Xeilias in the Free Kingdom

The time has finally come to avenge the Mad King of Xeilias' defeat. After many long years of exile, House Xeilias has re-emerged as a power in the dance of dynasties once again. The current ruler of the house, Phyllain, has learned that the free kingdom was ripe for the taking. Not since the Mad King’s defeat had there been a time where House Xeilias had the means and opportunity to regain what it had lost. Now with the help of Phyllain’s loyal followers and through their strength of arms, he would bring peace to The Free Kingdom.

After many long hours and diplomatic meetings Phyllain had agreed to join forces with another contender for the Throne of the Free Kingdom. Violet Winterborne was to be his queen. While both still sought to emerge from the campaign as the victor they had pledged to support the other regardless off the outcome. For the enemies that surrounded the Free Kingdom were ever watch full and order must be restored for the Kingdom to prosper.

In addition to the alliance with Violet, Phyllain has also gathered the support of the three Dukes who remained loyal to his family.. The Dukes have agreed to uprooted their people and began a march to the free Kingdom which would end in Xeilian Victory. This long march would not herald a return of the tyranny of the mad king. The Xeilian Dynasty had learned the from the mistakes of their ancestors conquests. They had learned that it was better to rule through inspired loyalty then blind fear. They would still be ruthless in the prosecution of their enemies. But loyal and true companions could expect to be rewarded and honored.

Recruitment post:

Discord link: Youtube link to my interview with Morbis about the Free kingdom competition.

If you have any questions about this endeavor or wish to support it feel free to message me here or in discord. I go by the same name.

There is some confusion about Violet and my campaigns. I will clarify the situation for everyone. Violet and myself have agreed to work together and we have been open about this fact towards the community. We are still running two separate campaigns. However, our ideas and approaches complement each other and it is our belief that working together will help lead to a more successful Kingdom.

For those of you that do not know me personally. I want to say, don't let rumor and baseless accusations form your opinion of me. I am readily available in discord to chat, please take advantage of that.

10/31/2017 1:17:23 AM #1

Long may Phyllain reign! For Xeilias!

10/31/2017 1:20:12 AM #2


10/31/2017 1:21:03 AM #3

The Duchy of Orpheus stands with Phyllain. We will restore the crown to our great leaders head. All those who stand against us shall fall. Stand alongside Xeilias and greatness is assured.


10/31/2017 1:27:26 AM #4

And Elyria shudders and groans. Let the fun begin.

Friend Code: 3316A7

10/31/2017 2:03:53 AM #5

Dragonsfall County supports House Xeilias with every fiber of its being! Phyllain will lead his house and followers to glorious power again!

Count of Dragonsfall

10/31/2017 2:28:16 AM #6

Myself and those that follow me shall continue to support House Xeilias from the shadows!

10/31/2017 2:41:46 AM #7

Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth stands with Phyllain, and all of Xeilias at all times!


10/31/2017 5:56:20 AM #8

The Clanholds of the Cloaked maintain their allegiance to the Mad King. The mindbroken, left chained amongst the shattered ruins to hear and repeat His whisperings say again and again the name, Phyllain.

10/31/2017 9:14:59 AM #9

We are the Wrath of orphans. We are the Lust of the deposed. We are the Pride of fallen soldiers. We are the Envy of forgotten Kings. We are the Greed of houseless nobles. We are the Gluttony of endless hunger. We are the Sloth of the anarchist

We remember the glory of the fallen. No matter our status king duke or count. Xeilias is remembered. For the fires of war are ever burning.


10/31/2017 9:21:44 PM #10

Thank you, I think.

11/1/2017 12:50:39 AM #11

This is really interesting, and a nice interview you had, makes it harder to choose who to back :p

11/1/2017 1:18:39 AM #12

Really good interview from the perspective of the leader of a PVP group. You provided an interesting take that I feel many don't consider but need to in order to encourage success.

It did seem like you got stumped on that border friction question in which a ruler demanded no border conflicts. However, your answer is 100% truth. If you prevent pvpers from external pvp, they have to look inwards to enjoy their game experience.

11/1/2017 2:18:34 AM #13

That one was tricky. My first thought was to just blurt out ignore them, but i decided to be a bit more diplomatic.

11/1/2017 2:42:44 AM #14

The interview we talked about in the above posts.

11/1/2017 3:48:00 AM #15

“We have peace now, but Xeilias plans to bring their armies, so that may offer us a better peace.

Will they also offer to let us eat our own food, and tell us how much tastier it is?

Charge us for the privilege of working our own lands, and let us know how lucky we are that they left some of the fruits of our labor to support our families?

Will we let them take our children to fight wars in far away lands for the glory of their colorful banners?

We have seen your like before, and we are not fools.

Foreign Overlords marching their armies into our lands is not Peace. It is an invasion.

We will not allow you to enslave the Free people!

You will be met with Steel and Fire!

Take your peace back to your own lands in Kairos.

You are not welcome here. The only thing that awaits you in the Free lands is blood.

You will not rule over us.

You do not speak for us.

These are my final words.”

-Cleome, Final Speaker, Free Township of Misthold Keep

Join the Resistance

Countess DeBrume, Brume Harrow, Blackthorn Vale, Mytharbor, Free Kingdom of Alesia (NA-E)

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