[NA-W] Andaludûn

County of Andaludûn (NA-West)

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The County's Line of Lords and Their Domains

His Royal Majesty Sev Kimura, The King of Ashland

His Grace Ambrosius I Polites, The Duke of Sanctaphandri

His Lordship Rath Incognito, The Count of Andaludûn

Military Forces of Andaludûn

Mounted Staff (Most Appropriate to Aristocracy and their Sons and Daughters)

  • Trained Commander (exteremly rare)
  • Trained Adjutant (very rare)

Mounted Troops (Most Appropriate to Aristocracy and their Sons and Daughters)

  • Trained Cavalryman (common)
  • Trained Horse Archers (extremely rare)

Infantry (Most Appropriate to Landed Gentry and their Sons and Daughters)

  • Trained Spearman (very common)
  • Trained Archer (common)


Andaladûn's biome is uncertain at this time. Most of the "harsh" landscapes shown in this thread are pictures of the southern area of Spain near the Mediterranean. The more lush areas would be closer to waterways or the coast.


The plan is for Lord Rath Incognito to rule from the coastal city of Skuggarni, or if the county is landlocked, a more central location.  The expectation is that the Count will consult with the Council of Mayors (all Mayors in the county) on civil matters; and with the Order of Redoubt (all stronghold Barons in the county) on military and security issues.

Ruling Household: House Incognito

The current ruling household in Andaladûn is House Incognito. The current leader of House Incognito is Lord Rath Incognito or his surviving father or mother. My thoughts for House Incognito involve a strong focus on advanced education in the bardic arts. My expectation is that Rath has a background as an architect with at least honorary membership in a local architect's guild. At this time Rath is looking for a suitable wife to ensure the line of succession within House Incognito.

Motto: "Wisdom Frees The Soul"


Coat-of-Arms Blazon: Quarterly 1st and 4th ermine; 2nd quarter murrey with an or soul overall centered; 3rd quarter murrey with or crossed keys descending overall centered.

Totem: Common Brown Owl

Prevailing Religion: Probably Qindred as a Whole

As implied by the adoption of the Brown Owl Totem, House Incognito practices Faedinism, an animist philosophy -- and has so for many decades. This in no way affects what other citizens of the County do.

Citizens of Andaludûn openly practice

  • almost every known variant of the story-driven Qindred religion,
  • many of the various aspects of the Virtori pantheon,
  • the duality of the Twofold Goddess,
  • the countless versions of Faedinism,
  • the gnostic beliefs of the aetheists,
  • the (snake) cults that seem to always be rising out of the wastelands,
  • nothing at all.

General Education Initiative

To the extent allowed under the game rules, Andaludûn will offer a general schooling program for children of commoners.  Qualified students who are unable to pay for their advanced training at the Andaludûn Academy would spend their winter off-seasons traveling to and living in some of the more remote villages in the County, teaching basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetics to children living in the village and nearby settlements.  A family would be able to enroll one of their children to receive this education per winter season.

Academia and Research Initiative

The plan is for Skuggarni (County Seat) to host the Andaludûn Academy for those wishing to pursue careers in academia and research.  Grants and stipends may be available to a select few well qualified applicants.  Qualified applicants who can pay can always attend.  Other qualified applicants who are unable to pay may attend by offering their services as teachers under the general education initiative program.  The size and location of Skuggarni makes it home to most of the scholars who choose to make their living by tutoring children of the County's more affluent citizens.

Commerce and Taxes

Rather than imposing heavy taxes, The scions of House Incognito have traditionally sought to grow the County by raising the level of education and growing the County's business while expanding trade.  However, there is no free ride in Andaludûn.  Everyone is expected to pay their lawful taxes in a timely manner.

Due to the fluctuating state of the game, the description of the County is couched in ooc terms and is subject to change.

Available Positions

For those preferring a bit of a challenge and playing a landed gentry with personal residence in or near Skuggarni (the County Seat)

Knight-Commander or Dame-Commander: Manages county military, security and intelligence matters

Chief Steward: Manages county resources

Chief Assessor: Manages county taxes and tariffs

Chief Planner: Manages development of county settlements and wild-lands

Chief Warden: Manages county game and wildlife preservation

Chief Land Agent: Manages the county land management table

  • Interviewing Guilds and Companies specializing in long-term county contracts involving;
    • civil and business management and development
    • resource acquisition and management
    • land development and construction
    • scouting and security operations
    • inter-county commerce
    • game preserve and wildlife management

  • Always welcoming individuals with a strong interest in;
    • academia (teaching) and/or research
    • practicing scribe, cartography or architecture
    • gathering resources and/or crafting consumer goods
    • intra-county commerce

Don't see what you want there? Ask anyway! I can't possibly think of everything that could ever be needed!

Want to join? Please use my friend code -> E7C72C Also accepting Village tokens as Mayor of Skuggarni

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Thanks Aryes! Just glancing at your recruitment thread. Looks good!

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It is an honor to count Lord Rath and his dream for Elyria among the membership of Sanctaphandri, a focus on the nurture of children is a beautiful thing.

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Posted By Polite at 2:16 PM - Mon Dec 05 2016

It is an honor to count Lord Rath and his dream for Elyria among the membership of Sanctaphandri, a focus on the nurture of children is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for inviting me Your Grace. I look forward to seeing the growth of our own domains and the Kingdom of Ashland as a whole.

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Welcome to Ashland!

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Thank you your Grace! I enjoyed our previous converstions, in spite of the technical difficulties. Fixed, BTW

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In the interests of full disclosure, LordRathIncognito is taking over all financial pledges of Perry Falco. The Perry Falco forum account will eventually fade into obscurity.

The transfer involves a fully funded KS Count Pledge + 1,250 EP from KS. No additional pledge funds have been provided at this time.

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Just added some new material on religion in Andaludûn.

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