19 December

Things Are Starting to Wrap Up

By Kaizen

The temperature is starting to decrease in Seattle, but things are warming up at Soulbound Studios. This month, we've reached a huge milestone: our Friends and Family closed Alpha. Chronicles of Elyria is now up and running on private servers for our friends and family to access outside of the studio - huzzah! We're already learning a lot about the the performance profile of the game and are eager for our Alpha 1 backers to join us online in early 2018.

With this update we're bringing our latest adventure to a close. We introduced the adventure, got a mid-production update, and now we're going to see where we've landed.

Take a look at where we are with our in-game biomes, progress on the character skin shader, and more. Let's get right to it.

The Quest for Character Creation

Members: wiz, Michael, Sekmu, Vanimus Prime, Strider, Souzou, Irreverent

In order for players to create characters, we need to have a variety of backend data to set, and client-side visuals to display. Last time we checked in with this quest, we explored various appearance sliders in our Unreal client. From hair color to face shape, we showed off a couple different ways we plan to visually implement character differences based on the character's parents. In case you missed it, here's the video from Vye's previous update.

While we've started that work on the back end, we now are able to connect to our servers and create a character within our Unreal Engine client! Take a look at what this looks like in the video below.

Wiz has been working on exploring our skin shader feature we'll use to create the different tribes in Chronicles of Elyria. The art team researched the way skin and color work on Earth, and came up with three distinct layers to consider when crafting this feature: the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the top layer of skin containing melanocytes (melanin producing cells). This is where the pigment/color in the skin comes from. Features on the skin that produce color would live on this layer; attributes such as freckles, liver spots, and other types of markings, such as the striping of Janoa. The dermis is the layer that contains connective tissues and fatty tissues. This layers obstructs the visibility of the vascular layer of the skin. Meaning the thicker the fat on the character, the less visible the vascular system is. Lastly, we're using the hypodermis as the vascular layer. As the skin has less melanin it should be become more translucent which would reveal more of this layer.

Check out wiz's work in the video below!

On top of all that, we've been exploring target models for some of the tribes, namely the Dras and Janoa. Check out what the art team has been working on below.

In the next adventure, we'll be adding functionality to the creator so that we can hit these targets when we make a new character.

The Quest for More Biomes

As mentioned in the Vye's previous update, Raevantiel started a solo adventure as he began to craft the different biomes that the tribes of Elyria will inhabit at launch. If you want to see all those screenshots, click on this clicky part right here. Here are a few of our favorites:

He's been continuing the work with the environment, and it's coming along quite well. Here's a look at what he's been working on!

What's Next?

While the team here at Soulbound Studios are naturally in the office a bit less for the holidays, in no way have we slowed down. We've already begun work on our next adventure, which includes deeper VoxElyria integration, while the design team works on game mechanics like combat and crafting. We're taking the last week of December off to spend time with our friends and families (in the real world and in VoxElyria!). Nevertheless, we're anxious to show you the things we've been working on, and we're planning on making 2018 a huge year for Chronicles of Elyria. And we'll wrap the year up with Caspian's end-of-the-year post, so keep an eye out for that, too!

Until next time...


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Reiver - 1 year ago


Mhaelond - 2 years ago

Wow. The trees in the arid desert are spot on. Looks like walking through Sedona AZ! Seriously. The Tropical Rainforest is equally amazing!

The Janoa and Dras look great. Really, really distinct and fleshed out. I cannot wait to see the other races. It's clear the artists have connected with their work and to the world very deeply. It's awful good to see that level of commitment and passion.

You folks are amazing!

Sidonius - 2 years ago

Nice work, I'm getting super excited. :D

Oracle - 2 years ago

The graphics are beautiful - loving the preview biome vid. I'd like to see some low level fog / mist and possibly bubbling from the swamp though :) And maybe some snowbells, and hints of frost etc on the colder forest? :)

HLRZ - 2 years ago

It's been a year or so since I checked in on this game. Seems like some good progress is still being made, but I'm a little worried with character animations and the environment.

Please make the world actually make me want to explore. Most MMO's I've played have boring worlds, and has a lot of areas are recycled. The only game where I actually want to explore the world around me is Assassins Creed Origins, and that's a single player game.

