[NA-W] recruiting a school

Hi all,

I have now confirmed what kd/duchy/countie i will be in. so now i am looking to recruit the school i plan to host in my town.

Town Location

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  1. Server: NA-W
  2. Kingdom: Ashlands
  3. Dukedom: Sanctaphandri
  4. County: Atrein
  5. Town: Drakemoore

School Focus

Primary: Farming & animal Husbandry Secondary: Wood Production

Funding model

At this stage i am attempting to do most the funding my self as Mayor but i have reach out to both my count and Duke and both are highly interested in helping me fund this school.

also to be decided but i am also looking at a research sale to other duchy inside the kd for reasonable figure to help fund future research projects.

as our kd of Ashland is now allied to another kd we should even be able to sell them some of our research for a higher rate dependant on Kings approval of cause.

also as the other primary reason for the school is to teach players skills we should gain some income from that stream as well.

Whats on offer?

  1. Rent Free land to build school on near centre of town.
  2. Support in Constructing school and facilities during expo
  3. Head of school will have spot on town council
  4. yearly funding for schools research projects and ruining costs.

How will it work?

my plan is thus each Sponsor (count/duke/mayor) would have a Seat on the Schools Board. other board remembers would be the head of the school and the department head of each of the 3 focuses groups above also school fiance officer.

they would come to gather once say a RL month to determine current research objectives and future ones. this way the sponsors have input into where the research is aimed.

Why recruit a school?

as a Mayor with allot of plans i have no time to run a school and feel it would be spreading myself to thin but i am fine with funding one and helping it get setup in my town.

Why host a school at all?

Well thats simple my town aim is to provide up to 50% the kds food supply (may not be possible but it is my aim) so having a school deicated to farming and animal Husbandry is both inportant to my end goals thru the resarch it has but also will attract farmers from around the KD to come train there and allow locals a easy to access school that will help them get a job in my town.

if some of those farmers who come to train here suddenly think its a good place to setup shop well had thats a awesome side benefit.

So what am i looking from you the prospective Head master?

  1. first as this a school to benefit my kd as a whole i would want you to be a Ashland citizen and a citizen of my town
  2. dedication to setting up the internal makings of the school before launch, recruiting the teachers and department heads, basically designing the frame work of the school.
  3. work closely with me on this project and keep me in the loop.
  4. come up with a name for the school
  5. player chr dedicated to Scholar

would the school only research from those 3 focuses?

No there will be room for small pet projects of researchers and some other things in connecting fields but main focus would be the 3 research focuses

For all those interested please post or send me a private message with your ideas.

my hope is to have the school sorted out within the next few weeks so i can work on other stuff :)

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Bump it on up!

4/17/2017 6:24:13 AM #4

This is a very neat idea that can be very beneficial to those that run it and those the attend the school. I look forward to see how this turns out.

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5/10/2017 10:01:25 AM #5

well talking to my duke and he may donate a school from his technolgy pack or i will buy one for 650 ep but one way or another we will have a school now just who will run it is the question

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7/28/2017 3:32:21 PM #6

I don't think I'm up to the task of running a school but two areas that have intrigued me are animal husbandry and being an apothecary so I will be one attending. Once I have more info at hand one of the pet projects that might tie into the school might be apothecary since cattle, sheep etc get sick and if this game is as detailed as they are talking then our animals will get sick and I'll help with that. As time goes on and we learn more I may be able to take on a bigger role but I'm just not sure yet as my health isn't grand.

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