Powerful Women: Lady Gamers of Elyria - Eltanin Vánagandr

This is the third article in a series about Powerful Female Gamers in Elyria.

Powerful Women: Lady Gamers of Elyria - Eltanin Vánagandr

Victoria M. Xildithas

Constant Readers, I’ve been overwhelmed with joy at the response to the first two Lady Gamers of Elyria interviews with Gammea and Vye, and I have to thank all of you for the support, suggestions, and nominations! As promised, I’m doing my best to keep a much better publication schedule, and that means it’s time for your peek into yet another lovely Lady. This time we’re talking with The Countess of Dore, from the Kingdom of Tryggr: Eltanin Vánagandr!

VXM: First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to chat with me. The people of Elyria have spoken, and they want to hear from you.

For those who are, somehow, not familiar with you, tell us about yourself. What kingdom (if any) are you with, and what are you doing in the Chronicles of Elyria community that you want everyone keeping their eyes on?

EV: My name's Eltanin Vánagandr, Countess of Dore.

About 6 months ago I found a home in Tryggr with a rowdy but loyal bunch of Vikings.

In Tryggr I am one of the Thanes (second in command) of our Triumvirate. In that way I work with Darhk, one of our Triumvir (community leaders). I help where I can, be it helping new members find their feet, or helping existing ones make their forum recruitment posts.

When I started out in Tryggr, Dore was a Barony. In the past 6+ months several of the people in Dore have upped their pledges. Despite that they didn’t want to leave Dore. So, we’ve upped our pledge from a Barony to a County to offer them much needed room to grow and to give everyone the option of sticking together. I am proud of what Dore is becoming.

I also help moderate and run the unofficial CoE EU discord. I do this with Draigh, Ikkerens and Scylurus. We set out to create a place where people playing on the EU server (Selene) can interact, outside the political arena. Without the Llama Drama that can be found elsewhere.

VXM: One of my readers had this to say about what you're doing for the community, in case you missed it:

"She has not only been one of the most active people on discord but her ideas and insight have become something that I value highly. She is without a doubt a woman I'd say would do the CoE community proud in all regards and work her fingers to the bone to help us reach our full potential."

EV: Yes, that was Darhk. He's giving me the praise he deserves there. Well…bar the part about being a woman. What’s the question?

VXM: Well, it just seems you're being a bit modest here.

EV: I am not one for tooting my own horn. I do what I do to help those I consider my people. And I will always go the extra mile for them. Or fight tooth and nail if need be.

VXM: More time for helping, with less tooting, eh?

EV: Something like that, yes.

VXM: Okay, let’s focus on that gaming bit for a minute: How long (if you’re comfortable saying so) have you been playing video games, and what got you into them?

EV: I'm 32, and don’t care much about my age, so sure.

Gaming...hmmm. The first game I really played was Morrowind. Luke, Fodtro Vánagandr, my boyfriend of 16 years introduced me to it. That is definitely where my love for gaming started. Sure, I'd played on friends’ PlayStations and Nintendos, but nothing like that.

I am a real bookworm. And I love reading. Morrowind was less of a game and more of an immersive book to me. That is still the type of game I enjoy most.

Which, aside from Bethesda games, has led to try a lot of stuff, Dragon Age and Mass Effect being among my favorites. I tried my hand at stuff like WoW, but was soon turned off by the lack of story and the grind of it. Which is why I haven’t played many MMO's since.

VXM: So that's interesting, I've heard similar things from others about WoW. In that case, how did you find out about Chronicles of Elyria, and what about it captured your imagination?

EV: Same culprit! Luke found the Kickstarter and insisted I "have a look at this one." I'll admit I was skeptical.

I watched a few vids. I read a few dev journals, and pretty soon I wanted to know more.

What I like about CoE is that is looks to incorporate the best of what an MMORPG can be. It includes element of sandbox (worldbuilding, yay!) and adventure. The freedom to build your character how you want (much like Skyrim). The skills you use go up. Playing together, working as a community to accomplish goals. And taking the grind out of it.

It’s player-driven, but there is a story engine in the background. I also like that the way the developers have set things up; so far, most things are based on cause and effect. Just like in real life.

And then of course there is the community. It always comes back to people for me.

VXM: Yes, the game's scope just combines all the things I've wanted to see in one place, and manages to have great, mature people. People I end up wanting to interview.

And, if you’d care to share, what sorts of things are you looking forward to doing with your character(s) in Chronicles of Elyria?

EV: My main character will be running the people of Dore through her hoops. She will be a healer/alchemist, skills I am sure will be much sought after.

After all, when everyone’s done bashing each other’s skulls in, someone will need to patch them back up.

When not doing either of those things I am Darhk’s second in his guild, the Vault of Njordr. I am also on the council of at least five other kingdom wide guilds as an advisor.

My alt will join one of said guilds. The Jörmungandr Explorers run by Nesla, and focus on bardic skills and travel and explore with friends. Dore is gonna be guild heavy in game. We house the main guild houses for 4 of Tryggr’s guilds, and subsidiaries of 3 others.

VXM: Wow! You are certainly going to be a lady to watch out for in-game. It sounds like a lot of fun. All right, onto tougher questions!

EV: Go for it.

VXM: One of my readers remarked that even though CoE allows child contracts between same-sex avatars, many people are not using that mechanic to min-max future heirs, rather they are often looking for a player (not just a toon) of the opposite gender with whom to make children in-game. Have you noticed the same? Do you have any comments on why that is, and if you think it will be an advantage or disadvantage?

EV: I haven't noticed that, actually. The one offer of in-game marriage (yes, I shit you not) I’ve gotten so far was for political expediency rather than much to do about gender.

If game mechanics allow for child codes between same sex avatars, and even if it didn't, I don't much see the point.

