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County of “Murmex” to “Thrax”

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Native Race: "Brudvir"

Name: ”Murmex to Thrax”

Folk: "Germanic, Nordic and English"

Count: ”Myrmex Namykos”

Duchy: ”Lyon (Duke Rojax Lyonsbane)”

Kingdom: ”The Demalion Empire”

Number of residents (current): “40” ; Number of Counties: “2” ;Number of Settlements: “5”

Important looking Letter dropped by Myrmex:

With Time, comes Changes and with Changes comes a lot of Editing and Writing !

Yes, the County of Murmex, ruled as Nerans is no more, forced to continue living on in our Hearts, a new name has been chosen by its Ruler to truly fit our new domain in the Taiga, the Brudvir and our old norse Lore and Setting. Thus to be prepared for the Domain & Settlement Selection we have created a new Recruitment post to share exactly that with our new fireseeking Brothers and Sisters to the Wolves of the North, the Brudvir.

The new name of our County will be Thrax. Sons and Daughters of the God of War Tyr.


Hunting, Woodcrafting, Naval Engineering, Blacksmithing and Military Development.

Coat of Arm

Gold means our generosity towards everyone and the Winterswatch is for us one of the most challenging and celebrating Events, for our Hunters to survive the Cold Dark and slay the most dangerous Beasts of our snowy Land. White Silver means we are peaceful People who rather fight for Peace than for War and are faithful and sincere in our Way, honoring our spirit Guardians Achilleus and Lykurgos. Black means our Consistency in everything, we leave our Mark upon this World, either by Creating or Fighting. And the people will remember our Kind. The silver Griffon represents symbolically our County, in his self-defending Stance he is looking to fiercely protect and not lose sight of his way.


We are Ants and Wolves, honoring the Nordic Ways, we are gonna leave a Mark upon this World.

Be with us when Exposition starts.

We offer new Ways of life, the civil Life of the Hunter and Fisher, Progression as a Blacksmith, Architect or Woodcrafter of all physical things, the Alchemy Life of enhancing, the Life of Naval Engineering as a Ship Builder and in the art of sailing in the high Seas, or of the Economy calling forth thy art of Prosperity as a Merchant or Sailor, opportunities to join thy Myrmidon Order to master Weapon skills and to protect the Land, the knight life. A place where Warriors are treated with Honor, if you wish to be one, but we do not long for Wars but for Enlightenment. There is a lot of demand here, our soil is hard but strong exactly like our Will. We are Hunters, Lovers, Shipbuilders, Woodcrafters, Blacksmiths, Warriors and so much more. We are strong but a small community, we follow the Philosophy of Aeacus and Unity.

County of Thrax

ᚲᛟᚢᚾᛏᚤ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᚱᚨᛪ

We stand by,

“One for all and all for one."

“Einr fyrir alla og allir fyrir einn.”

"ᛇᚾᚾ ᚠᛃᚱᛁᚱ ᚨᛚᛚᚨ ᛟᚷ ᚨᛚᛚᛁᚱ ᚠᛃᚱᛁᚱ ᛇᚾᚾ.”

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5/5/2017 7:41:24 PM #1

Wonderful description you got there my kind lord. I wish you the very best of luck :)

5/5/2017 7:44:21 PM #2

Thank you, my kind kindsman. :)

5/10/2017 4:25:20 PM #3

Looking great

5/10/2017 6:15:11 PM #4

Awesome my friend :)

5/11/2017 12:24:22 AM #5

Sehr schönes Ding :) Top !

5/12/2017 7:57:01 PM #6

Thank you all my friends :) und danke dir auch Olaf hehe, sehr nett von dir vorbeizuschauen

6/4/2017 3:50:09 PM #7

We are still looking for Citizens, Farmers, etc.. & Mayors to join thy County of Murmex to help for prosper and ruling over the free land, or Warriors to join thy Order of the Myrmidon to fight and live a honest Life.

-Myrmex Namykos

11/30/2017 2:57:55 AM #8


The Description of the County of Murmex is going under some editing and plans to release its new Informations soon,

please be patient.

At the meantime why don't you read our Announcement about our Current Situation.

11/30/2017 5:50:58 AM #9

I'm sorry you had to take this hard decision.

I hope you will enjoy your new home and prosper within this new family.

I also wish this decision is well received, accepted and you don't have to get through unwanted comments from your former group of people.



11/30/2017 8:20:09 AM #10

I wish you all the best with your County and the same for all its inhabitants ! I'm Glad to count you in our big Community.

Bracy's Council hopes we'll meet soon to develop THE World we would like to live in.

Best Regards from Belgium !

Erik Gudnarsson

11/30/2017 10:15:13 AM #11

Very nice indeed mate.

11/30/2017 6:45:56 PM #12

Thank you everyone, I am glad I made such nice friends before I left Arkadia. :)

12/6/2017 9:47:04 AM #13

And thanks for the Dislikes Arkadia, I've done many things for our People at that time, to all the new folks, don't let yourself get dragged into this.

Yours Truly Only Myrmex Namykos :)

12/6/2017 11:23:12 AM #14
Text Updated.
1/2/2018 12:29:16 AM #15
The Lore of our County has been Added.
The Blazon of my Family has been added aswell and the County Blazon got reworked.
Myrmidon Baron Völsung Steinkos has been nominated Viscount in our County and has got his Coat of Arm. Congratulations :)
Magistrate Skadi Eystra has got his Coat of Arm aswell. Congratulations :)
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