[Vornair] City of Alexandria

City of Alexandria

Faber est suae quisque fortunae - Every man is the architect of his own fortune.

Mayor Alexander Divinus

Strix Umbra County - The High Seas Dutchy - Kingdom of Vornair

Alexandria is nestled on the northern coast of Tritea in the Kingdom of Vornair and will be home to the Divine Bank. We intend to become a trading and production hub where goods can be produced/refined and exported via sea trade. Although mercantilism will be the focus of our city, will still need a wide range of professions like soldiers, farmers, blacksmiths etc. to maintain a free and prosperous city. There will be a place for you in Alexandria no matter what your play style will be. Another goal for the city is to be at the forefront of the accounting and scribing fields and hope to have a research university in the city to achieve those goals. Finally, since our duchy focuses on seafaring and exploration we will have a strong shipwright presence not only to fulfill the needs of our explorers, but also to create a city navy to ensure commerce can be done freely without worry from pirates and bandits.


The plan is for a City Council consisting of five seats make critical decisions for the city. Initially, the founding families that contribute the most to the development of the city will fill these seats. However, following the cities’ motto there will be opportunities for any family to raise their prestige and wealth enough to earn the right to vie for a seat on the council once the game begins.

City Council: (current as of 3/20/18)
  1. Alexander Divinus (Mayor)
  2. Vacant
  3. Vacant
  4. Vacant
  5. Vacant

Donations of Villager Tokens will be how families can contribute to the city and the top four will earn city council seats.


During exposition the primary focus of the Mayor and his council will be to develop a strong infrastructure to support the growing needs of its citizens. This will help attract NPCs and players alike to bolster our economy and set the strong foundation our community needs.

Current City Needs:

A well balanced economy will be paramount to the success of the city. Eager citizens willing to commit to specific fields needed by the city may be given Land Grants if the council deems it critical to city success. These grants will be given based on merit and devotion to the city after a period of service.

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Organizations: (TBD)
Divine Bank

Info Forthcoming

Merchant Guild

Info Forthcoming

Contact Details:

Direct Messages to Divinus on CoE Forums

Divinus#9204 on Discord

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It's official, Alexandria has been placed on the northern shores of Strix Umbra in Vornair.

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Ahoy! ~ Excellent news we shall join you in the High Seas! Honor & Glory!

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