[NA-East] Sanctuary


Sanctuary is a city within the County of Pevensie. Located closely to the Capitol city of Alderest. Sanctuary is a safe harbor, a place for second chances and new beginnings. Here family and lovers can visit without any fears of loss. In my town, everyone is equal and everyone is a blank slate. Your sins outside my walls are of no concerns. You come to my town and visit with family morn your dead be whole even if for a moment. There are rules in my town but if you respect them there are no repercussions, no one will come hunting for you. There will be no bounty collecting and no arrest for sins outside of my walls. Rest your weary heads and souls. Come Join me in a place of safety and rest.


Sanctuary was originally created as a meeting hall for warring factions of thieves’ murders and bandits. Was a place to discuss temporary cease fires and temporary peace’s. A place that all can come together and escape. On one of these rare occasions an aging warlord came forward by the name of Thornton the Brute, infamous among the most feared of the warring gangs. He spoke of loss and sorrow about not being able to see his mom and pop being buried due to him being wanted no matter where he went. He spoke of a mentor that was killed because of him. Soon everybody started speaking of lost love and missed goodbyes it went on for 3 days until even the toughest of bandits couldn’t cry no more. Thornton finally stood up throwing down his weapons he began to speaking of new beginnings and second chances and how all of them should protect it with their lives at then end of his speech he screamed Requiem Et Luctus. Thus, Sanctuary was born a place for rest and mourning.


Sanctuary leadership will be council based, It will Consist of:

The Mayor- Loketus

The High Steward- Open

Takes cares of the kingdoms needs when the mayor is away on business.

Head of Economic Prosperity- Open

Controls the cultivation of the economy, and arranging trade routes as well as supply lines.

The High Tinkerer- Open

Provide constant technologically growth in our city.

The Head of the Guard- Open

The head of the guard is charge of protecting the city and enforcing rules within the city. Will also have a roll in escorting anyone out, who may need to leave in a hurry.

The High Informer-Open

The eyes and ears of the city.

All parties will have a vote. If an agreement can't be reached it will go to the people for a vote.

Why Join

You maybe thinking why would I join, it simple why not. You’ll get a chance to partake in a unique town with a unique style of play. A chance to help weary souls rest a place to help people start over with no questions asked. If being in an environment or true neutrality and a unique game play is what your looking for, Sanctuary is for you.

If they are any further question please contact Ralantus on the forums, or just drop a comment below.

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A Man will tell a day's tale when full of Food and Mead!!!

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A Man will tell a day's tale when full of Food and Mead!!!

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