[EU] CIty of Isilme

City of Isilme

Kingdom: Demalion Empire
Duchy: Duchy of Anor
County: Grand County of Anorath
House: House Adley

The city now known as Isilme is a historically significant city within the Duchy of Anor in the Grand County of Anorath.

Isilme was originally founded as the Grand City of Amrun by the noble house of Adley as twin city to the great Dawn’s Reach, capital city of the Duchy of Anor. The city is primarily made up of a sizeable population of Neran, however its common to see both Bruvdir and Hrothi within.

Isilme has historically always been a city to welcome and cater for the common folk. As such it is well known for the constant sounds of cheer and merrymaking that go on well into the night.

The town guard are on hand at all hours to ensure the safety of all residents and travellers alike. Whilst any breach of the law of the land is dealt with swiftly and sternly the guard are seen as friends by most, mainly being there to facilitate the joviality and relaxed atmosphere within the city walls.

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Biome and Locations

The City, County and Duchy is in the grasslands, bordered by forests. The lands of Isilme are bountiful with vast green fields of grass, farmlands and trees. The Neran are cultivating their crops, blacksmiths are crafting the finest swords and armour for the Royal Army of Anor and The Knights of the Sun, the market is full of Anorians trading their goods and the ale is flowing throughout the inns.

• The Tavern – The focal point of life in Isilme is the tavern. Many a deal has been struck or a marriage made (and broken) in this famous tavern. Full of hustle and bustle around the clock make this your first stop to ease your sores from travelling and get the know the locals.

• The Stables – Every city worth its salt needs a stables for adventurers and merchants horses.

• The Marketplace – Isilme has a large array of smithy’s and crafters of all kinds as well as a sprawling marketplace where you can get your goods directly and cut out the middle man or perhaps arrange a custom order at discounted rates!

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Who are we seeking?

Isilme welcomes all travellers and settlers alike. We ask only that you follow the basic principles and virtues of the Demalion Empire and the Duchy.

The City currently has various openings for menn and womenn skilled with swords, hammers, needles or even just a pen!

The town guard are also recruiting and we have room for all settlers.

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History and House Adley

Isilme was originally founded as the Grand City of Amrun by the noble House Adley as twin city to the great Dawn’s Reach, capital city of the Duchy of Anor.

The city quickly grew and prospered, becoming a hub for travellers, famous throughout the lands for its hospitality and the welcoming attitude of the residents.

Unfortunately, as the Duchy grew more prosperous it came under attack from its neighbouring counties who sought to take its wealth and divide it amongst themselves.

The war was long and arduous and famine and disease grew rife. In order to keep his armies stocked the Duke began to seize the crops grown by the common folk and to take the livestock as his own. House Adley saw the folly in this and sought to counsel against the plan fearing that it would turn subjects against the Duke and sow dissidence throughout the Duchy; the Duke being ill equipped to deal with at the time. This state of affairs continued for almost a year until the Duchy began to fracture.

The Duke sent his elite force, the Knights of the Sun to instil order once more. What followed could only be described as a massacre. As the common folk desperately tried to resist the heavily armed Knights they stood no chance. House Adley once again asked the Duke to show restraint and call back his Knights but he refused, determined to bring the Duchy back to order by force rather than through negotiations.

It was at this point that House Adley could no longer support the Duke’s actions. They became a refuge, opening their doors to all folk seeking to shelter them from the Duke’s Knights. They also cast down their glorious sunlight banners and drew up new banners depicting instead, the moon. This was meant to caution the Duke, their old friend, and show him how close the Sun was to setting over his lands but he did not see this. The Duke in a fit of rage declared this action by his once closest friends as treason and set the full might of his Knights against the city of Amrun.

The city could not hold out against such strength and quickly fell. The city guard sought to buy the commoners as much time as they could to flee but were eventually cut down to a mann. The survivors from House Adley joined the common folk and left their ancestral home.

Later the Duke fell from power, losing his capital city. Civil war and plague tore at the Duchy for an age until finally Duke Arthuras, rightful heir to the Duchy, rallied support and retook his capital, Dawn’s Reach. Arthuras took up his seat in The Sun Keep and began the long process of reuniting the Duchy.

One by one the Duke was able to reign in his bannermen and once more the Houses of Anor were aligned behind their Duke. However, there was still dissent amongst the people who were loathe to trust this new Duke. It was then that Arthuras sought out the descendants of House Adley. After many talks he showed humility and restored their former titles, welcoming them once more to his court.

The once grand city of Amrun laid in ruins but the Duke restored their lands. It is from these ruins that the new city of Isilme was born. Isilme maintained it’s moon banners and its new name as a reminder of the past and a as a cautionary tale for the generations to come. The Duke saw their wisdom and how they still had the hearts of the common people and over the years he made them his closest allies once more. Eventually House Adley pledged themselves to this new Duke and with this act the Duke won the hearts and minds of the people once more.

Following on from this the Duke proposed that they join their houses and so the eldest daughter of House Adley was married to the Duke and since then the houses have been closer than ever.

House Adley have remained popular among the common folk within the Duchy and as a continuation of this the Duchess is well known for dedicating a large amount to her time to them. She takes an active role and sits in on Grand Council meetings. She devotes a large amount of her time to aiding the commoners, giving council and deciding on disputes. This also ensures that the common folk of Anor always have a voice in the Duke’s court.

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Looks very nice project. Well done and good luck.

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Thank you :)

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Best of luck to you and your project Wondernoob! Hope to see you in game at a later stage :)

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I'm glad that the City of Isilme has decided to join the Duchy of Anor and The Grand County of Anorath.

You will play an important role in shaping our Duchy.


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I joined the County of Aronath and I long for the day that my character will first set foot in his home in Isilme.