were busy.

Another thing I would however have liked is a few screenshots of Conquest of Elyria to show all of us who could not attend for one reason or another the fun game you guys created. Or some sort of post-Conquest scoreboard. Something to help us visualize.

Ragnar_Nordskov - 4 months ago

Those darn FREE LOADERS taking up bench space from the rest of us. :p

Chronicles_of_P2W - 4 months ago

Good marketing is always beneficial. Better marketing equals higher player population and that is good for everyone.

Samantha Swords - 4 months ago

Thanks for taking the time to update us! It sounds like a good learning experience, albeit a bit of a headache at the time. I agree that real world feedback and representation is important, even if it slows down game production for a wee while. Cheers everyone!

nopenotme - 4 months ago

Let me reassure those who may think otherwise. Marketing works.

Pikebrain - 4 months ago

I appreciate all of the updates and how transparent Soulbound is about development, marketing, and so on. Most games don't offer so many updates so frequently and consistently. I enjoy the live Q&A's a ton, and it seems this PAX went better than the last. For my two cents, I'm interested in everything you guys are willing to share. I'm stoked about this game, and I'm looking forward to every milestone leading up to its release.

Sabbicat - 4 months ago

Thank you for sharing the experience. Since I couldn't attend even though I wanted to it is nice to get a recap.

The learning experiences you shared will go on to improve how you view and are involved in future events which are just as important to the game's development as the coding.

Roudinesco - 4 months ago

I dont care about PAX, work on the game plz .

Thanks !

Caspian - 4 months ago

Posted By Roudinesco at 07:53 AM - Thu Mar 23 2017

I dont care about PAX, work on the game plz .

Thanks !

Nobody finds this kind of response to the devs humorous in this community. Veiled in the anonymity of the internet or not, be respectful.

The success of an MMORPG is predicated on reaching a critical mass of players. That is, there needs to be enough players that it forms a sort of gravity which keeps people coming back to it.

So while you'd prefer us to work on the game, aside from the obvious benefit of creating an external forcing function that ensures we add a necessary level of polish once in a while, our attendance at events like PAX increases awareness, grows the community, and ensures that even after completion, we've got enough players to be successful.

It does you no good for us to rush to have the game done, if we have to shut it down shortly after launch due to a lack of players.

Again, feel free to continue to provide feedback, but trust we know what we're doing, and remember to speak to the devs with respect. They're working hard to bring this game to you in the most efficient way possible.

Tsunamisan - 4 months ago

I think what he meant is get the game to a state where we can all pitch in rather than doing pax only exclusives that do waste time when the money could be put towards a better cause in building the game.

Most alpha game at this stage don't have thing like you did they only show off the product and have a machine playing the demo atleast until it becomes more closer to release of the product. Exclusives are not needed to create a fan base. it just detracts from what the devs should be doing and that getting the game into the hands oif thos that have paid sooner so they can start testing.

Grapefruitkush - 4 months ago

Posted By Roudinesco at 10:53 AM - Thu Mar 23 2017

I dont care about PAX, work on the game plz .

Thanks !

Agreed ! All of the early access games I'm following basically stopped dead in their tracks for these silly ass expos . We get it , marketing is huge but let's keep that for when we can actually play the game ok ? Can't wait for the next dev Journal with some actual content !

TartaniusRexBombastus - 4 months ago

Without these conventions and expos the games of this size and scope would not find the backers they need to get completed. I am not talking about players either. They do gain plenty of new fans and enlarge the player base, and I am sure they get a few new purchases on the store.

What they have gathered so far is not enough money to complete a game. These events get the game and community in front of people with lots of money who are looking to invest.

They catch lots of little fish in the process of hunting for the big ones.

Tsunamisan - 4 months ago

Which is why they need to get the product in the hands of the player in any playable alpha form so the streamers can give it free publicity.

Hallowfest - 4 months ago

The general populace is not always a good thing. Especially when it comes to streamer communities. Often times I see it destroying games because as soon as that streamer is done playing everyone jumps ship. Not to mention the ingame chat fills with trolls. I really hope they have a way to combat that, because I want to roleplay and not have spammy trolls filling the chat or voip.... just like every other mmo i've played.

Themata - 4 months ago

Posted By Hallowfest at 04:30 AM - Thu Mar 30 2017

The general populace is not always a good thing. Especially when it comes to streamer communities. Often times I see it destroying games because as soon as that streamer is done playing everyone jumps ship. Not to mention the ingame chat fills with trolls. I really hope they have a way to combat that, because I want to roleplay and not have spammy trolls filling the chat or voip.... just like every other mmo i've played.

As mentioned there is no world chat, plus, if a bunch of people follow a streamer and pay their $30 for a spark, who cares if they leave. They have just funded more content for us.

Dekul - 4 months ago

There is one benefit, having the team come together to crunch out a playable working demo for the expo means a lot of them get pushed to finish (or at least get to a workable state) many functions that might have otherwise taken longer. It gives them a little more pressure in the forward direction since they actually have a deliverable with a solid deadline.

Lonefyre - 4 months ago

I'm pretty interested in finding out how (stories, quests, progression) is going to be implemented. Are there gonna be secret quests? Npc interactive quests? Environmental Rng quests?

