[EU][RP] Chiefdom of Íngíshorn


The town will aim to feed the county with game meat, and procure furs to be traded far and wide. Being a town consisting mainly of Brudvir, in a community that has strong ties to Neran culture, one would find people interested in RP'ing characters that are on the fringes of society. Also we will be looking to establish Faedin themed RP!

Below you will find my best attempt at describing the town, it's legendary founder and a scene describing what we have in mind for a Faedin ritual. I hope you enjoy!

What are we looking for?

In general, we want our members to:

A: Be 18+

B: Have a friendly attitude, toxicity of any kind is to be avoided like the plague

C: Use discord as we will likely use it OOC'ly for town planning and such, you do not have to use your microphone except in combat situations

We're looking for a number of specific roles, however anyone wanting to roleplay in a Brudvir tribe is welcome!

-Town drunk

-Bowyer/Fletcher, how else would we hunt?

-Blacksmith, no town can do without one

-Horse/pet breeder, no adventure is complete without an animal companion at your side

-A person who wants to run an inn/tavern, you would be the hero of many travelers

-Someone looking to play a Faedin druid. If you have an interest in Elyrian lore, Norse and/or Celtic culture this is the spot for you!

-A scribe who is willing to write of tales that happen around town, great adventures, deep troubles and anything in between. You like to help create town lore and wish to preserve it.

-Warriors, bowmen and cavalry for the Fyrd, to keep us safe from and bring death to those that wish ill tidings upon Íngíshorn! The Fyrd is the name given to the group of brave menn and womenn who step forward when the wardrums sound, the "army" of Íngíshorn so to speak.



As you walk through the dense Úlfrgaard forests, enjoying a leisurely stroll, you can smell something strange in the air. You start thinking. What in the living shite is that smell? As you walk further, you start to see the woods growing thinner and thinner. At last you find a clearing where a tanner has his tubs boiling. Behind the tanner, you see the wooden palisades of Íngíshorn.

The town of Íngishorn has a history that stretches back to the times of the Great Journey around the year 500 of the fourth era. Originally it was led by Íngis Darachárd, the legendary founder of both the town and the Darachárd clan. In more ancient times the tribe lived in the far north of Selene. When the Zygethian kingdom started to contest ownership of the borderlands with the neighbouring lord of Watchers Rock, everything changed for Íngís and his people. The once abundant Dryas Elk, the main source of food and fur for the nomadic tribe, was either hunted to the brink of extinction or fled the burning forests set to the torch by the opposing armies.

When it dawned on Íngís that his people would not survive the carnage in the contested region, he started to convince the Elders that if they stayed on the land their people had lived on for generations, they would perish very soon. Being the charismatic negotiator that he was, he managed to convince the Elders of his plan to follow the Elk and other animals. Some of the hunters said they had spotted a herd going south, into the land of Terenia.

When the tribe crossed the border southward, it did not take long for a squadron of the newly appointed lord Darian Layne to approach them. The soldiers guided the tribesmen to Lord Layne. He then heard Íngís' plea for help and decided to be merciful, recognizing his status as chief and granting him land to settle on.

However, when the sparks of war eventually died down, Íngís and his people returned northward. They settled a sparsely populated land ruled by clan Malis of Úlfrgaard. Home after many years of living in Terenia, Íngís got one last glimp of the Taiga, now being an old man as he was. It was up to one of his many sons now to make the North a home once more.

Current times

Nowadays, the Brudvir of Íngíshorn retain their hunting ways, albeit in a more settled way. Over time this has led to some of them learning to process the fur into clothing. Being the skilled hunters that they are, the levy consists mainly of archers.

The man ruling the palisaded town these days is Eoghan Darachárd, son of Finn. He is a young man whose father died in an attempt to single handedly take down a trison. He may be young but the Elders see great promise in his abilities as a hunter, and more importantly the Chief of Íngíshorn.


The Bruélfur Gathering is a place in the forest where the Druid of Íngíshorn teaches the people about the traditions, myths and history of the tribe. Gatherings usually take place every Earthly month.

Most important amongst the traditions is the Spring Blót, a time of enjoyment and festivities after the harsh winter. Central to the feast is the sacrifice (Blót) of various farm animals in order for them to ascend to the next life, as Mann ascends from winter to start a new cycle of farming. After the religious ceremonies there is a large feast.

As the group gathers around the altar, a silence falls. The Druid lets the silence continue for a minute after which he steps into view between the people and the alter as he signals for the drums to start. He is wearing a ceremonial wolfskin, the head still intact. Under that he is wearing an all white linen rope. At his side hangs a ceremonial dagger made of bone. In front of him one of his acolytes leads three animals into position. The Druid looks at the cow, the sheep and the goat as he begins to speak;

“Blessed be the spirits on this day of joy! Today we come together to celebrate the end of winter, the beginning of spring, the new cycle of life!”

He unsheathes the bone dagger. First he walks to the goat, cutting it at the neck. He does the same for the sheep and the cow. Another acolyte collects some of the blood of each in a bowl and sets them on the ground in front of the Druid.

“May these simple spirits find their path to a higher purpose. They appear simple, but one day they will ascend to be a wolf, a bear, or even a Mann. Let us make use of their offerings to aid us in our life, as we help them to the next!”

The Druid bows down and reaches into the middle bowl. He then gets up and places the middle three fingers of his right hand into the bowl. After bringing his hand up to his forehead he drags the three fingers down across his face, chin, neck and upper torso which creates creates a pattern of three stripes. Two acolytes appear beside the Druid and pick up the other two bowls. They then proceed to pour the blood over the shoulders of the Druid, ruining his white tunic by making it red and drenched.

“Let us feast now, for the winter was long and harsh! The Spirits smile upon us all today, let us enjoy their many blessings!”

After his final words, the Druid leads all those who’ve gathered back to Íngíshorn, where the music is already playing, the meat cooking and the mead barrels stand ready to be opened.

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Eoghan Darachárd

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10-3-2018: This is the first draft, more content will be added. I hope you enjoyed!

19-3-2018: Made some small changes and added a "What are we looking for" section

5-4-2018: Added a religion section, as well as the discord link

Eoghan Darachárd

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Institutions in Íngíshorn

Crimson Adventurers

The guild hall in Íngíshorn provides adventurers of all types with work and a place to kick up their feet after a long journey.

Eoghan Darachárd

3/10/2018 12:59:24 AM #3

Excellent post. Glad to see that your settlement has found its way into our County of Rahlmont. I look forward to working together.

Cheers, Zandyl

3/10/2018 10:01:54 PM #4

Welcome to Terenia!


4/2/2018 9:43:20 PM #5

Greetings to our Brudvir brethren, haven't had the chance to welcome you into our County yet :) I certainly like what you present so far based on this draft, and the obvious benefits of a hunting settlements aside, I'm very much digging the unique touch you guys bring to the table with a different culture, religion and perhaps some drunkards to roleplay with heh

Also players looking to travel the world, and adapt a more thrilling lifestyle, will be able to find an outpost of the Crimson Adventurer's Guild in this settlement, in case you're interested ;) Anyways, hopefully we see each other sooner rather than later.

4/18/2018 12:11:25 PM #6

So happy to be a part of the Chiefdom! The lore is excellent.

~ Alyvs Trésdaum