LinkToFuture - 2 years ago

This game seems to good to be true, I'll believe it when I see it. When is the planned release/beta?, the FAQ just says not 2015, it's almost 2018.

RedStormBringer - 2 years ago

Proteus isn’t wrong and we should have the opportunity to test trimester 1 next year. We’ll be able to see for ourselves how it’s coming along soon.

Hyde - 2 years ago

Posted By LinkToFuture at 02:25 AM - Wed Dec 27 2017

This game seems to good to be true, I'll believe it when I see it. When is the planned release/beta?, the FAQ just says not 2015, it's almost 2018.

They were hoping for a December 2018 release. That may be pushed to later. Keep in mind though that they still have to do settlement selection, alpha testing, beta testing, and exposition before it is available to the rest. The plan pre-kickstarter was a December 2018 release tentatively. This could be pushed into 2019. However, it was said in an earlier update that although some things have been delayed and the like the overall schedule seems to be progressing according to plan.

Considering that it went from a wiki page, to irc chat and a dinky website releasing Developer and Design Journals weekly. Then to kickstarter and now where we are at. For those who have been around for awhile, we are just as excited as ever. You may not believe it till you see it. Yet, from words on a page to animations. CoE has already come a long way.

On another note....Unnng the Janoa looking fiiiiiiine~

Salvador - 2 years ago

Great Job Guys!

Tetho - 2 years ago

Ah, I hope to see more new juicy infos soon.

BlueEyes - 2 years ago

Great Job Guys!

I'm Brazilian and I can not wait for this game to be ready so that we can immerse ourselves with everything, I already see my days and nights inside this beautiful game.

Chroniclesofalias - 2 years ago

If only these awesome videos would load to me.

Lefu - 2 years ago


NightRevolt - 2 years ago

Keep up the amazing work, i'm very excited !

boomel - 2 years ago

Just watching this game come to life is amazing and I can't wait to get in for myself! Sadly, when I bought a package, I was working for minimum wage ($7.25 in TN) and couldn't really afford to buy a package better than the cheapest one. I just have to ask, though, A) now that I have a better job, is it possible for me to buy an upgrade without in the end paying for multiple tiers of the game and B) how will alpha/beta testing work in terms of play time? More specifically, for people who have access to the alphas/betas, will they get all the Souls and Sparks they paid for refreshed when the game launches, or are they left with just having to buy new ones because all their existing characters are now permanently dead?

JustAGamingZebra - 2 years ago

This is so exciting! Well done, SBS!

Neosphaler - 2 years ago

Thanks for the update !

Biomes are looking really good, and I got a preference for the tropical Forest.

Good luck for your work.

kajoreh - 2 years ago

I am assuming that the skin shader tool in the above video will not be accessible to us, the user, but only for you to set the base tribe levels, and that the individual characters will be bound by the parameters of their genetic family trees as you previously stated, with some variation allowed within those boundaries?

Wynd - 2 years ago


Crono - 2 years ago

oh baby indeed!

sparrows - 2 years ago

Very nice I am very excited looking too 2018

promise - 2 years ago

Amazing updates!! The rainforest is looking so much better, wow! Beautiful biomes!

silversild - 2 years ago

Though I only have access to beta I, I can't wait for the Alpha to go online! Very nice update!

HeadUpHigh - 2 years ago

It's always great to get some news. Love to see the progress being made.

Rojinn - 2 years ago

Please don't allow that large of a head. A lot of Bobble heads running around will ruin immersion...in my humble opinion.

Hieronymus - 2 years ago

Great to see the level of detail and customization possible with the character creator. It's definitely going to allow us to create a world full of unique characters.

And the environment? In some of those scenes, you guys nailed the realism.

Great job! Big thumbs up on the visual detail.

