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I love names. Sometimes they tell great stories and maybe tell me something about the person behind it. Me first: Atom is just a random name i once chosed for a cod clan. The D and the Chopper are from One Piece and these combined combined are Atom Chopper which is like Nuclear Core splitter which is quite powerfull. You can't live without me. But if you wanna try and destroy me though, I will annihilate you. My future ingame name:Niten. The Ni comes from the beginning of my first name. The t is simply from Atom and the en from my last name. After creation I noticed that this is also the name of one of my favorite characters from a very good book series called The secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel

This Thread is always active. I will read everything

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My forum name is an intentional misspelling of defcon, which is the defense readiness condition of the US Armed Forces. The _1 is because defcon 1 is the highest level of readiness. The reason for the second f is because the first game I used this name on required 8 characters and I couldnt use the _ so it was Deffcon1. I added the underscore to make it look better.

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Thanks for your response^^. I think I'll add the explanation for my future ingame name.

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Well it started when i went in elementary school, there were a club with warcraft 3 lan, so I used to play it with a lot of people a lot but my real name was usually always in use, that was probably the first time I used it but it was with a lot of numbers. Then i needed to create a Habbo, Habbo Hotel? and when I was creating a character my name was once again in use, then a guy back then (a friend) said that I could be called Liva instead, and from there it just stuck.

I'm still surprised when I hear people are called it in real life >w<

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My forum name is my real name- Akash. it means sky. It is a Sanskrit word and I heard about Akashic record term in this game so I guess I have one extra reason to love this game.:)

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I am saving the reason for my name till the content creation tools are released.

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From where is your name? Language?

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One more reason to be excited^^

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When i was young (teenager) i created a story about two witches sister, one called Astro and the other Gammea. This name become my first nick on internet and i used it for long time. That it's all ^-^

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I m from India , it comes from hindi language.

12/4/2015 7:15:04 PM #10

Usually the full name of my character is Jouten Asero.

Jouten = one of the bajillion ways of saying God in Japanese but I also chose it cuz it is very similar to Jotun which is a type Giant in Norse mythology.

Asero = Misspelled version of Assero which in Latin means "To Shield"

So I'm either a god that defends or a giant shield. Pick your poison >.>

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My character name is not the same as my forum name. For an explanation of my character name go HERE. Now, the out of game story or this name is complicated. I am, and have been for the better part of 2 decades, writing a fantasy story. And Lolinath is of the characters. Where it comes from? My brain.

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Everyone is UNIQUE in their own way so my name lets them/reminds them of that, and I am quit UNIQUE in my own UNIQUE way.

I am a co-founder of the guild Order of Ebonbow, I am also part of the group called the Grand County of Ostengrad, whose people has taken up residence inside the Drakeolm Duchy, and as some of you may or may not know is inside the Blackheart kingdom.

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I've been using Caspian for going on 20 years now. I don't remember where it came from originally. It could have been from a study I did in High School on world bodies of water, or it could have been a subconscious use of Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia - though I didn't particularly like Prince Caspian.

All I know is I started using him as a reoccurring NPC in my D&D games back in the late 90's, and then as a PC in video games in UO, WoW, etc... beginning around 2000.

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My character name is Kerum Kosha, I have text based role-played for a good part of my life now its been roughly 14 years of which I have been role playing. I created Kerum out of my own mind not really knowing why I made it but it stuck. Kosha is not my own creation but I have claimed it. A friend of mine used it and I made Kerum be her brother so i donned on the last name. From that point on it stuck and even though I have not role played with her since that first year or so I have kept it as my own and it has been my name in most all games and role playing sites. It is just as much a part of me as my real name is.

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As a fan of the Targaryen family the origin of my name should be clear. I wanted a name that sounded Targaryen and that wouldn't be an existing character. So I check all the names and saw that Rhae- is a common starting to either male of female... and that -gys was mostly male ending... so I combined both into a new name.

I've been using it for little over than 10 year.

PS: Rhaegys isn't going to be the name of any of my characters in CoE

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