Introducing the ChamberBot!


One of the greatest elements of Chronicles of Elyria is our community, and Soulbound Studios knows it! This is why you see members of the team conversing and interacting with our players more than many other studios. We love our players, but sometimes the conversations include important details that get lost in the discourse of the discussion. We've thought about it for a while now, and thanks to the innovation and volunteer efforts of our moderator Rhaegys, we now have a solution to present to all of you!

We would therefore like to announce to everyone the release of the ChamberBot! (PM Serp for sentiment on the name :P )

What is ChamberBot

ChamberBot is a Discord bot created by Rhaegys for Soulbound Studios to manage Q&A sessions. This allows everyone to ask questions in advance, and gives the Admins abilities to manage them in an organized way during a session. It also stores and organizes the questions and answers for reposting later.

How to use ChamberBot

Once a Q&A session is started in a specific channel, pay close attention to the bot messaging for instructions. This includes the topic of the session, how many questions you will be able to ask during the session and other information.

An example of what a session start announcement will look like is below:

All interaction with the ChamberBot is done through DM (Direct Messages) to the bot (by PMing @ChamberBot). If you forget how to use the bot you can always get a list of instructions using the !help command while in a DM conversation with the bot. This command will not work in a channel.

Asking a question

To ask a question, send a message directly to the bot as if you were PMing the bot in a conversation. This doesn't require special commands, just type the question directly. Keep in mind that the question should fit into one Discord message (max 2000 characters). If you send a second message, it will be treated as a second question.

List your current questions

If you want to see the questions you have already submitted, use the command !questions. Keep in mind that this will not list already answered questions, it will only show you the questions that are still in the queue and haven't been answered yet.

You will see how many questions you have asked, how many have been answered and how many are still in the queue. It will also display the position in the queue of your pending questions.

Edit one of your questions

If you realized that you have made a mistake in your question or want to change something in it, you can use the command !edit followed by the number of the question as listed by the !questions command. For example:

!edit 2

Once you send this command, you will be able to send the question again as if you were asking it for the first time, and it will replace the question in the queue. Editing a question doesn't change its position in the queue.

Note: you can only edit a question that hasn't been answered yet.

Delete one of your questions

If you want to delete a question you submitted, use the !delete command followed by the number of the question as listed by the command !questions. This will remove the question from the queue and you will be able to make a new question. Example:

!delete 1 will delete your first question

Note: you can only delete a question that hasn't been answered yet.

When it's your turn

During the Q&A session, only the host of the session is able to talk in the channel. Once the host is ready to answer a new question, the bot will post the question in the channel including the author of the question. If the question is yours, you will be able to speak in the channel in case the host asks for a clarification. Please don't abuse this right.

Once your question is answered, the bot will post the next question and your speaking ability in the channel will be removed (unless the next question is yours as well).

Questions about the ChamberBot?

Feel free to reply to this thread and we will do our best to respond. Thanks for your interest!

What's next?

We look forward to utilizing this exciting new tool in a future Q&A session in our official Discord server.

See you all online!

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

4/18/2018 8:07:51 PM #1


4/18/2018 8:17:40 PM #2

Time to queue up a question about butt sliders!

Edit: You're downvoting me but I'm serious.

4/18/2018 9:45:03 PM #3

@Chamberbot When will ChamberBot appear?

Only during Q&A?

Count Lofi of Skaaney, friend code 8766AA

4/18/2018 9:52:52 PM #4

Posted By Lofi at 11:45 PM - Wed Apr 18 2018

@Chamberbot When will ChamberBot appear?

Only during Q&A?

Well, I'm not sure when it will show up. But it won't be taking any questions before the Q&A session starts.

4/18/2018 11:01:52 PM #5

I may just have hear a recording later as I work but can't wait to hear what you have to say.

4/18/2018 11:38:42 PM #6

Well done Rhaegys, well done.

4/19/2018 12:49:16 AM #7

I'm relly excited to see how it works and see it in action!

Nice job and thank you Rhae Rhae!

4/19/2018 5:35:13 AM #8

Posted By Zimzumus at 01:01 AM - Thu Apr 19 2018

I may just have hear a recording later as I work but can't wait to hear what you have to say.

It will be text chat Q&A, not voice a voice one.

4/19/2018 3:25:29 PM #9

This is great - well done, Rhaegys.

~ Alyvs Trésdaum

4/20/2018 6:08:02 AM #10

Really well done Rhaegys! Looking forward to trying it!

4/20/2018 7:05:16 AM #11

Nice job Rhaegys! Can't wait to see it in action. :)

4/25/2018 7:53:40 PM #12

Instead of all devs awnsering 1 question, make a few more channels and give us the option to tag a dev while asking a question to chamberbot? That way more questions can be awnsered,

4/25/2018 8:02:01 PM #13

Some suggestions for speeding things along:

  • Consider nixing the follow-up. It's nice, but it's really bogging down the flow.
  • Let the developers see all the questions and prepare answers while other questions are being asked so they can copy+paste when ready.
  • Use this system in conjunction with live video--spoken answers are always quicker than typed ones.

Otherwise, very cool system and a great first run. Well done!

4/25/2018 8:12:43 PM #14

Great first showing!

My only suggestion is to store the questions beyond the session so that they can be brought up and answered at a later time, either live in the discord or offline on the forums as the appropriate developers are available.

Drake County

4/25/2018 8:16:11 PM #15

Hey Devs, I just wanted to say thanks for the Q&A just now, I appreciate you making the time to drop by.

A few thoughts though on the system. The actual bot and system made by Rhaegys work great! Congrats, it seemed seamless and easy to use. I also really like that you guys are exploring other options out there and seeing what works best for SBS and the community.

However, only 14 of the permitted 100 questions were answered in an hour time span. Perhaps it was because typing takes longer or perhaps it was having more developers around. But only a few developers even spoke, I'd like to have heard the opinions of the other less frequently seen ones.

The first come first serve process of accepting questions was an interesting trial but when only 14 question were answered I think a lot of people were left wanting.

In contrast I think allowing people to up vote and down vote questions not only provides a natural filter for questions that are relevant to the desires of the player base but participants and listeners feel a little more fulfilled when the Q&A ends.

Just some thoughts, once again thanks and nice work with the Chamberbot. It wasn't shitty at all.