SirStache - 2 years ago

All of this looks amazing. The characters should be able to be much more buff though, the muscle slider only affecting the abdominal isnt very inclusive

TheEvilBassist - 2 years ago

A pleasant surprise after a long day, keep up the good work guys I'm loving the look of those biomes :)

switchblade - 2 years ago

This looks absolutely amazing, but the characters looked like they are missing some finishing touches. Not to sound rude or say they dont look good. but im sure you guys are working on it. i cant wait to see what the end result is going to be

BadMad - 2 years ago

To be fair, i mean what i have seen before looks really great, i refered to the character creation in my last post...

BadMad - 2 years ago

Sry, can't understand the positive responses. Call me a grafic fanboy, but i really hope that you do invest much more to improve the characters graphics and also the animations. Please tell me that you will do so...

Nosora - 2 years ago

Of course those will improve. It's pre-Alpha for a reason. You can't take anything you see now for a final product.

Augustus_Aquila - 2 years ago

Very nice work. Cannot wait for 2018.

Dunndada21 - 2 years ago

Looks awesome guys. Wiz is doing a great job with the skin shading. And the rays of light in the tropical rain forest were amazing. Keep up the great work.

AndyDrago - 2 years ago

It's beautiful to see how when you're in the Forest, there's actually an abundant amount of trees, and when you're in the Rainforest, there's an abundant amount of foliage and plants. Most other games aren't able to conquer this due to performance issues whereby they have to reduce the amount of trees/foliage, but this looks amazing!

MyrmexNamykos - 2 years ago

beautiful! :)

LapantinoPT - 2 years ago

Portuguese here!!!

XanderBlackwell - 2 years ago

Glad to see a nice meaty update. XD

Reishal - 2 years ago

Very nice :)

Oije - 2 years ago

A nice update - thank you very much

TR3LON1ST - 2 years ago

beautiful! Can't wait for 2018 :)

Prof_Griz - 2 years ago

Keep the updates rolling, great job SbS!

Sport - 2 years ago

Exciting news, especially this close to Christmas. Thanks again Dev Team! Great work!

Jokapleb - 2 years ago

This is real shit! Please, give me more of this!

Arthos - 2 years ago

The fauna in the taiga area could use a little deeper color but it looks fantastic. I love the look of the tropical rainforest. That level of detail looks impressive and anyone in a Jannoan war party would easily get the jump on any fool attempting to attack them. Especially if they could equip war paint made out of mud or berries.

Iviy - 2 years ago

Thanks for the great update! The biomes look great and I cant wait to play with the character creation :) Enjoy your holiday break!!

whynot - 2 years ago

A legit update, looks awesome, happy holidays

ScarletteTaygen - 2 years ago

Excellent! Thanks for the update!!

Asterid Solanaceae - 2 years ago

This is so exciting! Thank you again for giving us peeks and what is to come! <3

Tarvald - 2 years ago


Gan Xing - 2 years ago

Look awesome! Can't wait!

Ironside - 2 years ago

simply amazing work! keep it up!

Cynn - 2 years ago

Love it..those look great!

Soulbrandt - 2 years ago

Holy crap theres videos!

Countess - 2 years ago

Fantastic update. Things are coming together, and the character models look amazing. The biomes look breathtaking, I cannot wait to see how these biomes will develop when generated over the entirety of Elyria. Keep up the great work!

RayneZ - 2 years ago

The environment and the characters look amazing

Kestrea - 2 years ago

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys do next. I'm especially anxious to see what you guys do with Brudvir. I've been very impressed with Janoa and Dras so far.

HolyAvengerOne - 2 years ago

10th!!! :D

(going back to read/watch) :P

Thanks for the update :)

Nkrumah - 2 years ago

Thanks for the update! Motivating to say the least :)

Wraith - 2 years ago

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to 2018! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Woogawoman - 2 years ago

That skin shader video is wicked cool. :)

FadyGalaband - 2 years ago

So many improvements so far! Looking forward to getting into VoxElyria sometime early next year! :D

Dazzerix - 2 years ago

Such pretty, very wow.

BronzeKnight - 2 years ago

Looking great! Looking forward to the end-of-the-year post.

Snergle - 2 years ago

sehr schön, thumbs up!

Maulvorn - 2 years ago


HammerStrike - 2 years ago

Excellent! :)

Longfellow - 2 years ago


Daemon_Redwyne - 2 years ago

Yay! More info!