Though there is one example I can think of where two people of the opposite gender met in discord and decided to match-up in game. They are now an in-game couple. Or rather a powerhouse.

I think that has less to do with gender and more to do with two people hashing well together and deciding to build on that (quite literally). Had that been two people of the same gender, it would work as well.

Mutual trust and appreciation for each other’s minds and hearts is not limited to gender in my book.

VXM That it's only one proposal is more surprising to me.

But, I think that makes a lot of sense. People are looking forward to playing with the people they're world-building with for many years to come, I expect, and if they don't mesh well, there's less chance of that happening.

EV: Exactly, so who cares about gender in this case. Play with the people you want to play with for the next loooong while.

VXM: Good advice! So, moving on: There can be lots of controversial discussion surrounding the topic of women in gaming, what’s your take on what it’s like to be a female gamer in what is often called a ‘man’s market’?

EV: Sure, more guys game then galls looking at the statistics. But man's market? Pfff! I wouldn't go that far to be honest. Certainly not anymore.

What is it like to be a female gamer? In a playing field with mostly men? Aside from being called a geek just as much as any guy gamers? My experiences have been good. I've found it more of an advantage then a disadvantage to be honest.

Now I am well able to take care of myself. Have fairly thick skin. And am verbally strong enough to tell anyone to take a hike if need be, and not that easily flustered (unless you ask me to toot my own horn).

And the once or twice I had any trouble, the guys in Tryggr stood up and helped sort shit out in next to no time, unasked. Didn’t have to do anything but sit back and watch them work. They are a fantastic bunch.

They will be a bunch of dickheads when you are, but they will never act like assholes based on sexual preference, gender, ethnicity or religion. Quite the opposite. They crack down hard on behavior like that. The code of conduct in Tryggr reflects that, it’s in there as a formality and for visitors. The people of the community that is Tryggr don’t need the reminder.

That means I have been exceedingly lucky thus far I know. Common sense and not being a Llama Drama Queen go a long way though.

VXM: Ha! Yes, there's something to be said for just avoiding the drama rather than starting it up.

Just a couple more questions: Is there anything else you’d like to tell my Constant Readers that we haven’t already covered? Here’s the place for shameless self-promotion or recruitment if you like.

EV: Shameless plug? Tryggr is a kingdom that has had its share of Llama Drama, and has a tough reputation. Don't let that fool you. Though the tough reputation is deserved, they are not so bad as people would have you believe.

Tryggr is a kingdom of people that work together, play together and stick together through thick and thin. They are a rowdy bunch, but they are loyal and they take good care of each other. Inside Tryggr, Dore is getting a reputation for being a safe haven. A place of calm in the storm.

Please come have a look in the discord of either the County or the Kingdom if you are still looking for a home.

VXM: Excellent - I'll make sure everyone gets that invitation. And final question: What do you want YOUR legacy in Elyria to be?

EV: At the risk of more shameless plugging...Dore is what I want my legacy to be.

A place good people call home. A place that they'll help sustain and defend. That will in turn sustain them help them grow and better themselves. A place where like-minded people can enjoy the game and have fun whatever their inclination. Be they visitor or resident. I hope it stays the safe haven it has become community-wise. If I can manage that I call that a win.

Just look at the RP. The Baroness character in there is very nearly me.

VXM: I have been enjoying some of the RP there, there's a lot to catch up on, and it all looks great!

Thank you so much, Eltanin, for taking the time to talk with me and everyone in the Chronicles of Elyria community. I must say that I truly enjoyed the welcome I received in Tryggr – everyone was friendly, funny, and fabulous. I hope many others will come to visit you all, RP with you all, and help you build your legacy – because it is both a daunting and noble task.

A special thanks and shout-out to one of Tryggr’s (and Elyria’s) very talented graphic designers: Nesla Drakaör, Baron of Drakfjällhalla (County Dore), and leader of the Jörmungandr Explorer’s Guild for two of the stellar images used here, and in Dore’s recruitment thread.

There you have it, Elyrians – a little look inside the world of the leading lady of the Kingdom of Tryggr. Check out the County of Dore, and the Kingdom of Tryggr (seriously, click that link – their website is beautiful). Visit Dore’s Discord, do a little RP, and broaden your horizons a little bit. And remember, Elyrians: If you can’t be good, then be good at it.

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One hell of a good read again Glass. Enjoyed them all sofar. As to Eltanin im very proud to call her my Countess she takes care of us looney tunes 😂. She really pulled me in with her kindnes as did every one in Tryggr 😁@Dahrk

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I love this series so much. It's so wonderful to be able to read the thoughts of some of our most influential, creative and fascinating users!

It's also so fantastic that such an oft-overlooked group - women in gaming - are getting such a popular and polished spotlight. Kudos, absolutely!

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A fantastic read on a brilliant Elyrian. Don't be fooled though, it's the women in Tryggr with the nasty teeth. The rest of us watch them take care of themselves!!

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Posted By Wrrynth at 11:57 PM - Sun Sep 24 2017

A fantastic read on a brilliant Elyrian. Don't be fooled though, it's the women in Tryggr with the nasty teeth. The rest of us watch them take care of themselves!!

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Good read and yes, the website is beautiful. You guys have some great ideas for events.

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But yeah, we are quite fabulous! :D

It was indeed a good read, and many thanks for shouting out! Couldn't have asked for more.

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Great read, this was very enjoyable. I love coastal towns(checked out the two sites), they always feel more dramatic but with out the llama drama of course!

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Great read, this was very enjoyable. I love coastal towns(checked out the two sites), they always feel more dramatic but with out the llama drama of course!

Thank you!

Feel free to hop into the Dore discord to visit. 😉

Have a look arround,enjoy then company, the crazy, and the RP

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