[Riftwood] The Town of Briva ~ A Tourists Guide

The Town of Briva ~ A Tourists Guide

Welcome to the town of Briva located in Eisengrun County, and the Duchy of Atravia. Idyllic Briva is situated among green hills dotted with flocks of sheep which are kept for the Brivan wool they provide. A town of artists, Brivan policies are kind to artisans, crafters, minstrels, and all who work towards beauty and excellence. The town is a prosperous and peaceful trading hub centered around the tailors and weavers guilds, banking, and markets. Life is refined in Briva and the well-dressed townsfolk thrive on conversation and leisurely appreciation for the better things in life.

As the traveler may have guessed, the fine wool produced here is famed across its duchy. Fabrics of linen exchange hands with tailors and sailcloth weavers, while silk comes from the Kypiq in their ambling merchant trains that follow the meandering highways from the forests far away. Woolen textiles go from the hands of weavers and spinners to the tailors and makers of dazzlingly colored rugs. Only the finest of garments from the highest quality fabrics are made by the many skilled tailors of Briva.

A bite to eat and a drink can be found at any of the taverns which are rich with debate and delicious foods, while tea-houses offer a more gentle and elegant place of gathering. Visit one of the sprawling daily markets, or any of the special seasonal markets, which celebrate wool shearing or the harvest with festivals and competitions. Tournaments just outside the city walls, decorated with colorful banners streaming in the breeze, are sure to draw challenging warriors to compete for prizes and fame, as well as the wandering visitors to enjoy the music, food, and latest gossip from abroad.

The traveler may notice, as he walks the road towards town, the wide clearances on either side of the highway, between the walls, and the more malodorous lines of work. Special markets such as animal trading, tanners, butchers, fishmongers, and dyers have their workshops and storefronts located outside of the city, offering prime trading for locals and merchants from afar.

After passing through the gates you'll find strong walls and a superbly trained town guard to keep the streets safe, while public servants ensure a clean, beautiful place to live and work. By Duchy mandate, each citizen is required to be at least passable in a minimum of one combat weapon to aid in defense if necessary. As night falls, each citizen lights his lantern to walk about with as the gates fall closed at nightfall. Skulking about in the shadows is untolerated by the local guard.

Finding an inn long the town avenues is a small endeavor. Just ask one of the friendly townsfolk hurrying by after work for directions. The inns and taverns boast good company and better libation to the music of skilled bards and ruckus laughter, or perhaps your purse can spare some coin to rent a more lavish room in one of the well appointed town homes in the residential district.

All are welcome to settle in Briva, not just innkeepers and tailors. Clever tinkerers, carpenters, and blacksmiths will all find a a place to work their craft here. The town guard is always on the lookout to recruit fresh blood. Couriers are needed to deliver goods and messengers to run letters. Scribes can find work writing contracts. Brewers, bakers, and cooks to offer foodstuffs. Animal tamers and breeders to improve the flocks. Farmers to cultivate the best strains of flax for linen. Alchemists and herbalists are needed to tend to the ill and contribute by their scholarly pursuits to the whole Kingdom. The wealthiest land-owners enjoy seats on the council and live to see Briva prosper.

The School of Arts is dedicated to fostering mastery of craftsmanship, and sharing the knowledge with the Kingdom.

For those who wish to stay, a simple visit to the Mayoral manor to purchase land or a home will be more than rewarding.

The Town of Briva

Town Goals:

The above fictional tourist guide is a romanticized vision of where I'm planning to take Briva. This early, it is best to not make promises on location, biome, or tribe. We're looking for great people to help make this vision a reality. A wealthy, peaceful, fun place to roleplay, master your craft, work towards the legendary, and produce the best of Riftwood.

The primary focus of Briva will be on wool production, tailoring and weaving, banking, and merchant trade. However, wealth draws wealth. All trades are going to rely on the products of others.

To that end, people of all interests are welcome.


NA-W server

Kingdom of Riftwood discord

Duchy of Atravia discord

Town of Briva discord

County of Eisengrun


Mayor: Sylvae

Count and Duke: Kaleva

King: Stephan Balaur

4/17/2018 1:00:51 AM #1

No mention of me? This is worst trade deal in the history of trade deals. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

4/17/2018 3:56:25 AM #2

Awesome write up! I love the RP feel :)

5/10/2018 12:58:38 AM #3

I really enjoyed your town write up, Sylvae. Briva sounds like a lovely place. :)

5/21/2018 7:47:43 PM #4

Thanks, Aerbax and Hieronymus! Updated with the new town discord information.

8/4/2018 1:06:05 AM #5

Sounds like a quaint place for a getaway. Perhaps I will have to alt in for a visit after I'm done fanning the flames over on east, Selene promises to be trying and I will need a good vacation spot.

8/16/2018 3:08:50 AM #6

You'll have a trading partner in me for some of those textiles.

8/22/2018 7:19:00 AM #7

Came here to check out Briva at Sylvae's suggestion.

How many people are committed to Briva so far? What professions are they thinking of? Just trying to get a feel for the demographics.

8/23/2018 1:48:37 AM #8

Posted By Morgion at 03:19 AM - Wed Aug 22 2018

Came here to check out Briva at Sylvae's suggestion.

How many people are committed to Briva so far? What professions are they thinking of? Just trying to get a feel for the demographics.

Hi Morgion. Thanks for visiting my discord. Your questions, of course, were answered there. But for the other visitors,

We have a small population yet who are largely interested in crafting.

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