December Biome Exploration Screenshots

Souzou and Raevantiel have been continuing to make great progress on the biomes that I shared in the last production update. Check out these babies!

Semi-Arid Desert



Tropical Rainforest

12/9/2017 1:00:53 AM #1


12/9/2017 1:01:34 AM #2


12/9/2017 1:01:37 AM #3

They all look amazing SBS

12/9/2017 1:02:05 AM #4

The difference that a few extra layers is amazing, these are beautiful! Keep up the fantastic work, SBS!!

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12/9/2017 1:02:25 AM #5

Superb job SBS! Thankyou so much!

12/9/2017 1:06:00 AM #6

The more I see in this world, the more excited I am to join in!


12/9/2017 1:37:54 AM #7

I can't wait to see even more of Elyria!

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12/9/2017 2:10:05 AM #8

awesome. thanks for sharing! :D

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12/9/2017 2:46:24 AM #9

All so very beautiful!

12/9/2017 2:49:27 AM #10

The improvements to the jungle biome are really good, good work biome development group! It was far and away the... I don't want to say worst because that makes it sound bad, but it was definitely my least favourite. Now it really looks like a jungle.

12/9/2017 3:07:38 AM #11

You guys are doing a great job with all the visuals! Keep up the good work!

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12/9/2017 3:10:35 AM #12

morbis, that's the cutest gif of you. cracks me up every time xD and i agree wih your jungle comment.

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12/9/2017 3:35:56 AM #13

This gives a good impression of the world, and I especially love the changes to the rain forest :)

However, I personally feel like the 2nd screenshot for the Taiga looks a little bit off, because while the bushes on the right hand side seem to be ~20cm+ in height, the flowers depicted on the ground texture partially look like up to ~12cm tall themselves. Yet, they have got a height in-game of 0cm.

Maybe there are constraints in place such as playability (distinction between plants to interact with, feel of the area to be more different to biomes with lots of ground coverage etc.) or performance. Perhaps using a texture with plants that aren't visually that tall would make it look more consistent. Or a short and basic 2d composition similar to the bushes as an alternative.

Nice to see the world coming to life :)

12/9/2017 4:06:19 AM #14

that armour looks cool

12/9/2017 4:53:26 AM #15

Man I could see having fun in any of the Biomes shown. Great work Guys!