[Ashland] Town of Carse

Welcome to the Town of Carse

Carse is located on the fertile lowlands of Drakemoore county in easy reach of the river and trade roads. Carse is known for its exceptional cattle and draft animals. The fertile fields around Carse are not only ideal for farming but with the diversity of perennial plants makes it great for grazing cattle.

Town Location

  1. Server: NA-W
  2. Kingdom: Ashlands discord:
  3. Dukedom: Sanctaphandri discord:
  4. County: Drakemoorei Discord:

Town Goal

Primary goal is produce exceptional drafts animals for the transportation and farming needs of the county.

As a Secondary focus is to provide the best beef and leather products for the County & Duchy.

Town Planned Production

Planned production in order of importance:


  1. Draft animals ( Mule,Oxen,Quarter horse,Ursaphant )
  2. Cattle
  3. Leather
  4. Feed grains


  1. Leather based products
  2. Fertilizer
  3. Soap
  4. Glue
  5. Candles

Who will we need?

We will need people of all walks of life! However, some jobs stand out as must-haves. Below I list a few of them and a rating system of need. 1 + will be Reasonable Need, 2 + Heavy Need and 3 + Major Need

  1. Farmers +++
  2. Cattle Ranchers +++
  3. Tanners ++
  4. Farriers ++
  5. Stone masons +
  6. Leather makers ++
  7. Lumberjacks/ Foresters ++
  8. Carpenters ++
  9. Miller + ( Lumber and Grist )
  10. Hunters/Rangers +
  11. Blacksmiths +
  12. Butchers ++
  13. Horse Trainers / Breeder +++
  14. Wainwright ( Wagon maker) +
  15. Guards ++
  16. Weavers/tailors ++
  17. Armorer ( leather) +
  18. Teamster+
  19. Scribe +
  20. Traders/Merchants +
  21. Apothecary +
  22. Veterinarian +
  23. Botanist +
  24. Candlemaker +
  25. Beekeeper +

Town Council

Below are some ideas of members of the town council helping with the daily running of the town.

  1. Master of Arms: will be in Command of the towns Armed Forces. He will deal with their Training, Equipment, Patrols and pretty much anything to do will Military Matters

  2. Master of Coin: will be making sure taxes are paid both to me then what needs to be passed up to the county. They will also need to track spending by other departments (ie Master of arms)

  3. Sheriff: would deal with all Crimes of the town and be de facto prosecutor for town cases. They will organise the recruitment of specialised police force and work with outside law enforcement agencies as well as bounty hunters. They would also place bounties on the heads of Criminals that got away or poachers.

  4. Town Planner: i will do a lot of the town planning and building but i will need someone to organise the builders, also organise people to fill the important roles like tavern keeper and such. They will also need to think of things that will help in streamlining our production lines for the town's trade model.

  5. Master of the Crafts: his role will be to represent the towns crafters and work with the Town planner to meet their needs. So they would need to keep a active list of what crafters we have in town and what there plans are.

  6. Landowners: as a base level any player who owns 3 lots of land part of the town will have a seat on the council.. if they have invested that much into the town they deserve a seat in the council and a right to have the voice heard in its deliberations. (they will not get paid as they are just powerful landholders invited as a courtesy) the amount of lots required to be on the council may increase as town size increases but warning to this effect will go out before any changes

I hope my town is of interest to you all! Please let me know if you want to become part of it

Ether PM me or come onto our Discord:

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4/13/2018 2:45:16 PM #1

welcome to the county i have updated your details into the County thread i look forward to working with you long into the future.

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4/15/2018 8:53:33 AM #2

Hi all. I'm really excited about this game and was looking for a town that I can setup a large cattle/grain farm/dairy. It sounds like Carse would be a good town for me to look at for this. Does the town still need cattle/dairy farms still?

4/16/2018 4:07:14 AM #3

Hello BlueDragon, All positions in town are still available. Here is the county Discord Feel here to stop by or you can send a PM and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the town.

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4/18/2018 11:23:16 AM #4

Nice sale pitch. I am very tempted. Your plans just might fit with my Silvopasture dreams.


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