Dekul - 4 months ago

Yes, Yes, and Yes... :P

Hellmoon - 4 months ago

I was only at PAX one of the three days, but my opinion of Conquest of Elyria is mixed. As someone who is an introvert, I felt the same way about Conquest as I do when I have to do a scenario roleplay or group exercises with a bunch of people, I dread it until I start doing it and then it's pretty enjoyable.

For Conquest, I really didn't participate much of the day as I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people (1st time at PAX), but it was fun to check in and see what others in the Kingdom were doing. Once I came back to the CoE booth it was fun to connect with other folks and trade and what not :-)

So while it was fun when sticking around the booth, there wasn't really a draw to look for people around the EXPO floor or other areas of PAX. That being said, I thought it was a really neat idea and can't wait to see what you guys decide to do next year!!

Sanguinesh Eviscerator - 4 months ago

So you are still not going to lock kings to a server... I understand that things have not gone as planned as far as community development and building, but the facts are nothing was done to prevent or discourage our communities/kingdoms from forming so early, and it wasn't even mentioned as an issue until a few months ago by Caspian or any one else. It is irresponsible of the team at this point to not lock kings to servers and allow for the possibility of one or more of them changing their stated server choice and completely destroying the work of all those within their community. What was intended is irrelevant, what IS should be the thing under consideration.

Ironside - 4 months ago

Thank you for the update. You guys are rock stars!

Themata - 4 months ago

Its hard to say without knowing the sort of sign ups they got at PAX. I agree that promotion is important, but there are lots of forms of promotion.

Lethality - 4 months ago

My opinion on PAX and similar - I don't feel at this early stage of development the expense is worth it. Backer funds, for such a massive project but small staff, would be better spent on development. It's too early in the cycle for this kind of exposure and/or marketing. My .02. :)

vampsvzombies - 4 months ago

Posted By Lethality at 10:08 AM - Thu Mar 23 2017

My opinion on PAX and similar - I don't feel at this early stage of development the expense is worth it. Backer funds, for such a massive project but small staff, would be better spent on development. It's too early in the cycle for this kind of exposure and/or marketing. My .02. :)

Without Marketing the game, It would be very hard to get new people to come and buy the game.

Lethality - 4 months ago

There is nothing to market yet.

JaPeMo - 4 months ago

Posted By Lethality at 11:08 AM - Thu Mar 23 2017

My opinion on PAX and similar - I don't feel at this early stage of development the expense is worth it. Backer funds, for such a massive project but small staff, would be better spent on development. It's too early in the cycle for this kind of exposure and/or marketing. My .02. :)


Primus Dedumo - 4 months ago

Will SbS be going to Gamescom in Cologne Germany this year?

Ezethair - 4 months ago
@Primus Dedumo:

Greetings from a Cologne local. Sadly, Vye has previously said that no, they would not be going to Gamescom, at least not this year.

Primus Dedumo - 4 months ago

aahh thats too bad, i wouldnt have minded driving 3 hours or so check it out :p

mathematician - 4 months ago

Thanks for everything you all are doing to make this game a reality. I'm so happy to follow you every step of the way. I cannot wait for this game, but I am of course willing to wait for an amazing game. Keep up the great work.



JaPeMo - 4 months ago

Thanks for this update and analysis Vye.

These last months only have been talked about what was going to present, what was working and concentrating all the effort in the PAX. Now PAX was finished.

Hard work with game.

Good luck and thanks again...

Kind regards

EDIT: Suggestion, @Vye, please. Could you enable subtitling in the video for people who do not have good listening level?

Gerardan - 4 months ago

Great after-action report. We appreciate the look inside and look forward to more communication like this. Can't wait for the Q&A

VVestern - 4 months ago

The retrospection on PAX East is a nice update. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Its a shame Caspian did not have more time for his presentation. It was going great with the audience seeming to fully enjoy it! Hopefully sometime in the future he gets to finish this presentation to introduce CoE to potential players. It reminded me of the Kickstarter Video which was my first intro to CoE.

Looking forward to the survival QA.

Ravenlute - 4 months ago

Good follow up. I'm really looking forward to the Q&A next week.

Backsterius - 4 months ago

Great update! Looking forward to the next Q&A!!

Count_Emiya - 4 months ago

Chronciles of Elyria

Kat5Khaos - 4 months ago

@Vye the video link is actually HERE, great post!

Edit: You caught it quickly, well done :)

Kleos - 4 months ago

Awesome write-up, really nice to see the continued transparency and congratulations on the PAX success! Personally, I'd say keep the web devs focused on 3.0 and just call the PAX app a win as is.

Dleatherus - 4 months ago

good transparent info about PAX

am personally disappointed with the kingdom server selection method - basically what you are stating here is completely counter to what I was told by SBS when i was making my monarch pledge and assured that if i pledged i would be getting the 5th kingdom slot on NA-E

i would appreciate when things get a little less crazy for you, a chat with either yourself or Caspian regarding the matter

much appreciated and keep up the good work


OrangeBoy - 4 months ago

Posted By Dleatherus at 8:41 PM - Wed Mar 22 2017

good transparent info about PAX

am personally disappointed with the kingdom server selection method - basically what you are stating here is completely counter to what I was told by SBS when i was making my monarch pledge and assured that if i pledged i would be getting the 5th kingdom slot on NA-E

i would appreciate when things get a little less crazy for you, a chat with either yourself or Caspian regarding the matter

much appreciated and keep up the good work


Welp, look on the bright side, you could have two duchies instead and still have time to do your poor attempt at satirical comics

+1 from me lil' D