Town of Emberrest

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Grand County of Evendusk

Duchy of Cremoria

Solaris Confederation

Our story

Every story has it's beginning. Every hero has a song, Whether those around them believe it or not. In what will be the Duchy of Cremoria our tale begins, with a man striving to build up his community. A mayor at first, a Baron later, he strove to search for prosperity for his people, idealizing the values that violence does not solve everything. He was named Nacht, Jack Nacht. He settled in a what could be considered prime land for his people, hunting was good, fishing was plentiful, and there was no battle that he would have to avoid.

As the population of the village grew, so to did the need to expand, and with expansion came discontent, Jack sought peace between villagers, always choosing the neutral route that would leave both parties content. This was his strategy for everything he could feasibly do. but it would not last, as nothing lasts forever. Jacks' Wife was with child soon after the community had settled the last big debate on where to expand next. This would lead to celebrations for a month, something that would leave everyone happy and exhilarated for the next little lord.

Eventually, as all things must. The peaceful life that Jack sought was stripped away. Bandits and thieves sought to take what they wanted, and left nothing behind. His son was only a year old around the time when it happened. The bandits attacked in force, slaughtering men, kidnapping women, anything they could or wanted to do. Jack's family was no exception, his wife was killed right before his eyes, as she would not comply and give up her child, so she ran, and was thrusted through by a swordsmen on horseback. Jack himself was wounded severely, but he managed to escape amidst the flurry of devastation, and with his son no less. The pair hid away from the world, and left all behind, there was nothing left of the small town he called home, and his wife sacrificed herself to give him a chance to save their child.

Years passed, and Jack became a recluse, he left most of civilization behind, and lived off the land with his child, Zane. Zane, as the child he was, sought to leave his old man behind and learn of the world, but he would not leave him until he could prove himself to be ready. He trained with wooden weapons, staves, sticks, trunks, and even small kindle became like weapons in his hand. he longed for the fights he had heard about on the few occasions his father brought him into town, he longed for the hunt to find treasure, it was a feeling like no other, the thrill of the hunt.

After another few years, Zane was almost 13, and he left his fathers side, but on one condition, he wore a mask at all times. His Father had explained to him, as he etched the wood meticulously, that he did not know what his son may find, but he worried his son would be hunted by those in his own past, the same who killed his mother. The Mask he had was hand crafted by his father to help survive out in the world, It was plain and unmarked white wood at first, eye slits shaved out. Whenever he looked at the Mask, Zane always felt it was a reflection of himself, it was a strange feeling. It would end up being the last memento his father gave him.

Zane learned of the world quickly, he also learned of the harshness that was another Man's greed. thieves and rogues worked in tangent to steal all but the clothes on someones back, and even that if they could do it. Bandits roamed the roads killing any who were not compliant and gave everything they had. There was no law in these lands, not yet at least. Zane was also one of the victims at one point, but he had learned the law of the wilderness before the law of civilization, he ended up killing the bandit trio who had surrounded him when they underestimated his strength on account of his size.

Eventually the day came when Zane found his hometown, or what used to be home. What was a small village surviving peacefully by itself was now a den of thieves and gamblers who sought to test their luck. Zane watched on as his old home, was thrashed and torn about by miscreants doing whatever they wanted.

Zane vowed that day he would take his old home back, he would destroy the vile that had taken hold. Following that would be his start to the search for immortality, so he could keep watch over his town for as long as he existed. In his travels, changes to his mask became apparent, from the white wood it once was, Zane had changed out for a Black wood instead, he carved out eye slits, but colored one gold, for with his golden eye, he would see the heart of men. He added a Mouth slit which he colored silver, for with his Silver tongue, he would sway the heart of men, And finally, his last addition to his new mask was to insert the teeth of Beasts into the mouth segment, For with all his teeth, he would devour the heart of men. Zane worked on the mask for the better part of two weeks, struggling over which teeth to use, and how to best make his new mask something others would remember, whether out of fear for the face that was now etched into its surface, or as a warning when he would finally come for any who crossed him, or his home. It is said that on this day, the boy named Zane Nacht disappeared, and in his place rose the Masked Baron, A master of deception and death.

It would not even be a few months from this point, that he would take back his village, and from the slums raise it into a proper town. He Named it Emberrest, for the Ember of the ashes will remain and rest. He slowly brought people into his town, integrating those who would help him bring it back up to where it was before.

Eventually, The Leader of Cremoria would send someone to approach him. The Baron looked at this courier and spoke. "I'm no man to play fair, all my life I was dealt a hand sub par to the rest, If you seek my allegiance, I will tell you now, I will seek what I desire, but I will always be ready for battle. During my Travels I learned quite a lot of ways to inflict death on those who oppose me, and I know how to teach those willing to learn my trade. I will teach any you bring me, the younger the better, and they will care not for glory or fame, and just be Death Dealers that float with the winds. I give my word."

Who are we?

Faceless, and Silent, We are the Death Dealers of our legions enemies, trained to be nothing more than killers, we work not for fame, or wealth, we work to keep our people safe. Assassins, Rogues, even Spies on the rare occasion, we are the Faceless Ones, derived from our leader to never allow the Heart of Men to change us.

Why would you join?-

I will say this, I don't care for your reasons, I seek individuals who will be twofold existences to this town, and to those who house us and grant us safety. We are the Vengeance when needed, and we will be hidden otherwise. I seek for those who wish to learn deception and death, and make it your primary strengths. On the off hand, No, I don't want murder hobo's whose only reason to be here is to kill. If you choose to join, I won't force you to be what goes bump in the night, as long as you are a beneficial existence to other residents in the town, Our primary trades will be herbs, and alchemy. If you want to be a blacksmith, I will not hold it over you, again so long as you don't do anything that will harm the other townsfolk.

I will be searching for anyone and everyone who wants to live here, I will need those who decide to be warriors, hunters, and other combat forms of course, you can't defend a town with just a bunch of rogues and assassins, right? Of course, as a town specializing in two forms of trade that are synonymous with each other, I also need Apothecaries.

A list for you slower folk-

-We are Assassin's and rogues when needed

-We are in fact looking for other people to make a cohesive whole in our infrastructure.

-Our Trades will be primarily in Herbalism, and Alchemy, so potion masters, poison masters, and other inclined people are welcome.

-No we are not Assassin's for hire, My group is and will be part of the Dread Legion for the foreseeable future, so our jobs will come from and be vetted, by them. anything one of mine do in his/her off time is their own personal business, and unless it directly affects the Legion or the duchy we are located in, I won't care most likely.

How do we operate?-

We are the ones who are sent in, either to finish a fight before it starts, or to make sure a job gets done with no one the wiser. Yes, we may end up in battle on the field, but we won't be on the front lines clashing blades and dodging arrows, we will be the group that sit behind our enemies back line waiting to take out important targets, and/or any back line fighters we deem necessary to get the job done.

Allies and Benefactors-

The Town of Emberrest, is situated in the County of Evendusk, and the Duchy Cremoria, by extension, we are allies to all in the Dread Legion. that also means we are enemies to all who call the Legion enemies. simple list really.


We will be located in the Tropical Rainforest of the Solaris Confederation. Within the Duchy of Cremoria and the County of Evendusk.

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