Church of Lyon

Welcome to The Church of Lyon

The main Cathedral, Paladium Luminis in Lyon

The Church of Lyon will be a multi-denominational church were people of different faith traditions can come together in peace to grow and develop in their relationships with one another and with the gods. We have religious positions within the church such as fighting monks, crusaders, healers, bards, astronomers, diplomats and ministers. The ideal will be to provide support services and community to all peoples in Elyria.

The following special Cleric positions are available:

Diplomat: The life of a Diplomat is not an easy one but does come with many advantages. A diplomat may be asked to live in the embassy of a far away kingdom. They could be far away from the ones they love and in an entirely different culture. Traveling may be difficult as the open roads can be dangerous. Diplomats will command the power of the realm and in their hands will rest the fate of Kings and Kingdoms.

Fighting Monk: The Fighting Monks are men and women who were originally given by their parents as children to be raised by the monks. In modern times the order takes worthy men and women of any age who are focused and disciplined. They are a specially trained group of fighters who can survive in the wilds with minimal assistance. They train their bodies to be like hardened steel. Monks specialize in a unique combat style developed by the First High Priest, Rojax. By the end of their training they will be masters of martial arts combat and survival. They may work in small special units behind enemy lines where they have learned to survive in the harshest conditions. Or they may wander the world and come to their nobles aid when required.

Crusader: Crusading orders of Clerics who fight in the name of their gods. Crusaders generally specialize in large scale PvP battles utilizing heavy arms and armors. They are a force to be reckoned with on the field of battle. Some hail from noble families but many come from long lineages of fighters. They have studied the art and strategy of meeting large opposing armies in battle as well as siege warfare. Often they build churches or shrines to their gods and protect sacred relics from falling into the wrong hands.

Crusaders of Virtori

The Myrmidon Order

Healer: The Healers have honed their skills through many hours of toil in the great towers and hospitals of the land. Their course work includes but is not limited to: the anatomy and physiology of Mann, use of herbs and tonics in the healing of chronic medical conditions, removal of limbs and other emergency war surgeries, establishment and defense of a field medical tent, establishment and maintenance of large army encampments and supply line management. Some of them will be attached to army units while others will oversee hospitals.

Angelica's Divine Mercy Hospital

Minister of Mann: A Minister of Mann is primarily concerned with the emotional and spiritual well being of Mann. They are learned in the old texts and legends of Mann. They offer teaching to the people and spiritual encouragement. They are responsible for the building and maintenance of Churches and Shrines to our gods. They may travel the land spreading the blessings of our gods or minister to one village for a lifetime. Others will oversee our orphanages and provide social services. They will conduct rituals and ceremonies for the people, including weddings and initiation rights.

Bard: The Bards of the Church are a versatile and interesting group. Many spend years studying the composition and music theory. They have mastered multiple instruments including the use of voice. They compose the hymns and songs of praise to our gods as well as recount the deeds of the people. Therefore, they are also the natural historians and scribes of the land when they are not performing. They are also privy to the many rumors heard across the land and some become great investigators. During times of war they inspire the Army with songs of valor. Some will preside over our universities and teaching institutions.

Astrologer: The Astrologers are perhaps the most secretive of all the branches of The Church of Arkadia. Little is known about from where their knowledge has come but it is most certainly from the ancients. They are masters in divining the will of gods from the stars. They have detailed records of the various alignments of the sun, moons and planets. Using this knowledge they can peer into the future predicting natural calamities and times of good fortune. They instruct the royal houses on the most fortuitous time for war or when to plant their crops. Often, they become the closest counselors of noble houses. It is rumored that some are knowledgeable about the magic of the ancients. Most believe these to be children’s fairy tales and nothing more.

Duchy of Lyon is home to the Hight Priest