[NA-E][County] Belcourt

NA-E server's County of Belcourt

A History of Belcourt

"Good breeding consists in concealing how much we think of ourselves and how little we think of the other person." - Mark Twain

*My father once told me the story of how our lands came to be. It happened so very long ago, long before I was ever a glimmer in my mother's eye. There existed a nomadic tribe. They had grown so very tired of carrying their homes with them everywhere they went, large caravans of people, and horse-drawn Vardo wagons. They ached for a place they could call their own, a land they could cultivate for food and shelter. *

*Their search lead them to the mountains, and as often happens near mountains, wild storms trapped by the towering mountains raged for many days and nights. The dirt had been turned to mud, and the caravan wagons were trapped. Horses could not pull them out without being injured themselves. *

*The tribe leader at that time was Marketta Boswell, my great, great, great grandmother. She ordered the tribe to take shelter in any wagons not stuck from the mud, and for anyone with room, to share their wagons with those whose wagons had been stuck. I can't imagine how cramped those living quarters must have been. *

The storms were not normal, my ancestor knew that. She had only come in contact with magic once in her long life, and she recognized the faint, bitter taste it left in the air. She wanted to move the caravan out of those parts, but her husband had gone missing.

My great, great, great grandfather, with nothing better to do, had been smoking his pipe and drinking the tribe's alcohol. In his drunken state, he had gotten hungry and decided to find food. But after several hours of hunting, he found nothing and stumbled to the ground, breaking the bow he had been carrying.

*When he looked up, he saw a beautiful golden Canis Rabbit staring back at him. Canis Rabbits are normally very aggressive and pack hunters, but this Rabbit was docile and only stared at my pitiful ancestor. My grandfather, so hungry his stomach thundered like the storm, lunged for the golden Canis. But it easily avoided his sloppy attempt, and bounded off. But it did not flee. It stopped some distance from my grandfather and looked back, as if watching to see if he would follow. *

When my ancestor finally got what the Canis rabbit wanted through his thick, liquor-addled head, he followed the Canis Rabbit, marking every few paces with arrows he plunged into the wet soil. When he looked around for his guide, the Canis Rabbit was nowhere to be found.

*The Canis Rabbit led him to a place beyond the forest where there was plenty of fertile soil at the base of the mountains. A large, open field surrounded by trees perfect for building homes and farms. *

*He somehow managed to find his way back to the camp, and used his arrow markers to find his way back to the land the golden Canis Rabbit had showed him. He told the tribe of how he had discovered this land, but few tribesman believed him, thinking the golden Canis Rabbit being nothing more than a vision brought on by the pipe smoke and alcohol. *

*Nonetheless, they let him name the land. And, still hungry and thinking of roasting that golden Canis Rabbit, he named it Canis Lick. Because he believed just one lick upon the meat of that Canis Rabbit would have been so satisfying. *

*Many years later, the village evolved into a County, and my family became the Counts to oversee it's success. My father eventually married my mother and renamed the main city of Belcourt County from Canis Lick to Canisburg. Too many who did not know the founding story thought of something more unpleasant with a name like Canis Lick, and explaining that our people had no interest in... that part of a Canis Rabbit became more and more awkward. *

Nonetheless, the name nor it's change has hindered the growth or success of our great County and I look forward to watching it continue to flourish.

_Story as told by Countess Isla Reinleif of Count Belcourt_

About the Countess

Countess Isla Reinleif is leader of the County of Belcourt. She is a fully paid Countess. She has great plans for her County, backed by a 23 year gaming history starting with the SNES and Sega Genesis. She began that long career of gaming by playing games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Mario Brothers. After the age of 15, she moved to gaming on the PC and enjoyed games like Age of Empires, Everquest, and WoW. In her days of WoW, she began as a passionate Roleplayer but moved on to raiding after a time.

That same passion will likely be applied to her leadership of Belcourt County.

Why is Belcourt County Special?

Belcourt is a county within the Stormlands duchy of Vornair kingdom. It originally began a long time ago as a nation of nomads, gypsy-like travellers looking for a home. And now that their children's children have that home they have been wanting for so long, they are eager to keep it.

Storms ravage the Stormlands, giving the Duchy it's namesake, and making agriculture rather difficult. However, the people of Belcourt are stubborn almost to a fault. Many years ago, they built a school for their children and scholars to learn and research anything to help their community thrive. And so, the school researched ways to increase farming production and make producing food in the Stormlands easier. To compensate them for this hard work, the farmers send fresh produce to the school. Creating a sort of symbiosis where members of the community sustain one another.

The County of Belcourt seeks to treat every member of it's community as family, living up to it's words of "Wisdom, Family, Honor," whether they seek to be farmers, breeders, researchers, or the like. They will be welcome into the closely-knit community of Belcourt.

Who is the Countess Looking for?

Naturally, this new County will require Mayors and Barons who share her vision of a prosperous County filled with farmers, breeders, scholars, alchemists, and soldiers (for protection). Of course, the lands those Mayors and Barons occupy will need people to support them, and so those who would be dedicated to providing food and animals to the people of Belcourt and the Stormlands at large, as well as those keen on researching technology and teaching within the schools of Belcourt would all be greeted with open arms.

How to Join Belcourt County

Joining Belcourt County this early on is relatively simple for most people. Those looking to join as citizens, barons and mayors need only visit our community Discord and make their intentions known.

Simply click the Discord banner below and look for Countess Outrageous. Good luck, and thank you for considering us! I look forward to seeing you in Belcourt!

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I look forward to working with countess Reinleif.

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I'll also look forward to working with you and hope you may find the school useful.

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I had a lot of fun getting eaten alive by hounds with the Countess in Don't Starve Together.

Although I don't think my manly girlish squeals when running from the hounds particularly impressed.

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I was very impressed with your girlish squeals.

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Please move to Luna Domains.

Thank you!

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I love the artwork on your post.

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Looking good!